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Manda's Priest chapter 12 . 7/17
Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War: Part 6: The Gods and Dragon's of Lodoss.

Link's arrival on the world of Forcellia is due to The Gods of Hyrule being approached by the Gods of Light of Forcellia for help against the resurrection of Kardis and seeing as she could appear in their world they decide to send Link. As an incentive Link is told the truth about where Navi is. She is a Great Fairy now but she is now on Lodoss the Accursed Island. Also Link's on actions have got to get the attention of the rest of the Gods of Forcellia and especially the Gods dwelling on Lodoss.

The seven gods listed below each form the basis for a major religion of Lodoss. There are other gods who are worshiped, such as Ganeed, the god of thieves, but these gods are considered minor gods. Some gods are named after racehorses such as Pharis, Marfa, Mairie and Phalaris.

Phalis (or Falis)

Phalis is the supreme god of goodness and light, and his affiliated colours are blue, white, and gold. He is associated with healing, good, and protection, and is lawful good in alignment. Phalis and Pharalis were two of the major gods who had a place in the cataclysmic war, with their final battle resulting in the destruction of many gods and other fighters in the battle. Etoh is a priest of Phalis. The name is also commonly translated in the anime as Falis.


Marfa is the goddess of all creation and preservation, and her affiliated colours are green and silver. She is associated with healing, creation, and good descriptors, and is chaotic good in alignment. Marfa and Kardis were the final two gods left alive at the end of the cataclysmic war, with their battle ending in a stalemate as the two tried to strike each other down with one final blow, but both falling into a death sleep after Alecrast and Lodoss split apart. Kardis' body fell on the island of Marmo, while Marfa fell on Lodoss. Marfa's spirit is strongest in Alania, and her main temple is the village of Tarba in Alania's White Mountains.

Mairie (or Myrii)

Mairie is the god of war and justice, and his affiliated colors are red and grey. He is associated with war, protection, and knowledge, and is true neutral in alignment. Mairie's role in the cataclysmic war is never specified. In Rune Soldier, Melissa is a priestess of Mairie. Mairie is also often translated as Myrii.


Rahda is the god of knowledge, and his affiliated colors are black, white, and grey. He is associated with knowledge and law, and is lawful neutral in alignment. Rahda's role is not specified in the cataclysmic war.

Cha Za

Cha Za is the god of good fortune and luck, and his affiliated color is green. He is associated with the luck and chaos, and his alignment is chaotic neutral. His role is not known in the cataclysmic war.

Pharalis (or Falaris)

Pharalis is the god of freedom, desire and darkness, and his affiliated colors are black and crimson. He is associated with desire, death, darkness and freedom, and is chaotic in alignment. Pharalis and Phalis were two of the major gods who had a place in the cataclysmic war, with their final battle resulting in the destruction of many gods and other fighters in the battle. Also he is not truly evil, but his acceptance of all desire causes most of his mortal followers to become enshrouded in evil. Pharalis is also often translated as Falaris.


Kardis is the goddess of all destruction and misery, and her affiliated colors are black and red. She is associated with evil, death, and destruction, and is chaotic evil in alignment. Kardis and Marfa were the final two gods remaining alive at the end of the cataclysmic war, with their battle ending in a stalemate as the two tried to strike each other down with one final blow, but both falling into a death sleep after Alecrast and Lodoss split apart. Marfa's body fell upon the island of Lodoss, while Kardis fell upon the small island of Marmo. The island of Marmo bore the brunt of her curse, leaving the island corrupted and shrouded in darkness long before the events of the story.

Now what is any High Fantasy story without Dragons? And here are the big guns of Dragon Kind on the Island of Lodoss. They can be Link's allies or his enemies.

A blue dragon, and an ally of Narse, one of the five ancient dragons that had one of the governor's treasures. Abram resides on Blue Dragon Island, where he leisurely swims from to attack and destroy sailing vessels. Abram protects the Soul Crystal Ball, an artifact that can restore life. In the OVA Abram survives the events of the story as he only lends his power to the Black Dragon Narse. In The TV Series and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Abram meets his end at the Sword of Ashram and his allies.

Bramd is an ancient white dragon, and a former ally to the magic city of Kastuul. A direct ally with Mycen, he would be more likely to lend his aid to her than to any other ally on Lodoss. This is seen in The Record of Lodoss War OVA.

When Kastuul fell during the final battle of the magic city, Bramd and several other dragons were sent to distant corners of Lodoss to try and preserve the legacy of the magic city. Bramd himself was given the Mirror of Truth to protect, and until he was absolved of the geas spell upon himself, he did so.

A decade or more before the events of Record of Lodoss War, Bramd's geas spell was lifted by Neese, a priestess of Marfa. After Neese removed the curse from Bramd, Bramd granted her the staff he was entrusted to protect. In order to keep the staff protected, Neese sent the staff away to the city of Valis to remain within the halls of the temple of Falis.

In The Record of Lodoss War OVA Bramd survives the events of the Story but in Chronicles of The Heroic Knight and the Record of Lodoss War TV series Bramd fate is not so fortunate.

In his search for the Scepter of Domination, Ashram slew Bramd while he was still in hibernation, but finding no treasure with the dragon, he went to Tarbin, the location of the high temple of Marfa, where he found out that Bramd's artifact was not what he was looking for.

A golden dragon, one of the five ancient dragons that had one of the governor's treasures. She resides in Moss, guarded by a fortress of dragon riders. Mycen's treasure is the Staff of Life, which could heal any wound and even resurrect the dead. In both the OVA and the TV Series she survives the events of both stories and defeats the Black Dragon Narse.

A black dragon, one of the five ancient dragons that had one of the governor's treasures. Narse resides underneath Marmo itself, where he sleeps awaiting the proper day to awaken. Narse protects the Ferronierre of Knowledge, but it still lays unclaimed and undiscovered under Marmo. Narse is the dragon counterpart of Kardis. His inspiration is in the Similrillion. That being Ancalagon the Black, The Greatest Dragon of Middle Earth and heavy of the forces of evil. More specifically The first Dark Lord of Middle Earth, Morgoth.

Narse in both the OVA and TV Series serves his role as one of the forces of evil on Marmo against the forces of Lodoss big guns but he is bested by Mycen in the OVA and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight and TV Series.

Shooting Star
A red dragon, one of the five ancient dragons that had one of the governor's treasures. The most powerful of the dragons, Shooting Star protects the most powerful artifact, the Scepter of Domination. Shooting Star resides in Flame Dragon Mountain, not far from the city of Blade. He is slain in both the Record of Lodoss War OVA and Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of The Heroic Knight.

Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War Part 7: The Ending of the story. After the events of Link's adventure with his friends he goes on his journey own journey on Lodoss Island to find Navi, finds a girlfriend, conquers his inner demons and when the events of Chronicles of the Heroic Knight appear Link joins to help the party to save the world. When Kardis is summoned Link uses the Fierce Deity's mask and goes one on one with the Goddess of Destruction and using his magic songs he saves Little Neese and all of Lodoss. Link during his journey on Lodoss Island gets the respect he should have gained in Hyrule and Termina after his adventures in Lodoss, Link faces and overcomes his inner pain, he finds a girlfriend and he also finds Navi and Link finally feeling whole goes back home to Hyrule at the end of the journey with his girlfriend.

Link, The Hero of Time is perhaps the most tragic of the various incarnations of Link and that depiction of Link deserves a finale to his story. And if I were you please make the story have a happy ending.

These videos tell the tragedy of the Hero Of Time better than I can. 𝓚𝓘𝓝𝓖 【ゼルダの伝説 / LEGEND OF ZELDA】The Tragic Life of the Hero of Time - Zelda Theory. OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass In Subtext.
Manda's Priest chapter 12 . 7/17
Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War Part 4: Link and how he is viewed in Lodoss. Take a look at How to Play Link in Dungeons & Dragons by Tulock the Barbarian as a reference for how the World of Forcellia to try and understand Link's skills and abilities and you can also use the classes of Forcelia to also give Link a boost in power and also for Link to learn new skills. Eventually Link gets everything that he has officially from across the franchise. That includes the Hyrule Warriors spin off games.

Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War Part 5: The Characters of Record of Lodoss War. Link must interact with these guys.

Parn: A young swordsman living in the Kingdom of Alannia, Parn is the son of an infamous knight of Valis, Tessius, and Shoriki, an Alanian noblewoman (who appears in a flashback in the Grey Witch manga). At the beginning of the series, Parn is a brave but unskilled fighter. He chafes at his life in a small farming community and feels ostracized by the townsfolk for his father's legacy. He later leaves the village after a goblin attack, eventually meeting with King Fahn of Valis and King Kashue of Flaim. His skills eventually improve to the point where he can put up a decent fight against his nemesis, the Dark Knight of Marmo, Ashram.

Parn meets Deedlit the High Elf during his adventures, and the two of them become romantically involved over the course of the series, climaxing in a daring rescue from Marmo in the finale of the OVA.

Deedlit: A female High Elf skilled in both swordplay and elemental sorcery, Deedlit grew up in the Forest of No Return, her people's isolated abode. From a very early age on, however, she became interested in the outside world and - despite the disapproval of her family and peers - set out to learn more about it. After meeting Parn, she develops a romantic interest in his rash, impulsive nature, his sense of honor, and his dedication, and has faithfully stayed by his side in the war against Marmo.

Etoh: Parn's best friend and a priest of Falis, the Supreme God. Upon King Fahn's death, he later becomes the king of Valis and the husband of Princess Fianna.

Slayn: Parn's older friend and sometimes advisor, a wise and powerful magician. He marries the priestess Laylia and is the father of Little Neese.

Ghim: Ghim is an elderly but very skilled dwarf warrior. Prior to the start of the series, Ghim was wounded in a mining accident, and was healed at the Temple of Marfa by Neese and her daughter Leylia. When Leylia was kidnapped and possessed by Karla, The Grey Witch, Ghim left to search for her. He has some past connection with Slayn, and comes to seek the wizard's aid in locating Leylia. Coincidentally, Ghim arrives shortly before the goblin attack in Parn's village, prompting he and Slayn to join with Parn and Etoh on their quest. Later in the OVA, Ghim challenges Karla to free Leylia's body from possession. Though successful, Ghim is killed by Karla's magic. Ghim's axe marks his gravesite in the closing scenes of the OVA. Ghim does not appear in the TV series, though his name is mentioned.

A thief and the last member of the party to join them, Woodchuck encounters the group when they are briefly thrown into prison. After Leylia is rescued from Karla's possession, Karla possesses Woodchuck. His whereabouts after his possession by Karla is unknown.

Here are the characters of Chronicles of the Heroic Knight

Spark: A young aspiring warrior from Flaim who dreams of becoming a knight. What he initially does not know is that King Kashue considers him to be his possible successor in ruling Flaim, and is therefore loath to send him into danger; an intention which is foiled by Spark's impulsiveness and hot-headed nature. In the course of his trials, however, Spark becomes more mature and responsible from his experiences, and also enters a romantic relationship with Little Neese. He worships Parn as his idol, who in turn becomes fond of Spark himself, as the latter reminds him of his own impetuous youth.

Little Neese: The daughter of Leylia and Slain, possessed by the soul of Naneel. Like her grandmother (after whom she is named) and her mother, she is a priestess of Marfa. Aware of the malevolent entity's presence inside her, she has detached herself emotionally from the rest of the world, although her mental barriers begin to come down when she meets Spark and gradually falls in love with him. She is later freed from Naneel's presence when Wagnard attempts to resurrect Kardis by drawing Naneel's essence from her.

Leaf: A young Half-Elf born to a male Elf and a female human warrior in the realm of Alannia. She first met Deedlit during the first war against Marmo, when her home village was evacuated, and has idolized the High Elf ever since. She later becomes a mercenary and Garak's partner, with whom she falls in love, but later has to acknowledge that his heart lies with Laina. She is a skilled fighter with her spear and, like a full-blooded Elf, capable of using spirit magic.

Garak: An overconfident axe-wielding mercenary who joins Spark's company under Kashue's orders. Despite his boisterous attitude, he is brave and loyal to a fault. He eventually enters a relationship with the thief Laina.

Laina: An attractive, voluptuous human thief who joins Spark and his companions after encountering a group of Dark Elves, who had just stolen a holy artifact from the vault of Valis. Her fellow thief and friend Randy was cursed by the Dark Elves, which eventually led to his death, and she joins the company primarily to gain revenge on them. Although she initially keeps her true profession a secret, the others - especially Garak - gradually work out her identity as a thief. But after repeatedly using her skills to aid them, she becomes a trusted and valued member of the team and eventually becomes romantically attracted to Garak. However in the RPG and in the manga of the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Laina had a small crush on Spark.

Aldo Nova:
A huge but somewhat timid wizard who becomes part of Spark's company. He is Slain's pupil and very devoted to Little Neese, often to the point of losing his sight on more important matters.

Gribas: A Dwarf priest of Myrii, who also joined Spark under Kashue's request. He is a skilled healer, as well as a doughty fighter with his halberd.

Now here are the other guys. The supporting cast and the bad guys.

Other characters.
Lord Ashram: Known as the "Black Knight", Ashram is a highly skilled warrior and the former retainer and right-hand aide of Emperor Beld. He served Beld during the War of Heroes, and was sent in the front to deal with any possible resistance. After the death of Beld at the hands of Karla the Grey Witch in the OVA (or Kashue in the TV series), Ashram took up his blade, the Demon Sword Soul Crusher and returned to Marmo to regroup. Later on, Ashram seeks to dominate Lodoss rather than conquer it, as he looks for one of the governor's treasures, the Scepter of Domination. After the destruction of the scepter, Ashram is believed to have died in the fires of Fire Dragon Mountain, but it is later revealed that one of the agents of Wagnard sacrifices his powers(stripped by Wagnard himself)in order to save his life. Ashram is voiced by Akira Kamiya in the original OAV, and by Shō Hayami in the TV series. In the English version, he is voiced by John Knox in both series.

Emperor Beld: Beld was a former member of the "Six Heroes", a band of adventurers who fought and defeated the demon god 30 years before the events of Record of Lodoss War. During the battle with the demon god, Beld's soul was destroyed when his blade became baptized in the blood of the demon, and in the aftermath, his sword became the legendary blade Soul Crusher. He later became the lord of Marmo Island and led an army comprising humans, dark creatures, and Dark Elves in an invasion of Lodoss. The invasion was largely successful, but just after killing his old friend Fahn in personal combat, he is betrayed and struck down by Karla the Grey Witch; the rule of Marmo subsequently passed over to his general, Ashram.

King Fahn
Like his former friend and companion Beld, Fahn was one of the Six Heroes and a Holy Knight of Valis, later becoming the King of Valis. He is the one force that truly holds Beld in check and prevents him from acting. Fahn holds the opposing blade to Soul Crusher, called the Holy Sword of Falis, the two blades increase in power when in each other's presence. Parn's father was a former knight of his. Fahn is struck down by Beld just before Beld himself is killed by either Karla in the OVA or by an Arrow by King Kashue during the War of Heroes.

Karla The Grey Witch: Karla The Grey Witch (so named because of her obsessive neutrality) is the enigmatic sole survivor of the ancient kingdom Kastuul, "Kingdom of Sorcery." As barbarian tribes laid siege to the city, Karla, a member of the nobility at the time, foresaw the destruction and sealed her consciousness into a circlet she wore on her forehead. Though her original body was inevitably killed in the battle, her consciousness (and power) lives on in an endless series of host bodies, utterly possessed by her so long as they wear the circlet in which she resides. Due to the horrible fate of Kastuul, Karla swore never to allow such destruction to occur again. Karla has maintained a secret, shadowy influence on the major events of Lodoss for more than 500 years. Her long life and incredible power has warped her perception of herself. Her sworn duty "for the good of Lodoss" is to endlessly shift the balance of power between the various nations of Lodoss, preventing the annihilation of any one power, at the cost of preventing its rise. All of the major wars in Lodoss since the fall of Kastuul have been carefully manipulated (and some directly participated in) by her, though by nature of her neutrality, she is not always an antagonist. She was even one of the "Six Heroes" - a group of adventurers who fought and defeated the Demon God King 30 years prior to the events of the series.

Throughout the anime series, she is shown possessing three bodies: Leylia, priestess of Marfa and daughter of Neese (From the OVA, not from the TV series), Woodchuck, whom she used to escape at the battle where Karla's circlet was forcefully removed from Leylia (subsequently freeing her,) and an unnamed woman who somewhat resembles her original body. After Karla helped Wagnard to resurrect Naneel, avatar of Kardis the Destroyer, Leylia takes Karla's circlet, believing that she can control the witch so long as she is consciously aware of Karla's presence within the circlet, thus ending 500 years of conflict in Lodoss due to her machinations.

Leylia: Leylia is the daughter of Neese, a priestess of Marfa. She is possessed by Karla when her mother is busy tending a battered Ghim. Ghim then sets out to rescue Leylia from Karla's control. Later Leylia marries Slayn and becomes the mother of Little Neese.

Shiris: A red-headed and somewhat hot-tempered mercenary woman. She meets Parn and his companions while on protective watch over a village, along with her partner Orson. She develops a crush on Parn much to Deedlit's dismay, but in the end they only remain good friends.

In the TV series, after losing Orson, Shiris makes off on her own.

Orson: A strong and silent male mercenary, and the partner of Shiris. He maintains an impassive front to anything and anybody, mainly because he is a berserker. In the TV series it is revealed that a dark spirit called Hyuri first took him over as a child when he watched his sister being assaulted by bandits. In order to prevent himself from hurting those he loves, he has shut himself off from the rest of the world. In the OVA he is just Shiris's friend and muscle and survives the events of the OVA's Story.

Orson is secretly in love with his partner Shiris; his berserk side is triggered when he sees her in mortal danger, and only she is able to bring him out of it. However, because of his condition he cannot bring himself to admit his feelings to her. In the TV series, he dies protecting Shiris from Ashram, and it is only then that Shiris discovers her true feelings for him.

Princess Fianna: The daughter of Fahn. As a child, King Fahn surrendered her to one of the tribes of the desert (which would later become Flaim) to the north, so that she could be sacrificed to Shooting Star to appease the dragon. Parn's father, Tessius, made a secret plan with King Fahn to rescue Fianna, in which he would take all the blame for destroying diplomatic relations with the tribe. This led to his dishonor, and he was sent to the front lines of the civil war that began as a result, where he died.

Fianna's presence is a diplomatic one at first, sent to give a message to Alania, but she is intercepted by Karla who informs her that Alania has fallen anyway. She is saved by Parn and his companions, and later on grants Parn the blade of her father.

Upon first encountering the group, Fianna becomes attracted to Etoh. While it is never explicitly indicated in either the manga or the anime series, it is likely that they were married when Etoh assumed the throne of Valis. Fianna was not considered an heir to the throne, however, as the royalty of Valis is chosen not by royal bloodline, but upon the death of the previous king, a successor is chosen from the knighthood. Etoh's succession to the throne after marrying Fianna was due to his high spiritual power as a Falis priest and the high regard that the church held him in, though there was opposition in not only a non-knight ascending the throne, but Fianna gaining political power as queen.

King Kashue: Also known as "the mercenary king", Kashue is famous for being the only man capable of uniting the desert country of Flaim, which he accomplished using only his sword. During the War of Heroes, Kashue was instrumental in staving off the invasion of Lodoss by the Marmo forces, assuming leadership following the death of King Fahn, after the latter killed Beld in the final battle by cutting him down when he was distracted by a crossbow bolt shot by Karla the Grey Witch. (The story surrounding these events was changed in the OVA, instead having Karla perform the killing blow herself.) Because of this Ashram holds Kashue responsible for treachery, and would love nothing more than to slay him for his supposed sins. Parn greatly admires him.

Naneel: Naneel is a priestess of Kardis, as well as her avatar embodied. She begins to directly manipulate the people of Lodoss for over 50 years before she is slain by King Kadomos I. Naneel's death was one that was not complete, as she was reincarnated in the form of Leylia some time later. Neese, knowing the child's dark secret, adopted her and raised her as her own, trying to shield her from the truth of her dark secret. When Leylia became pregnant, the soul of Naneel was transferred into the body of her baby, "little Neese".

Pirotess: Pirotess is a dark elf noble considered to be one of the more prominent figures in her people's society. Like most dark elves, she worships Fararis and calls the Forest of Darkness on Marmo island her home.

She is the younger sister of Altas, a member of the quest of Rod of Dominatus, eventually cheated by the chief leader of all dark elves, the powerful Ruchiev, who had decided to recreate the kingdom of his kindred. Since she believed that the useless human Ashram should be the one to pay for her beloved brother's death, she joined the mission of killing the general of Dark Knighthood. Ashram found and bested her in hand-to-hand combat when she ambushed him in his bedroom, but let her go after learning her identity as the sister of his lost old friend. After she learned the truth and the crazy decision of Ruchiev from her fellow assassin, she stalked Ashram to learn about him and discovered his loyalty to the lost emperor, the heroic Beld, and his dedication to Marmo and its people.

She decided to protect him from the other assassin and aided him in a "Test" from the Dark Sage. After 10 years, she had been the only one to whom Ashram had showed appreciation and care. She in turn remained fiercely loyal to Ashram as a lieutenant and a leader of his scouts. She was accepted by the subordinates of Ashram as their mistress and sub-general. Pirotess is a skilled adversary, both an adept of the rapier and a skilled magic user. A shaman like Deedlit, she often uses spirits that high elves will not associate with, such as the spirits of darkness.

When Ashram decides to leave Lodoss for good and seek a new land where they can find peace, Pirotess goes with him. She has strong affections for Ashram and is very loyal to him. The two may be in love (as it is certainly hinted upon). She sacrificed herself to save Ashram in the OVA against the powerful dragon Shooting Star, and Ashram was visibly distressed, embracing her intimately. When they reach Crystania, Pirotess is forced to seek out a solution after Ashram is placed into stasis by one of the god beasts of Crystania. In Crystania Pirotess changes her name to Sheru to keep herself safe.

Wagnard: Wagnard is a dark wizard, and a follower of Kardis, the goddess of destruction. He was originally a student of the magical academy in Valis (the same Slayn had attended), but was expelled for studying the dark arts of magic and cursed with a spell which restricted his ability to cast magic by inflicting severe pain whenever he does so. In time, however, Wagnard became mostly inured to the pain and managed to attain great power as a magician.

Despite following Beld, Wagnard's intentions are far worse, as he seeks to kill all the inhabitants of Forcelia, and rule over them as their undead king. In the OVA, he attempts this by abducting the high elf Deedlit, as high elves have immortal life spans, and such energy is necessary to revive Kardis. In the original story, manga, and TV series, Wagnard tries to accomplish this task by abducting the priestess of Marfa and the daughter of Leylia, Little Neese, the doorway to Naneel and avatar of Kardis. When Naneel is successfully summoned, Wagnard's plans are thwarted and he is killed. Wagnard's summoning of Kardis never takes place in the manga, but the summoning of Naneel does.
Manda's Priest chapter 12 . 7/17
The Legend of Zelda: Record of Lodoss War Part 3: The Origins and the World of Record of Lodoss War.

Record of Lodoss War is a big franchise and it is considered Japan's Lord of the Rings in terms of importance to Japans High Fantasy Genre and the Japanese Light Novel Genre. If you do this what I ask is treat it with respect. Now here are the works of Record of Lodoss and some needed context of the creation of Record of Lodoss War.

First of the whole franchise started as an RPG called Sword World.

The Sword World RPG's classes are called ginou (技能, skill). Each ginou is a package of skills for that class. It is considered a hybrid system between a class-based system and a skill-based system, and is often called a class-skill system.

There are eight classes(Bard, Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Sage, Shaman, Sorcerer and Thief) for player characters and two classes (Dark Priest and Dragon Priest) exclusive to non-player characters. Five major races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf and Grass Runner) can become PCs. Grass Runners are a diminutive race similar to a hobbit or a halfling.

Sword World's setting, Forcelia, includes Lodoss Island(of Record of Lodoss War) and the continent of Crystania(of Legend of Crystania). However, the largest continent, Alecrast(where Rune Soldier takes place) is the main setting. Forcelia is a fantasy world heavily influenced by games such as Dungeons & Dragons and RuneQuest. For instance, the Grass Runner race is similar to D&D's Halfling and several magic systems (spirit magic, sorcery and divine magic) are similar to RuneQuest's.

The world was revised and had additions as seen in Sword World 2.0/2.5. The new edition Sword World 2.0 was released in April 2008 and revised in 2012. In 2018 Sword World 2.5 was launched.

System for Sword World 2.5

There are 15 classes (Bard, Conjurer, Enhancer, Fairy Tamer, Fencer, Fighter, Grappler, Magi-tech, Priest, Ranger, Rider, Sage, Scout, Shooter and Sorcerer). It uses only two 6-sided dice as with the previous edition. Also Forcellia has a added a new campaign setting named Raxia. There are 8 races in Raxia(Human, Dwarf, Elf, Rune-folk, Tabbit, Nightmare, Lilldraken and GrassRunner) in the rulebooks #1-3.

Original races in Raxia

Tabbit - A bipedal rabbit race who are travelling around the world.

Rune-folk - An artificial humanoid race who have a desire to serve the other races by instinct.

Nightmare - They are mutants of other races and are born with the gift of both fighting and magic. However, because it is believed that their souls are distorted and polluted, Nightmares are looked at askance.

Lilldraken - A race of bipedal dragon-folk who like commerce and peddlery.

Record of Lodoss War as a series took of with the Novels. Mizuno's novelizations of the various campaigns were published by Kadokawa Shoten between 1988 and 1993, and followed by two collections of short stories in 1995, with illustrations done by Yutaka Izubuchi. The first volume was published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment in 2018.

Record of Lodoss War 1: The Grey Witch (April 1988)
Record of Lodoss War 2: Blazing Devil (February 1989)
Record of Lodoss War 3: The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain (Part 1) (January 1990)
Record of Lodoss War 4: The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain (Part 2) (June 1990)
Record of Lodoss War 5: The Kings' Holy War (February 1991)
Record of Lodoss War 6: The Holy Knights of Lodoss (Part 1) (November 1991)
Record of Lodoss War 7: The Holy Knights of Lodoss (Part 2) (March 1993)
High Elf Forest: Deedlit's Tale (February 1995)
The Black Knight (July 1995)

Rune Soldier is a Sword World RPG's novel and anime series. Over a hundred light novels or replays (session logs) have been published.

Magic systems
All magic systems in Forcelia are called magic language or magic tongue based upon belief in the power of words. Each magic system has a proper language system as follows, and the language has magic power in itself.

Here are Forcelia's magic systems in original game and also in the anime and manga. Each are divided into four categories.

1. Magic system. 2. Class. 3. Language name. 4. Magic System's name.

Sorcery: Sorcerer, Ancient language. High Ancient.

Spirit magic: Shaman, Spirit language. Silent Spirit.

Divine magic: Priest, Holy language. Holy Pray.

Dark magic: Dark priest, Dark language. Demon Scream.

Dragon magic: Dragon priest, Dragon language. Dragon Lore.

Common magic: Anyone, Common language. Common magic. Every character can use common magic (a weaker cantrip of High Ancient sorcery)by the use of commercial magic devices and the chant of the keyword in common language.

Bard's songs: Bard Magic songs. The Bard's Songs magic comes from the lyrics in the ancient language of High Ancient sorcery.
Manda's Priest chapter 12 . 7/17
I have 4 questions.

1. Do you take requests?

2. Are you a High Fantasy Fan?

3. Are you a gamer?

4. Are you a Legend of Zelda Fan and a anime fan? If you are I have a challenge for you. It involves an old school Fantasy classic. That being Record of Lodoss War. My request is rather big so I will send more than one review.

The Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War Part 1: The Incarnation of the Hero.

This incarnation of Link is the Hero of Time having through the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask Video Games. At the start of the story Link has all the skills, magic power, equipment, magic spells, and magic songs and weapons he has from both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and also Twilight Princess.

The Legend of Zelda: Lodoss War Part 2: The Life and Adventures of Link.

Link adventures have to be a composed of the events of the story modes and side quests of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Video Game and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Video Game. However you also must use the stories of Akira Himegawa's Manga adaptations of both games that can be merged with the events of games story line and make a composite versions of the characters and to further flesh them out.

For example, in the Ocarina of Time Manga Link is a son of a knight and also a noble in Akira Himegawa's manga of Ocarina of Time but have Princess Zelda training with Impa to gain the skills she has as Shiek. That should be from the game instead of having Shiek be a extra personality who takes over like in the manga adaption of Ocarina of Time so this fusion of story adaptions is to make the best possible version of the characters and also Adventures that Link has met and been through as well as give further context to the characters and their backstory.

Another example is Zelda: If Zelda becomes a major character she gains the skills she has in the Smash Brothers and Hyrule Warriors as Princess Zelda and Shiek.

For another example on how to make a composite character for the story make Malon have the personality of the game and also Akira Himegawa's Manga. This also applies to Majora's Mask. Use Akira Himegawa's manga for the origins of Majora being a chimeric dragon beast in the Manga of Majora's Mask and how it was slayed and it's spirit was sealed in the Majora's Mask and it ended up being used by an ancient tribe for it's hexing rituals before being found by The Happy Mask Salesman and Skull Kid.

Also please use the various Legend of Zelda Manga along with the other games for Link and some of his adventures in Lodoss before the events of which Record of Lodoss War series you wish to use. Use the other Manga either for mythology gags, Shout Outs, and as a template for the tone of The Legend of Zelda Elements in the story and also inspiration for the powers of some of the equipment and gear that Link gets various games that appear in the manga to make the best versions of what Link can use in his adventures. So far, the official manga are:

The Legend of Zelda The Hyrule Fantasy by Kobayashi Susumu.
The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link by Ran Maru.
The Adventure of Link by Daisuke Shigoto.
The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by Yuu Mishouzaki.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Shotaro Ishinomori. Run in Nintendo Power.
A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening (2 volumes) by Ataru Cagiva.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Junko Taguchi.
Oath of Lilto, an elsewhere spin-off centered around original characters.

And also the multiple adaptations by Akira Himekawa. Other than Ishinomori's Link to the Past, this is the only series of manga to get a wide English release. I highly recommend that you use Akira Himekawa's for other Legend of Zelda projects. These Manga are:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (2 volumes)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games (2 volumes, one for Ages and one for Seasons)
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (2 volumes)
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

A prequel short story based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is included in the Hyrule Historia art book.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (ongoing; 7 volumes as of August 2020)

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Link's Logbook, a collection of humorous Yonkoma(4-panel strips)rather than an adaptation.

Now most of the manga are written in Japanese and but they have been fan-translated on the internet for people to read, like at Zelda Legends. Official English translations of all of Himekawa's adaptations have been released which I highly recommend, while the Ishinomori version of Link to the Past was written for the English audience in the first place.
Odin's Eye chapter 12 . 7/17
So will the magical division of The Justice League get involved? I am talking about Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and the duo of Jason Blood/Etrigan.
Enku chapter 12 . 7/17
Oh boy. So when is this going to happen? The Ministry of Magic vs. the Justice League!
Thunder Dragon chapter 12 . 7/17
I have to resend my review as I made a mistake.

This I like. Harry is talking to a surrogate family. A family he is starting to be apart of. Now when or if Harry decides to talk about Wizarding Britain he has to be honest. And talk about all what he knows to The Justice League when the decide to get involved with the Wizarding World.

Can I make a suggestion? Take a look at the Superboy Comic Book from the 90's Superboy series and also the official Harry Potter books for some inspiration.

Also who are you planning for Harry's girlfriend? I hope it is Koriand'r (Starfire) or maybe her team mate Raven? I hope it is Starfire as her outgoing personality and fish out of water tendencies would make a good match with Harry being rather reserved and somewhat aware of the world. That and she is hot and has the third biggest boobs in the DC Universe, right below Wonder Woman(number 2)and Power Girl(Number 1)

Or maybe he hooks up with Donna Troy with a similar dynamic, or again Raven. If you go with Raven here is a story you can take inspiration from. The Complications of a Vegas Wedding
By: ThatGuyYouKnew

Now I do hope you remember to give Voldemort a boost in power, Because if Harry Potter is going to grow in power so does his archenemy to match.

Now I have to ask when is Harry going to meet Zatanna or Doctor Fate? It has to happen!
Thunder Dragon chapter 12 . 7/17
This I like. Harry is talking to a surrogate Now when or if Harry decides to talk about Wizarding Britain he has to be honest. And talk about all what he knows to The Justice League when the decide to get involved with the Wizarding World.

Can I make a suggestion? Take a look at the Superboy Comic Book from the 90's Superboy series and also the official Harry Potter books for some inspiration.

Also who are you planning for Harry's girlfriend? I hope it is Koriand'r (Starfire) or maybe her team mate Raven? I hope it is Starfire as her outgoing personality and fish out of water tendencies would make a good match with Harry being rather reserved and somewhat aware of the world. That and she is hot and has the third biggest boobs in the DC Universe, right below Wonder Woman(number 2)and Power Girl(Number 1)

Or maybe he hooks up with Donna Troy with a similar dynamic, or again Raven. If you go with Raven here is a story you can take inspiration from. The Complications of a Vegas Wedding
By: ThatGuyYouKnew

Now I do hope you remember to give Voldemort a boost in power, Because if Harry Potter is going to grow in power so does his archenemy to match.

Now I have to ask when is Harry going to meet Zatanna or Doctor Fate? It has to happen!
Enire Drall chapter 12 . 5/14
This is so great! My heart is so full with every Clark and Harry interaction 3
redangel2463 chapter 12 . 5/1
More please
FledditFliveflind chapter 4 . 4/3
Ah, good to see you're such an idiot that Dumbledore still has Harry locked away from everyone even though in canon that bit only happened because of the Horcrux allowing Voldemort into Harry's head. Yet more BULLSHIT, UNNEEDED, drama from a retard.
Wayne Rees chapter 12 . 2/4
Liking it so far, hope there's more and I'm also hoping Harry figures out he could cast spells at superspeed and overwhelm even voldemort with simple spells. Firing a hundred stupify in the time it takes a human wizard to do three syllables should be a game changer.
Bailey chapter 12 . 2/2
Will there be more chapters?
petalssunwards chapter 1 . 1/31
fun story
AzRen chapter 12 . 1/21
I love this so much.
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