Reviews for before i save a life (i’ll save mine)
Tillykinz chapter 19 . 3/10
Oh gosh! Over 2 yrs since last update and this story is so good... following in hope :)
staffreportingin chapter 19 . 2/9
"hopefully this will be updated" I say reading a fic updated 3yrs ago... Hehehe
heartofthelion chapter 19 . 1/29
I loved this so much! Love how you integrated the two worlds and how seamlessly they fit together, great job! Would love to keep reading more about their relationship and what’s gonna happen now with the new vision.
Aiko's feather chapter 19 . 1/16
coucou j'adore ta fic :) il y a une suite ? merci
contrerasmartha316 chapter 19 . 1/13
I don’t know if this is the 6th or 7th time that I’m reading this and just like the first time this 2 last chapters make cry like a baby. So beautiful and painful. Making me feel like I’m mourning something so precious. Still hoping one day you will be able to update
12poppi chapter 16 . 11/24/2022
You’d think rosalie will be the most understanding when it comes to consideration of others feelings and something close to consent, rather than forcing them to just follow what she wants with what her history is.
12poppi chapter 15 . 11/24/2022
Also I know that hermiones a bit of a people pleaser so technically it’s not ooc for her to act like rosalies not being a btch to her after the confrontation but she also doesn’t take any bullshit from anyone that’s isnt ron or harry, so again it’s confusing that she’s all surprised and cares for what rosalie even thinks of her. (Sister of Edward or not)

I really need a hermione pov right abt now lol, we read abt everyone’s pov, save for the MC.
12poppi chapter 15 . 11/24/2022
I really need a hermione pov bc srsly idk what’s going on inside her head, like there are some parts where it’s clear she’s using her gift but then she acts all surprised all of a sudden and it’s confusing.

Also why hasn’t she hinted abt her gift yet? I mean she’s not obligated to, I’m really hating how the cullens think they’re entitled to know everything abt her (esp Edward and rosalie), but it’s confusing why she hasn’t so much as hinted it since it’s not even part of her past as a witch.

Not to mention she’s already told her gifts to the wolves, what’s the harm of telling it to Edward? It’s not like her powers are unheard of, literally she has the same one as Aro, only hers is more amplified.
12poppi chapter 5 . 11/24/2022
Oh nvm, didn’t remember this part
12poppi chapter 3 . 11/23/2022
I’m rereading again and I can’t believe Edward didn’t theorise that the headache he felt could possibly be Hermione having that kind of gift. Especially considering the pain he felt would’ve probably resembled something of the gift of Irina (?) the Denali girl who shocks people and one of the twins (again can’t remember her name, but the Fanning girl who says “painhas.

Or even theorise something about the gloves having a connection to a possible gift, since they’re all aware of gifts that requires physical touch, like again, Irina(?) and even Aro.
daniella2cool chapter 19 . 10/16/2022
Please please please come back to this fic! I love this fic and I am so invested!
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 2 . 10/8/2022
That is the most civil Billy has ever been to a vampire. But Hermione is different, she is a enigma even to other vampires of her kind. She thirsts for magical blood and not human blood. Which differs her from others of her kind. She'll be a good ally to have.
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 1 . 10/8/2022
The way you wrote the last sentence, made it sound as if he romantically loved Hermione, but chose to settle down with Ginny instead.
hermionecullen chapter 19 . 9/22/2022
pleeeeeeeease update
i love this story soooooooooo much
Cassie-011 chapter 19 . 8/16/2022
I love this!
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