Reviews for ARC-V – Roar of the Dragons: Standard Season
Ghost of Magic chapter 43 . 52m

Yugioh GX and My Hero Academia! LET'S GOOOOO!

You have made me be on the edge of my seat because of your writing and I'm so excited to see where Yasuko's journey is going. Especially since we see new sides of the Arc V cast. Like Yuya's new side and his enthusiasm to learn. Wonder what Yuto thought of Yasuko's new Dragon. Good job! I'm looking forward to see what happens next.
Romadrox8975 chapter 43 . 6h
I like the back and forth im this duel, is very good.

And for the duel, awesome, but maybe my only problem is Melania itself. Dont taking it wrong, but her character is not interesting, kinda felt that she is the generic rich girl trope and i think her deck fit to an extend to her character arc(Heck, i believe that it was a good choice because Blue Eyes meaning of power), but she is kinda boring.

Dont take my criticism serious because i probably wrong, but either way good chapter.
SniperZ chapter 43 . 6h
Nice chapter but yasuko is gonna have to lose at some point right because that's how it be learn and grow.
HunterHQ chapter 43 . 11h
I enjoyed this duel and while it took a long time glad you saw it through. If you need help writing duels I may be able to help take a crack at it when I have time if it lightens your load.

Blue eyes has much potential hope Melania appears as a lancer to show off more and also maybe they can resolve their differences...hopefully. Since Blue eyes hasn't had ritual yet, Melania seems a pretty good character not to be a one off one in my opinion.

The fact odd eyes persona dragon's effect was different as Melania stated meant its effect did change as a pendulum much like how time gazer and stargazer's effects changed from effect to pendulum monsters.

Since Yasuko has arcanite magician wouldn't be surprised if supreme arcanite comes along later. Also that backstory between her and Melania, Melania was definitely in the wrong but Yasuko as she said could have done better to realise it sooner (Reminds me of Shifu like Kung Fu Panda when he didn't realise the evil in Tai Lung) At least You Show helped her learn some mercy.

Also her saying repent, reminds me of Kite indeed, imagine if she meets him in xyz.

The voice speaking to her, maybe it was dark rebellion who helped her channel dark anthelion? Seems phantom will have his own entourage of dragons who can resonate with him like pendulum dragon can.

Surprised Reiji and the others weren't shown to be surprised seeing a pendulum tuner and the first pendulum xyz monster, maybe they can cover that next chapter.
Zeowolf9 chapter 43 . 11h
the conclusion for yasuko and melania duel was pretty great. honestly it felt a little lacking in the idea of a grand impact at the end like in yasuko's previous duels, but was still a really great chapter. honestly thinking, I figured yasuko was going to pull out a card like "double or nothing" to get attack points beyond her current highest record of a little more than 5000, or multiple chances to attack as done before. you know, to show melania just how high yasuko has gotten, but this chapter was still able to get the message across. nice job
Romadrox8975 chapter 42 . 10/9
Good idea for choosing Blue Eyes thought.
Romadrox8975 chapter 41 . 10/9
Nice chapter.
Romadrox8975 chapter 38 . 10/9
Good idea and dont give more counterparts.

Thought if you gonna concentrate in other characters do it with what you have already, theres to many people in the plot at the moment.
Romadrox8975 chapter 37 . 10/9
Kinda interesting what you gonna do
Romadrox8975 chapter 34 . 10/9
Good strategies for Yasuko seems good thats she have learn from her experience
Romadrox8975 chapter 33 . 10/9
I will be honest i prefer that you do everythig original instead of redoing any anime duels, synchro itself have plenty of duels gppd but either way dont want to watch Yuzu lost by sergei by second time.

I was thinking now that endymion are vastly diferent to Yuya magician, they ares superior magicians of a high class, compare to Yuya one , they look like masters and fit that personality of Yasuko very well, kudos for that.
Romadrox8975 chapter 32 . 10/9
I see, i hope masumi does something here, she kinda was interestin and design and personality
Romadrox8975 chapter 30 . 10/9
I surprised that you go for endimios, powerfuol deck and i never see a variant with odd eyes in it.
Romadrox8975 chapter 29 . 10/9
Kinda felt anticlimatic duel. Probably wilm have been better use another deck for her oponent, either way i liking she seems to be more open now to people.
Romadrox8975 chapter 28 . 10/7

The mistake this time.

It was a nice chapter, narratively speaking make sense that she use a extra deck monster, even thought it would have been better if she use Odd eyes Phantom dragon and win the duel with that card. Either way, good duel
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