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sao for life chapter 42 . 4/28
Sorry to hear about your troubles but very glad to have a new chapter and to hear that the next one won't take as long especially with the dark turn this seems to be taking curious to see if there's more ojiro pov coming as well!
sitrukpc chapter 42 . 4/28
Love your story. To answer your question keep the special chapters on this site.
Guest chapter 42 . 4/28
From what I've seen, basically one member of decided to be an asshole, and decided to uses 'arguments' as to why they weren't actually realistic, after a few back and forth, with mostly him just sticking to his opinions, almost everyone just gave up.
If I were to make a comparison, it would be like a shitposter, that shitpost, and it's not worth it.
It was cancerous to watch.
DragoonSensei chapter 42 . 4/28
Awesome chapter.
The part about THE SCP Foundation made me shiver in fear and smile like an idiot.
And as always the omakes were both brilliant.

I personally like your "special chapters" so please for the love of harmony keep them here. If needed put them in a "spin off story".
violastrum chapter 42 . 4/28
Looks like you've managed to hit your stride again and always fun trying to catch all the references in play here. It does sound like there's going to be a nasty shock coming for Ojiro, especially since it seems like Izuku and Hitoshi aren't going to be there to pull the fat out of the fire against Stain this time around. Does sound like Eri might be rescued a little early though which is interesting enough. I do wonder if her power could rewind a zombie past the point where they died though? A curious thought. I find it amusing that the TR Trio are being a force of good in this version, I always did like them weirdly enough.

As for Kuroko? I absolutely adore how you handle her and the Omake just completely sells it. Definitely don't mind these omake, and I feel like the special chapters add to the charm of this fanfic, so no worries or complaints from me over the matter.
fallendemon248 chapter 42 . 4/28
Not gonna lie it didn’t click who agent smith was till I read the omake and damn isn’t that a surprise Love it either way. So izuku and shinso went to work with the jaegers wonder who it is their taking down my first guess is overhaul but you never know
PitchParade chapter 42 . 4/28
I kinda expected the monmusu girls and kimihito to show up but I didn't expect Smith to be in a poly with them. And you mother fucker, putting Eileen the Crow and Father Gascoigne in. Don't know who the third guy is but I assume either the good hunter or Gehrman.
david255 chapter 42 . 4/28
It is so good to see a chapter appear and that you are doing well in spite of it all. For the poll, don't listen to the nay-sayers. I love the special chapters here. The idea of trigger is disturbing, though it may not effect a zombie since they don't have a working blood stream. A quirk-erasing bullet could be devastating though. I am glad to see you back.
BoredKing chapter 42 . 4/28
The special chapters are fine but I can understand why people might find them annoying. You do tend to put them right after cliffhangers and that's just not cool. Personally, I would prefer being able to read them than not.
PasiveNox chapter 42 . 4/28
Great chapter wonderful wonderful ️ ️
zombiesleuth chapter 42 . 4/27
That there are two people with spider mutations that were trigger dosed and became arachne is... I honestly don't know. It elicits a strange emotion that isn't quite sadness.
Martin-di-Arcov chapter 42 . 4/27
thank you! that was probably the best ending to "monster musume" I'd ever get!
you have no idea what this means to me
thank you
Mythking18 chapter 42 . 4/27
Why do I have a feeling that Ojiro mentor will need izuku help.
Otakufreak1799 chapter 42 . 4/27
Man, I can’t wait to see the next one, got me all hyped!
Silvanium chapter 42 . 4/27
Damn... Just when shit started looking up(kinda) for Izuku, he gets strong-armed into interning with a branch of the UN.

Also, I'm gonna laugh if this Lady Wu tells Ojiro that he is being an idiot for hating Izuku because of his 'dark' quirk.

... Seeing as the BSAA and SCP Foundation are a thing, I'm guessing that Chris will likely be sent as a representative to gauge whether or not Izuku is a Wesker level threat. And I'm so guessing that SCP will just straight up try to disappear him.
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