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troisroyaumes chapter 13 . 12/28/2003
The new chapter isn't sappy at all! And I think you've done an admirable job of creating a person out of Torajiro, especially considering that Hotta-sensei barely writes about him in canon. I /am/ very curious about the Heart of the Game idea and where Hikaru is going to go from here. _ Yay for Hikaru, keeping even the Lord of all Evil on his toes. _
Coca-Cola chapter 12 . 12/16/2003
Heh. Wow, it's certainly more exciting now, with Hikaru taking over. With the bets stacking up, looks like it's a "Go For Broke" situation.
Torajiro was written in a interesting light. Including his reaction to Sai and Hikaru's relationship during the games. Oh. Hehee.
Kojoro is hard to write and might not appear anymore? *gasp* Well, if Hikaru does win, won't that make certain members of the kitsune court extremely happy enough to act like crazed fangirls enough to make Akari-chan jealous? XD I can't believe I'm the only one who even remotely likes the psycho kitsune.
As for time to write, take your time. Don't need to rush. We're not going anywhere. Hehe.
Vertigo comics... there's some other interesting ones too, such as Hellblazer (story of a guy who's hated by both Hell and Heaven, and constantly pisses each side off, but he knows the RULES)... ooh, you'll just have to look up the titles, because I don't remember. Hehe.
Regardless, well done on yet another chapter.
Ookla The Mok chapter 13 . 12/14/2003
Wow... This is a great story! Guess I avoided reading it before because it has that "ghost story" label...I had no idea what it would really be like. This has definitely jumped up there on my list of favorite HnG stories (not that there are very many, unfortunately...).
One note: komi did change in the end of the manga after the Japanese Go Institute changed to 6.5. But this part of the manga was written before that change. Not that I am a go player myself, but that's what AK's summaries said...
alessandriana chapter 12 . 12/11/2003
*glares balefully at Murinae*
Two. Months. Grr. .
Yeah, anyways, once again I muchly enjoyed this chapter. I really should have been studying for my history final tomorrow, but instead, I read this. Oh well, it was worth it!
I liked the whole Hikaru/Torajiro jealousy thing, and Torajiro and Sai's meeting. I hadn't ever really thought about how Torajiro would react to Hikaru not letting Sai play, but it made sense, the way you did it.
Didn't have as much of a problem with the Evil-Villian-Guy dialogue this time around. It sounded a lot less strained to me.
I actually hadn't seen the Hikaru-plays-Mikaboshi twist coming, but it sure is interesting. I can't wait to see how you manage to get Hikaru playing without making a mess everywhere; though, perhaps playing in this 'Heart of the Game' place will fix that?
Speaking of the 'Heart of the Game' thing... I am forcibly reminded of the "Heart of the Cards" a la Yu-Gi-Oh. *sweatdrop* Not that I don't think the concept is interesting, but, well... it'sjustthenameiskindacheesy. ; Anyways, does that have anything to do with the whole thing in the last chapter as Hikaru is getting his brain squished, and he finds himself in front of the goban? *ponders*
I felt bad for Hikaru throughout the whole thing; he has rather low self-esteem, doesn't he? Poor kiddo... and Lord Evil Guy knows just which buttons to push.
I'm very interested to see where you're going with this 'connection' between Hikaru, Torajiro and Sugawara. I'm afraid I have not the slightest clue what you might do with it, so... or even what you're going to do with this fic as a whole. I shall have to think about it a bit.
Anyways, that's about all I have to say, except- post the next chapter SOON! I must know what happens! ;P
(Oh, and the omake? **massive sweatdrop**)
Cheska chapter 12 . 12/10/2003
You won't be back until WHEN! *gah* You better get it out when you come back! *shakes fist* I want more x.x;
WhereIsMyBacon chapter 13 . 12/9/2003
Finally finished reading the chapter! Please please please get the next one up ASAP _ !
Ahh I was dying with the tension in the story, you really strung me up on a thread there, I have to know what goes on...Hikaru is gonna playy *dances with happiness* Yay! Sai is defending him, everyone has their hopes on him, Hikaru had better do good!
The Torajiro/Sai/Hikaru triangle is really interesting, I've always wondered about what kind of reaction the two embodiments of Sai will have on each other. And as I read I subconsciously start to stab Mika-poo (yep, my nickname for that...that...poohead) with a BLUNT and RUSTING 7-inch dagger with ragged edges, because what he said was just not very nice. Hikaru needs to be loved, ne. Someday if someone writes a 'worship-our-protagonist-Shindo-Hikaru-plus-everyone-else-bashing' fic they will have to endure being run over by me (Oh wait, why am I ranting to myself?)
By the way, I still have the email reply you sent me(_) Because it poses great encouragement XD.
I'm going to be so sorry when this fic is finished...and somewhat relieved because then I don't have to deal with cliffhangers no more! This is an epic (epic, I say!) of the Hikago section. Man, no other fic is even over 10 words in length (trust me, I've searched with the criteria, only yours came up). I know you and Imbrium are both very busy people (as most of us are in this competitive world), but you have to have to update soon! *Falls and turns into a pool of jelly*
Thanks for referring my fic, I feel so privileged TT_TT...and my other one was supposed to be a very bad spam fic in which I did purely for self-amusement, although I'm quite sure it doesn't amuse much else. *Sigh* When can I be such a great writer like you m(_ _)m...
P.S. O, what's the special edition of Hikago? Ne? Ne? You're so lucky to live in Japan X3 where you can get everything first-hand! 3rd Jan...*Dies in a puddle of envy*
JenG43 chapter 12 . 12/8/2003
Muri - Finals have rotted my brain, so I'm not going to even try to comment intelligently. Instead, I'm going to give you a virtual hug for finally updating! You have a real talent, and it was a very enjoyable and suspenseful chapter. I like how you handled Torajiro... it's about how I imagined him to act. Hikaru seemed like a, "I'm going to save the day even though I don't know it yet!" type of character. Which isn't a bad thing at all, it just seemed to jump out at me. It's been a long time since I've seen/read the series, but everyone seems to be in good character and true to the story. As I've said before, great job, keep going, and don't give up! Just because you know the ending doesn't mean the rest of us aren't waiting anxiously! Have a good break, take your time, and do the best job you want to. *Jenglory*
Shingo the Pest chapter 12 . 12/7/2003
...the bald spot thing really just...nevermind. Anyway, my first impression when I saw this update was:
"O~, a Hikago fic. In...the...forests...of the... Oh my god! She updated!" *heartattack*
Maybe not the most encouraging of responses, but I'm being honest, aren't I? Naw, I'm just being mean. After I recovered from the shock I actually had squealing, uber excited fangirl moment (er, maybe it was longer than just a moment).
This will probably _not_ help with speeding up updates, but I think you should add more character description between dialogue. I don’t mean to say you don’t already have a lot of description of what the characters are during as they speak, you do, and it’s great V, but there were still some blind spots during the fic, where I thought ‘Shouldn’t there be some description _here_ and _here_ too?’
I will compliment you on Hikaru especially, you do a great job making sure we know what he is thinking and doing. Your dialogue is excellent by the way, and I have absolutely no problem with your characterizations at all. The characters are deep, and you treat them as such. And don’t worry about the chapters being long, some of us love that. I sure as really frickin’ heck do. D And I’ve managed to get through longer fics than this and I can do it again. In fact, you could add some *ahem* if you wanted. Ya know, _that_.
CM Aeris chapter 13 . 12/7/2003
Noa: Not really, she's just going to buy a box of pocky and the Hikaru no Go set.
Mokuba: I can't believe you have't even seen an episode of Hikaru no Go yet! (scolds Cm)
(sticks her tongue out at Mokuba) Summaries works the same.
Mokuba: Nuh uh! (starts getting into a childish fight with Cm)
Anyways, get the next chappy up soon!
Halcyon Clouds Sal chapter 13 . 12/7/2003
*Skim read the chapter in 5 minutes flat*
Gomen ne! I was in a hurry but I was sure that I'd never get anything properly done having known that you updated and didn't go read. 'In The Forests' is the ultimate distraction of the day XD. I'll do a proper review once I've scoured the entire chapter, promise ne.
But then, love the notes so much I love the idea of how Sai is different when he first appeared to Torajiro. He was supposedly suffering from his great loss of all he ever lived for (which is, presumably, why he ended his life). Ya know, the real Shuusaku is bald and fat (XP Gomen Torajiro! From wherever you may be), they have a picture of him at the Go salon where I go to. And the little side-story at the end of the notes was hilarious I've always comtemplated that something was astoundingly familiar with Hikaru's hair, until, aha! You enlightened me (Mr. McDonald's bangs *sniggers*). Anyhoo, good luck with the last chapter! And I do wish you'd write more good grub after this story is finished!
moonphantom chapter 12 . 12/7/2003
I didn’t make it through all of your story in one sitting, but I did make it through all in one day. I don’t regret it, but I think one chapter at a time is better. It leaves me with time left in the day to write a decent length review.
Not knowing what the real Torajiro was like, I thought you handled his character very well. He came off exactly like the impossibly nice, self-sacrificing guy Sai always made him out to be, and his little outburst at Hikaru seemed right too.
The only thing that’s bugging me a little is the whole give/take 4 stones thing. I know your were trying to make it an extreme handicap, but I can’t image a game that was at all close where giving the other play that kind of advantage wouldn’t end the game immediately. You better have pretty good explanation planned if Hikaru is going to win this game.
I’d like to tell you that you’ve got the talent to write as well as Neil Gaiman someday, but that would be like me telling a talented go player that I know they can achieve kami no itte someday. I know good writing when I see it, and yours is very good, but I have no idea if anyone is capable of writing as well as that man. Anyway, regardless of whether or not you could do it from Hikaru’s POV, I don’t think a Gaimen-esque atmosphere just wouldn’t quite fit the world of HNG. (But, you should be happy anyway. You did succeed in making it rather Miyazaki-like, and since Neil Gaiman did the English script for Mononoke, that almost counts, right?)
As much as I’d love to see the next part of the story to come out asap. I won’t be too upset if I have to wait. I’ve got my last final on the 16th, and it’s going to take a great deal of restraint not to read instead of study, and I just don’t think reading about characters from the Heian and Edo periods is the same as studying East Asian History.
*runs and hides from the other reviewers who will come after her if they have to wait until January*
Aishuu chapter 12 . 12/6/2003
LOVED this.
I like how you turned it back, and used the Sai/Hikaru relationship, and emphasized the difference between Hikaru and Torajiro. Sai loves them both, and couldn't choose, but I do think Hikaru IS the stronger disciple for just the reason you pointed out. Wonderful plot twist, stellar writing as usual, and just made my night.
firedraygon chapter 13 . 12/6/2003
Eheheh, that was a cute scene at the end. The previous chapter was great, too. I was like, "Finally, Hikaru plays!" XD Heheh, it would've been fun if you added a few hints with the triangle (Sai/Hikaru/Torajiro). ;
Please update soon! I love your work! What, there's only one more chapter left? No... I hope to see more. Thanks for writing!
Kamitra chapter 12 . 12/6/2003
My GOD those are some replies. ; I've never left a comment before (although I started reading about two chapters ago), since my comments tend to be on the more pointless side. *sweatdrop* In any case, I just remembered that despite how much the fic scares me (good ghost stories do that) why I LOVE this thing. I still must shove this piece of literature onto some other people. Like my mom, for instance.
P.S.: your beta kicks ass. (I suck at remembering names, so I'm starting to feel paranoid now at the idea of who I know and who I don't.)
On a second note, if you're curious, I've seen a bunch of Spirted Away comparisons, but the most memory scarring Miyazaki thing I saw was Princess Mononoke with AkiHika-ness. Let's just say that Hikaru looks good in white and gray. -_-;
I'm currently under the distinct impression that little tiny red ants live in my computer, so I'll hurry this up (not that this will get any shorter - I'll just type faster).
As far as the story goes, I care more about the flow than anything else. And /that/ is excellent. Great handling of Sugawara and Torajirou~~ If you have a screwball for an ending, damned if I care - I just want to read it!
There! A long review! *cheers*
CM Aeris chapter 12 . 11/23/2003
I hope you write more! This is a wonderful story!
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