Reviews for Cursed Blood
random reader768 chapter 43 . 10/28
It returns! I'm so glad to see that you are back, and not dead! I love this story, and I do hope to see it finished one day.
PasiveNox chapter 43 . 10/28
Great chapter wonderful
BoredKing chapter 43 . 10/28
My sympathies. Take your time and don't force yourself to write, if you want to then pace yourself.
Blue bluring Kit chapter 1 . 10/28
I enjoy the story, but your health is more important please take care of yourself.
BlazerBug chapter 43 . 10/28
I'm sorry to hear that, and while I love your story I don't want you to hurt yourself over it, so please take care
Greshym110 chapter 43 . 10/28
Hooray, new chapter, you made my day :)
kingcrimson1257 chapter 43 . 10/28
Great chapter as always and i hope you feel better soon. Also please keep the omakes. They are fun to read.
xXwolfsterXx644 chapter 43 . 10/28
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update
Quatermass chapter 43 . 10/27
Umm, who is Hibiki Tendo? I know of Kasumi Tendo from "Ranma 1/2", but have you confused Hibiki with 'Nabiki'? And the attitude seems like the worst of Nabiki and Akane...
chimchar14 chapter 43 . 10/27
Whatever quirk cursed blood is, it’s definitely in the right hands. Pretty dark stuff but very realistic as to just how crazy some people are for getting their drugs, or how they view some people as lesser so easily and will use them for their benefit even if the actions they do are completely deplorable. You take as many breaks as you need, your health is more important than the story being updated often, I’ll happily wait as long as needed for the next chapters, hope you have a nice Halloween!
wd12091111 chapter 43 . 10/27
I wouldn' found this hidden Bloodborne thing if I didn't look at your profile, thank goodness I did though.
Guest chapter 43 . 10/27
Great chapter as always. Get plenty of rest and take as long of a break as you need.
ErebusGraves chapter 43 . 10/27
Glad to see this story is still being updated. Hope you continue to feel better. Would really love to see Nedzu get Izuku to heal Allmight already. It feels kinda forced and contrived that it hasn’t happened yet. I can’t see Allmight or Nedzu not having at least asked at this point. I mean once they saw that Tsuyu’s intestines regenerated Allmight would have been on the short list. Especially before asking him to raise the child of a friend.
Lucius Walker chapter 43 . 10/27
Heyo, welcome back! Thank you so much for this "sinister" update. XD

But seriously, though, I do hope you'll get well soon, and thank you so much for writing despite your illness. Please take care of yourself first over anything else. .


Oh man, I am just loving how grim and perhaps even realistic this story is. I also do love the sheer number of crossovers, such as the SCP Foundation, Resident Evil, and even concepts of Bloodborne as well. Very nice, very inspiring.
beenjammin0421 chapter 43 . 10/27
Great chapter. Dark but enjoyable. No apology needed. You stated before about your health and I completely understand. You take all the time you need and I will wait. Even if you decide to stop I will understand. You have already given us a great read in this and blessed with a hero's heart.
thank you for your work.
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