Reviews for Cursed Blood
seem14 chapter 43 . 12/3
Binged your story and I really like it. But I am concerned with all these crossovers and multiple plots that you might write yourself into a corner. Really hope you know what you're doing.
handwran chapter 2 . 12/1
huh, so its not bad so far. them saying the corpse is his now and the response from the insane emergency response person, well both feel very unrealistic. not enough for me to drop the story, but it certainly felt forced. im hoping the rest of the story doesnt feel forced like this
handwran chapter 1 . 12/1
what kind of fuckin emergency services distegards a freaked out kid saying someone is bleeding. wtf that is so unrealistic
Verdauga chapter 3 . 12/1
Verdauga chapter 2 . 12/1
Poor guy.
Verdauga chapter 1 . 12/1
Hot damn, that's very well written, interesting, and more than a little horrifying.
handwran chapter 1 . 11/27
oh sh*t man that sucks. take as much time as you need, and as much time for whatever treatment you need. Im just happy the story isnt abandoned, it doesnt matter how long it takes if its eventually finished, but of course, be sure to to prioritize taking care of yourself
Random65 chapter 43 . 11/21
Oh sh*t. I hope you are doing better. Take as many breaks as you need. Please health is more important. I am sure many of us reader can wait. Anyways cool chapter very excited for I-Island!
Deatybringer3101 chapter 1 . 11/21
You know, he could be like deadpool, with his super regen anyways, now all he needs to do is learn how to wield duel katanas and use guns and than we have ourselves a new deadpool
Mirrors Cracked And Broken chapter 43 . 11/21
this fic is absolutely wonderful! that said, please take as much time as needed to heal up and feel better. we'll be here for ya.
Mirrors Cracked And Broken chapter 40 . 11/21
ah, a gura reference. very nice
ChaosOrdered chapter 43 . 11/17
Sorry to hear about your health issues. The fact that I know this amazing story will go on is more than enough for me. Take all the time you need. A person needs to take care of themselves first and foremost. If someone can’t understand that then they are not someone worth listening to.
Guest chapter 23 . 11/14
No scorpion peppers or Carolina Reapers?
Kryvo chapter 40 . 11/10
I know this is Presumptuous but may I suggest a change in hero name for Izuku? Apologies but the coincidences and parallels are just too insane for me to not at least inform you of the option.

In ancient Greece, Alastor- a word translating roughly to 'avengerwas a name given by the writers of tragedies to deities or spirits that avenged the wrongs committed by men.

In one myth, Alastor was the son of Neleus, King of Pylos. When Neleus refused to repay a blood debt owed to Heracles, the hero struck down Neleus and his entire family. Alastor returned as a living curse attracted to those embroiled in blood feuds- specifically those suffering due to sins their ancestors had committed.

In Christian Demonology however, Alastor is an executioner in Hell. Associated with angels of. death, he is the quintessential entity in demonic possession.

Conveniently, Alastor is also associated with the Keres, the female 'fates of doom' attracted to violent deaths. Much like nordic Valkyries they took souls to the underworld, however they did so through painful, brutal methods.

I hope you understand that I had to at least mention the connection. To be entirely frank, Bloodborne while appropriate is just a bit... on the nose. I apologize for backseat-authoring and acknowledge this comment is inappropriate.
TheImortalAce chapter 43 . 11/10
Dude i hope you get better or at least learn to cope with your struggles I for one love this story and hope to see it conclude eventually but take your time and we’ll wait and be excited with each new chapter
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