Reviews for The Mission
joan.goldman.9 chapter 24 . 10/28
He asked her to marry him with his dog tags. I take a ring will be forthcoming as soon as things have settled a bit.

That man on the stage knew the real him. Who the hell is that man that attacked Christian on the stage?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 23 . 10/28
They are back in Chicago and other agents are not watching the man that attacked Ana.

What does he mean by official and what was he hiding behind his back?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 22 . 10/28
YAY Christian admitted that he loves Ana and he already knew her feeling and that she loved him. He was afraid because he lost his first love and now he was afraid for Ana.

Ana injected that man that attacked her with a tracker, that Ana had no idea what she had done but it was a good thing. Now the thieves are headed for the airport. They have to act quickly to apprehend them.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 21 . 10/28
I assume that Christian took the chip out of the dog? Or did Ana? What is happening to Christian at the moment? And is someone going to get to Ana? Where the hell is all the security?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 20 . 10/28
Christian most definitely has feelings for Ana. That prototype was amazing. But what will it be used for since it would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands? Why show it off or make it for that matter?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 19 . 10/28
The way he is protecting her and confessing who he really is says a whole lot about how he feels for her.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 18 . 10/28
I'm sure there will be more new dresses in the future since he likes to rip them off her. lol

Love that he trusted her completely now with who he is and what he really looks like. Grace would be so happy to know that he's alive. When will she get to know?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 17 . 10/28
Making love in the elevator lol
joan.goldman.9 chapter 16 . 10/27
Because Christian carried Ana through the lobby and into the elevator Ana decided to not wear panties all day to get back at him. LOL
joan.goldman.9 chapter 15 . 10/27
I guess Christian is going to totally exhaust her so that the both get a few more hours of sleep. :)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 14 . 10/27
Ana was impressed with the PH. Now she's getting a bubble bath and Christian is taking care of her. hmmmm
joan.goldman.9 chapter 13 . 10/27
WOW that's a beautiful building and the PH is magnificent.

Now that they made it to London its time to get work.
smillss chapter 8 . 6/10
Good chapter
smillss chapter 7 . 6/4
Good chapter
smillss chapter 6 . 6/2
Good chapter as always
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