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Jeremiah Elie chapter 36 . 10h
When the link dimension arc starts will the lancers get their link vrains avatar
Magnouce elie chapter 36 . 10/18
Will the lancers have their own Link vrains avatar
Guest chapter 36 . 10/17
Question is there going to be some fan art of Hanako with her ace Trickstar Holly Angel soon? Because I for one really want to see what Hanako looks like.
MilesADChipmunk chapter 36 . 10/19
I want to say that this story, this incredible story is simply pure masterpiece from what I have seen today since I read about it. Pure creative mind you come up with it about what if there is a fifth dimension where Link Monster live and learn there is a fifth counterpart version of Yuji and Hanako. Pure idea from what you come with it.

But can I ask you a question that um . . . are you going to place more of those Link characters reference to compare on Yugioh Vrains characters? And also any idea when that Yuya and the others will entering Link dimension or is it going to be delay in general matter? I mean what if what the Academia has already started there? Sorry too many question that this story is pure creative that somehow blown my mind. And yet is Leo Akaba is going to see Dr Kogami in the Link Dimension? Because I think it is very good idea to see them in general.

So yeah this story is pure creative from what I read, keep up a good work before you will upload your next chapter and please take your time before you will upload the next one.
Variable Zero chapter 36 . 10/16
I really like Arc-V stories, especially ones that shake things up. The Synchro Arc may have gone on with not many changes, but I hope that the Xyz Arc will really shake things up. I especially hope that the Legacy characters you introduced will get to show off more in the battles to come.

Also, a question regarding Speed Duels, considering that the Link Dimension duel disks have Real Solid Vision, can they recreate the D-Board and Data Storms in real life? And would Revolver in this version modify the Duel Disks to act as drones like Ai did in VRAINS?
Guest chapter 36 . 10/12
Please yuji summon odd-eyes dawn dragon
The Supreme King Gilgamesh chapter 36 . 10/9
I bing read through this whole story today. Honestly, this is now my current most favorite yugioh fanfic. A shame the last chapter ended on a cliff hanger. I seriously thought Zarc will be reborn then and there. Good job man. I hope you can keep releasing chapters until the story is completed.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/26
What a shame eschurlo so until the next time you bring new chapters now I will give comments on this story as well

The deck:
I really hope you get better at creating cards for Yuji's current deck since cyberse is not combined with the viral series since it is necessary cards that improve their synergy and help Yuji make the deck his own so as not to be so similar to that of yusaku and show more individuality what we just hope that zarc power or ryoken and / or his father create / give cards that can combine these cards since their construction is very similar to how the cyberdarks were in gx that depends on the power script to win what that takes away from Yuji's ability as a duelist in your other stories I did well with the cards and deck but I think you have failed greatly with Yuji.

Also the problem of viral dawn link dragon that is too weak to be a link 4 would have been better to have it as Link 3 (besides that the cyberse deck has monster thaht already has a similar effect and with lower difficulty than viral dawn) and primal dawn as link 4 since that if it would be decent in power that would correspond to a link 4 but nothing can be done

I would really like how Yuji will center his cards to combine things on the main deck with the extra deck since there are a lot of gaps that can be used to make a more credible deck even though the deck is just in development.

I really hope to see his growth since Yuji is just starting to walk from the starting line thanks to Kiryu so that his abilities can grow exponentially and surpass Playmaker

It is also how the deck represents the duelist and I wonder how Yuji will be now that Yuji entered the berseker state and if he will gain any skills so that he can listen and understand the thoughts of his deck since I really want to see what Yuji's deck thinks of he as his master

Yuji performs in his duels:

Most of their duels are disappointing thanks to the fact that their deck makes us compare Yuji with Playmaker and his lack of Domination that corresponds to the level that you put Yuji as the second best duelist in sol tecnologies but they have rarely had duels that have been easy. just to make his opponents look good

Your constant underestimation of Yuji since every opponent that you put that is going to have a rematch says that it can put more problems for Yuji is as if basically you are telling us that Yuji does not grow as a duelist or very slowly and I seriously would like you to stop make those comments since you are only belittling your own protagonist.

Yuji personality:
I love it a lot because of what is different than the normal protagonists since as it would be said in vrains, Yuji's time stopped although it is more like he was in an inner nightmare and I really hope to see Yuji's growth on the emotional side and how he knows I will develop now that I finally found something in the satisfaction of the duels but those are more for the opponent than for the duel itself and I wonder what end Yuji will take at the end of the story since Yuji cannot live on short-term goals since He needs is something that really awakens his instinct that can fill his heart.

I love how Yuji knows that there is something wrong with him and how thanks to kiryu he is trying to get out but that his character does not break giving a 180 degree change since I want Yuji to have duels for selfish reasons regardless of whether his opponent smiles or not since Yuji is only interested in victory

If possible I would be glad that he remains a duelist since obviously I do not want him to follow the paths that Yusei and Yukio followed but for Yuji to become hungry for the duels now that he can get feelings from them and keep doing it since it is not necessary being a charism duelist to be a professional to attract people just Yuji's strength is enough as Dennis mentioned.

Yuji x Hanako

I hope there is more than a flashback to explain why all believe that they are boyfriends at least we know that
hanako loves yuji for:
The similarity with her to give a feeling of not belonging

His driving force and his sense of security that he delivers

She can see the human behind Kingmaker or the weak side of his and she wants to help him

While Yuji:
He does not understand or does not know if he can feel what love is

I think Yuji is attracted to Hanako because of how human she is and he feels enchanted by Hanako's humanity but at the same time he feels inadequate since he doesn't know if he can return those feelings

If we had to use fate but healthier versions of their relationships

Hidden memories: Yasutake x Sachi is like shirou x sakura

Fith Circuit: Yuji x Hanako is more of ShirouxSaber
No Fanfic No Life chapter 16 . 9/25
That duel between Go and Gongenzaka was very fun. Could certainly feel the passionate feelings from each during the duel.
Godofwar2001 chapter 36 . 9/22
Hey question ever thought about doing arc v one with link summoning and armatos legios with oc cards
helios darkus chapter 36 . 9/24
I loved Yuji's fanart with viral dawn link dragon hopefully viral dawn had the strength to back up his amazing look and yuji looks good too.

I am disappointed by this news but at least it is better to have him in hiatus than dead so waiting for the next update

The things that called me importance were.

The summon chant of the future xyz monster of yuji that is similar to the firewall exceed and quantum dragon what caught my attention is that what deepens in the word "eye" what I hope this monster has a reference to Mizael's Tachyon dragon but That I can also use for inflict effect Damage strategy since Yuji seriously need more tactics than just battle damage.

An example:
While you control a Link Monster (s), your opponent monsters cannot target other monsters you control for attacks, also your opponent cannot target other monsters you control with card effects.

Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect on the field (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the activation, and if you do, negate the effects of all face-up cards your opponent controls and if it was during your battle phase inflict half of this monster's currently atk.

The turn this effect is activated, other monsters you control cannot declare a direct attack, and all battle damage your opponent takes is halved.

This monster is op as Rank 4 if you use it as a base but Yuji needs more versatility and power and as you said you would focus on dragons and there is not much possibility of support you need something at the clock dragon level to be useful

Viral dawn must only have its link form since it is not like odd eyes and pendulum that are used to combine with the other special summon so yuji's xyz monster has no relationship with viral dawn.

I am also surprised by the revelation that viral dawn and odd eyes hybrid will appear in this arc but I hope it is not Yuya who summoned it but it was Yuji who used a tag duel or some effect based on super polymerization but for link summon

Given that
Yuya has odd-eyes rebellion dragon
Yuri if you do him justice make him get a hybrid between starve venom and clear wing

So Yuji gets the Hybrid between viral dawn and odd-eyes since I don't want anyone other than Yuji to use the power of Viral dawn
No Fanfic No Life chapter 5 . 9/23
Go is just awesome.
And while interesting I hope the max a battle royal will consist of 3 people. Anymore and the extra monster zone placement just gets confusing.
No Fanfic No Life chapter 3 . 9/23
Good duels as well this chapter even showing off why Yaiba was considered to be top in LDS.
The original cards also feel like real cards and not over the top.
No Fanfic No Life chapter 1 . 9/23
This was a very strong first chapter not only in story but in dueling. I am usually not a fan of when writers make up their own cards since that usually starts a downward spiral of duel quality.
I look forward to seeing how this cast affect Arc V and vice versa.
LazinessRules chapter 36 . 9/20
I'm really hoping that there will be a Link Dimension Arc. If there is, I think I have a few ideas for it that you can put in it, if you're interested.
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