Reviews for Emergence
CynMar Rom chapter 42 . 12/3/2023
This was such an interesting story!
So many twists and turns, but it was all worth it in the end.
Thanks for sharing!
SianJohn chapter 42 . 5/25/2023
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us, I loved your take on the original.
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 42 . 12/26/2022
Love love loved the story
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 36 . 12/26/2022
you asked in your author's note so here's my answer- totally love it and totally disturbed by it. Just, wow. That took me by surprise and it's so sick and twisted but you're promising a HEA... so I still have faith
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 36 . 12/26/2022
I'm gonna puke- she is so sick and twisted-
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 35 . 12/26/2022
*gasps loudly* HOLY HELL OH MY GOD-
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 31 . 12/26/2022
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 30 . 12/26/2022
I swear to God if Charlie pulled up that same shit that Paris Anderson did to Juliette and Aaron-
Sapphire Archeron Cullen chapter 22 . 12/25/2022
"... whole new level of sick and twisted..." Lmao I love Emmett
USNeshama chapter 42 . 12/2/2022
Really enjoyed this story; couldn't put it down. Thanks for sharing your talents.
WordsMusicMagic chapter 42 . 9/5/2022
Wow... Just wow! I'm absolutely blown away by this story. It is so incredibly unique and so well thought out. This is something that we need more of in the fandom. While I love the angst and fluff, this story had real grit and was so different from anything I've ever read. Thank you!
RosemaryElizabeth chapter 4 . 4/3/2022
OMG intense. I don’t think the werewolf with Jacob, I think he was just a random werewolf, but the vampire was definitely Edward. I think the family he mentioned all the colours, and I think his eyes are gold because well I don’t know. I think he said he can survive in other ways because he can drink from animals and I think he knows Bella is his mate maybe not though. Love it Nevaeh
RosemaryElizabeth chapter 3 . 4/3/2022
So was it only the people in power who know about the supernatural creatures, or every day people as well? For example, with Jessica‘s parents know, I don’t think they would but maybe they would. However I have a feeling it’s just people in power. Awesome chapter XONevaehXO
RosemaryElizabeth chapter 2 . 4/3/2022
Oh my god, this is so incredible, just like your other stories. I read the summary and I think I’m not going to be interested in it, like this one but then I accidentally clicked on it and I was just so transfixed. OMG this is so good! Was it Charlie who drive to out the arena? Is it kind of like a supernatural manager, and I know that was a vampire and werewolf and I think the vampires Edward and the werewolf is Jacob but I don’t know.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/11/2022
I am absolutely hooked! I am love with this monster world you created already.
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