Reviews for Death Battle: Peppered Phantoms (Danny Phantom vs The Batter)
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 2 . 3/14/2019
Okay, you have SOME competency.


Like dude, I read your stories for DEATH battles.
The first two I've read were utter shit because of the lack of the true winner winning it or because it made no sense.

(Baldi would defeat pacifist Frisk. Geno is a different story, same as neutral. Neutral would be the most difficult to determine as we do not know Baldi's level and we do not know how Frisk would fare.)

Death battles always end in bloodshed - no spilling blood you die.

Then you pulled BS out of your ass and possessed Saitama who had a mental fortitude to resist ESP effects.

You know, effects that ATTACK your MIND & BODY?
How would you possess someone who cannot be affected from possession?

Plus, if you'd play the game or read the wiki at all,
you'd find out a real Knife is just as it says - a real knife. It offers no difference from a butcher knife or a switchblade. It's a knife that is real and made to kill - you have more will to kill with a real weapon than you do with a fucking toy.
That's only how monster fighting works, and a locket doesn't protect shit unless it is a soul attack that's coming after your ass.

I don't see how a punch to the gut would not instantly kill you if it had the power of a nuclear bomb just because a locket hanging from your neck somehow blocked it.
bitch, 99 defense isn't enough for Infinite/Immeasurable ATT.

It's the same thing as me having 200 ATT and dealing about 101 damage to you if you have the locket.
You, having 99 HP, die. No matter fucking what. it is an INSTANT kill.

Saitama's Damage Reduction is also high enough to completely mitigate the bullshit you pulled out of your ass with the switchblade Chara uses somehow damaging Saitama by a hundred nines even though Saitama's soul is equivalent to a god soul and not even being displayed, thus Chara only dealing as much as a normal knife would: Absolutely fucking nothing.

like dude.
The real knife is not that powerful of an item.
especially in the game.
I deal the same damage to sans with a fucking frying pan.
Why? He has the lowest will to live throughout the entire game.

Comparing Sans to Chara is comparing a god to a lowly mortal with no plot armor.
Lowly mortal is erased, but the comparison is then turned to this:
Comparing a god to a mortal who is destined to never be truly killed by the God and the God only being able to kill the mortal thus the mortal will create a feedback loop of dying but not at the same time.

Sans knows the fight is one he can't truly win, but he still makes it seem like he puts in an effort.
In reality, Sans would absolutely fucking annihilate Chara in a real battle.
He doesn't TRY. That's the thing. If your ATT and DEF are both 1, you're not truly putting in the effort to kill nor the effort to survive. Especially if you're Sans.

I mean, look at his attacks. If I had those attacks but didn't focus on the fact that I can't make a difference, I'd be unstoppable. Chara would be nothing but what she is: A kid.
One who gets obliterated their first step.

Sans cheats and always has the last laugh in this way even though he knows it won't help.
Trust me, Sans has temporal awareness.

Theories that he does don't exist anymore - he does.
Just that simple.

Observations improve with time. What's that to Sans who has all the time due to being stuck in thousands of loops? He REMEMBERS and thus he GAINS more capabilities to observe.
If I was stuck in a time-loop, I'd experience Deja Vu and eventually I'd be able to discern changes in the timeline.

Sans already has temporal awareness so he immediately knows something is off and he uses that ability to discern differences with his logical thinking.
Eventually he finds the source, Flowey, and absolutely fucking DECIMATES Flowey.

Flowey himself says to stay away from Sans for a good reason - Sans remembers and has the power.

He's the JUDGE, the BALANCE of Undertale.
Chara is nothing to Sans but a blight on Undertale but Chara is protected by the source of Undertale thus Sans can't truly do his job, now can he?

He goes down a cycle of depression and eventually the world resets and he has to be oblivious once more.

Now I'm rambling but still, case in point your stories have a load of shit.
bootlegwat chapter 2 . 3/10/2019
That was cool.