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FlameFireZero X chapter 26 . 10/14
I think Kiryu and aki should join the lancers
thirdegree101 chapter 26 . 10/10
I noticed you didn't post any responses to reviews this time. Is that just not happening anymore, or was it just for that chapter?
doa570047 chapter 26 . 10/9
Why is it every time that I see this chapter update, my heart soars with excitement and anticipation? It's simple, it's because this is a good Yugioh fic with decent dueling and plot.

The duel went as well as I expected and how it concluded actually did surprise me. I admit I did not watch the anime but plan to. What I do know is that Yuya had to rely on Action Cards to save his hide on more than one occasion. I admit that Lotten's deck is broken under the Action Field, so Action Cards that would stop from the opponent from collecting Action Cards is necessary. I'm glad someone hardened like Kiryu immediately recognized that Yuya's too nice to be working for Roger.

I hope surgery goes (went) well for you. Along with my previous recommendations in the previous chapter review, if you notice any complications I suggest you notify your nurse, doctor, or their office. Stay safe.
Dimension Se7en chapter 26 . 10/7
Why is every time i found this story update, it's always night time, when i've already felt so tired. Well whatever, the duel was amazing, exciting and tense. Honestly never the biggest fan of Enligtenment Paladin, but i didn't hate it either, so whatever. Also, before you assume anything, i didn't feel any symphaty toward Lotten, not even a bit, but it's simply because i'm just heartless, but your point works too, i guess.
QOTC: Aki 1000%, would love to have even more girl-power in this story. And maybe Kiryu, he's cool too.
Sorry i found this a few days late, hope your surgery goes well. You stay safe too, and see you in the next update, D7 out! Peace!
Ethan Kironus chapter 26 . 10/7
I hope your surgery goes well! And the duel was good; I wait with tension for Akiza v Shun. As for other members of the Lancers, obviously Akiza and Kiryu. Maybe Shinjj, and Sam if he duels at all.
NewComer1 chapter 25 . 10/6
Hi. I forgot to mention this in my last review for Chapter 26, I want to answer the QOTC for Chapter 26: I think it is obvious to say Kiryu, Aki, Sherry, and Toru be Lancers and help to fight against Academia.

That is al.
NewComer1 chapter 26 . 10/6
Hey scififan599,

I hope by the time you are reading this you are doing well and feeling better after your surgery. I've been reading this story since last week to the point that it kept my attention away from writing my stories and other things. Beside the point, I have finally caught up to the latest chapter, so it is a good time to give my overall review for the story so far as well as the specific review for this chapter.

There are a lot of things I want to say, but I will try to keep it simple as much as possible. Well, so far, I really liked how the story is going for Yuji. Just like in your other Yu-Gi-Oh story, you wrote details of the duel, monsters' appearance, and character's look very well. Even I try my best to write detail for my Yu-Gi-Oh story, too. I think having the Standard Dimension arc to start around the time of the tournament in Miami City, but before I talk about the Standard Dimension arc, let's begin at the beginning. It is very unexpected, but sort of expected that Yuji, Hanako, Go, and Ryoken teleported to other dimensions and be separated from one another because the dimensional teleporter went wrong. I really like Yuji's thought about the Standard Dimension after just looking around for like 10 minutes and then just analyze it from investigation. it shows that he is a very analytical person, though a bit cold in personality. The first duel he had is with Shingo Sawatari, and there are few things I want to talk about Shingo, but more about him later. I do agree with Yuji on one thing; who would win: Ryoken or Reiji Akaba? I hope to see that this dream duel will come true. Yuji's part in the Standard Dimension is probably the most logical way to do things and I think it is written very well, too. During this first arc of the story, we will also see what Hanako, Go, and Ryoken are doing in the other dimensions; Xyz, Synchro, and Fusion Dimensions respectfully. The last duel or at least a duel before the last duel in the Standard Dimension, Yuji vs. Reiji Akaba became one of the most enjoyable duels to see because I always wondered how Reiji will do in the Master Rule Override, dueling in the version of Master Rule used in the VRAINS series. I enjoyed all the duels so far, but I would say that Yuji vs. Reiji Akaba was the most enjoyable. Before I move on, I want to say that Yuji's ace monster, Viral Dawn Link Dragon is very cool and has a really cool name and effect. I can see its effect be used against many other Extra Deck monsters that aren't Link Monsters or Xyz Monsters. I can see how powerful it can be, though I wonder how it can fare against Xyz Monster though and I also wonder if there will be an Xyz version for it, like how Playmaker from VRAINS got his Firewall Exceed Dragon.

Moving on to the second and current story arc; the Synchro Dimension. I would admit this that so far, I am enjoying the Synchro Dimension arc and I think you are doing absolute justice for this arc because the way the anime shows it, was not received a lot of positive feedback, I would say that much. It is cool to see a lot of legacy characters from the original 5D's in the story. Divine is probably the most surprising legacy character to appear in my opinion and I think you wrote about him well, keeping his personality same as he is just selfish just like his original counterpart except the part that he has a psychic power. Your version doesn't have a psychic power. Kiryu is something I expected to come back once I read the chapter that mentions "Death God". I mean, it has to be Kiryu. Who would it be? The Grim Reaper himself?! (BA-DUM). Anyway, joke asides, Kiryu and Boomer are in the story, and I really like both, but I like Boomer the most because of the anime and also from OPFan37's Arc-V fanfic, Arc-VOC. Plus his version of Boomer actually used one of my suggested cards I created for his story, so Boomer appearing hear reminded me of that. Good, old day. Anyway, unlike Arc-VOC, you added more legacy characters, like Sherry LeBlanc, Lotten, Lua, Aki Izayoi, and even Saiga. I never expected Saiga to be back because well, he was a very minor character who helped Yusei with infiltrating the Security's warehouse and finding his friends. Still cool for him to be here. Speaking of legacy characters, we have five of the six Signers in your story as I realized it! We have Crow, Jack Atlas, Aki, Lua, and Luka as she was mentioned during the duel between Lua and Crow. Really cool that five of six Signers are here, though of course these guys are alternative dimensional counterparts to the original Signers and Yusei Fudo is not in this story. Out of all the legacy characters from the 5D's series, my favorite would be Aki and I predict that in the next chapter, Chapter 27, she will duel against Yuji and I am hoping that she will. If not, then maybe either Shinji. I also predict that Go will duel Shun Kurosaki in the next chapter.

Finally, here is the review for this chapter, Chapter 26: I think this chapter was well-written even though it was short, but that's a good thing. Writing two or more duels in one chapter is difficult and can be very tiring. Although, I noticed some grammar mistake or even number mistake when you did for Enlightenment Paladin's ATK after Yuya used its effect. You might have to check it. Also, not just this chapter, I've noticed some grammar mistake where you used a word that spells similarly but not used correctly. For example, one sentence used the word "now" when it should be "know". Just a hint and advice, and these kinds of mistakes can be tricky to find.

So that is my review for this story and this chapter so far. I hope that Chapter 27 will come out soon, but I expect that you will take a long break. Just don't push yourself and rest up until you rest well enough that you can go back to writing again. Anyway, with all that said, after catching up with this story, I hope that I don't lose focus and start working on my stories, but your Arc-V Fifth Circuit and Hidden Memories do inspire me to work my Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Codes of Secrets.

I will talk you later in the PM again and see you next time.

Guest chapter 26 . 10/5
Yuya being doubtful after his win makes me believe Zarc went through this inner conflict before he went psycho.
FlameFireZero X chapter 26 . 10/4
yuya and lotten duel was epic
also wish you luck for your surgery take care
Revolver chapter 26 . 10/4
I did not like it, yuya literally avoided losing the duel at least 3 times with action cards and then I win like a prude of the heart of the cards bad job.
As for Lotten, he only denounced even a criminal, the Kiryu were not friends and Kiryu deserved to go to prison.
empourer chapter 26 . 10/5
i hope rojet gets sent to "A ROOM, WITH A MOOSE!"
D3lph0xL0v3r chapter 26 . 10/5
SakushiRyu chapter 26 . 10/5
An update? Already!? Man, it feels like I'm falling behind haha. But I hope you didn't exert yourself to write this, your health comes first after all. Overall, this was a pretty solid chapter and a fitting opponent for Yuya to use Tuning Magician and Enlightenment Paladin against. And that was a funny comment from Shinji, saying he's happy he wasn't facing Yuya. I'm also glad you made Lotten Synchro Summon, I didn't expect that, but it makes sense as he's a resident of Synchro. Now I'm interested to see who'll face Shinji, but judging from that title, a part of me wants to say Aki... We'll have to wait and see. Good luck with your surgery!

QOTC: Kiryu and Aki of course.
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 26 . 10/4
Very good chapter
cybresamurai chapter 26 . 10/4
“He frowned. In this duel, I put victory over entertainment so that I could reach Jack, he thought. And that brought smiles to their faces. Just like when Yuji dueled. Yuya's frown deepened. Is this okay? Is it okay for me to duel like this?“

Oh no, this is really bad. Yuya’s on his way to becoming Zarc 2.0
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