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ensis013 chapter 19 . 10/5/2011
This is AMAZING! I wish there was a movie about this, I bet it would be so awesome! And Sai disappeared in the end right? And I am guessing that Hikaru is paying his respects to the kitsune at the end?

I read the whole thing in one sitting and I was totally blown away. The starting was super creepy I tell you that. I was cursing Hikaru for being such an idiot and not turning back, since people with common sense knows that it's not smart to walk through a graveyard when it's Setsubon. And Hikaru's rudeness gave me heart attacks, especially when he insulted Osusuki and kept bickering with Sai. Though his name calling was damn amusing, especially with all the modern terms fitted in. The middle was filled with tension and suspense and I was going 'Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. They'regonnadieeee.' Since Lord Amatsu Mikaboshi was cheating and bullying Sai into losing too. Towards the end, I was cheering Hikaru on, since Lord Amatsu Mikaboshi was being a total ass-turd. And I am SOO glad that Hikaru won. A 'neeh' to you Lord Amatsu Mikaboshi.

I think that my favourite OC is Osusuki, since he strikes me the tragic character who has to live through the consequences of his actions. And I love the mental image of little Sai scratching his ears or riding on his back. The end reference to Naruto (?) was awesome though (I immediately connected it to Naruto, though it might be a different anime that you were refering to).

Though I am still sad that Sai disappeared, though I got a premonition when reading Osusuki's parting words, after re-reading that. I still think that this would make an AWESOME Hikago movie, and would dearly love if it could be animated. Everything was just beautiful, mystical and full of tension, suspense and character. This is THE most enjoyable Hikago fanfic that I have read on the supernatural subject. Kudos to you, Murinae!
Nocturnal Smile chapter 19 . 8/2/2011
Wow, this was incredible! I love the way you describe the spirit world, your imagery's lovely while still being really, really creepy. I wasn't sure where this was going to end up, so I ended up reading the entire thing in a night since I just had to know. You've written a compelling story, and I like how Hikaru gets to work out his issues while we get to see the more serious side of Sai. There was so much tragedy, but I think the characters managed it well. Loved the OCs and loved your story!
Alexandria Paige chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
LOL. I don't think I've heard of Little Bunny FuFu in years. Awesome story, good plot and dialog.
Cremello chapter 19 . 3/13/2011
Great story! A bit confusing during the "final battle", but I'm sure that's partly because I was reading it on a noisy train and couldn't concentrate properly. It's really well-written though, and I really like your writing style. Thanks for writing!
3dumplings3 chapter 19 . 11/29/2010
That was intense, awesome. You took Hikago in a place I didn't even anticipate. Wonderful job.
sweetyamiyugigirl chapter 19 . 9/16/2010
After Hikaru returned to the human realm (and after the Hokuto) did Sai fade? That's the only question I have, I understand about HIkaru being hurt after being rippied apart by His supreme evilness, and it still affecting him, yet whether or not Sai was able to stay with him after his disapearance in the manga is (to me at least) unkoown. Did youdeliberatly do that? I'm rambling now... Well anyways breathtakingly awesome stories. *faved*
Lacygrey chapter 4 . 8/22/2010
Congratulations on this story. Im only reading it very slowly but Im enjoying every minute.

I don't think I know the kitsune references but I didn't miss 'Sprited Away' - cute details

Responsible!Sai is lovely too, though I'm sure at this point that he's hiding something - and that's a little creepy.
lovelymokona chapter 17 . 6/20/2010
Wow! I think it's quite a pleasant ending! At least, everything is ok now... chapter 19 . 3/30/2010
Wow. Just, wow. I really, really enjoyed that. Bravo, my friend. Bravo.
sailormoonstwin chapter 18 . 3/30/2010
Seriously, wow. It is very well written and believable (although I will have to ask you to check your Japanese since you have some misspellings-"deishi" should be "deshi").

As others have pointed out, it's rare to find fanfiction of this caliber; the characters really came to life. I found Hikaru's snide retorts to be very original but he felt a little OOC because of that; however that may be me remembering his older self at the end of the series.

I look forward to more of your work! chapter 3 . 3/30/2010
Dang, this is exciting. The funny thing is, just the other day I learned of Inari and his/her relationship with the kitsune. It was nice to be familiar with a bit of it. Oh, and I loved this line:

"You still haven't explained how you know all these escapees out of a Miyazaki film!"

Good work. I'm really enjoying it. You've got rude Hikaru down pat.
Syre chapter 2 . 3/12/2010
uh, you might have claimed that you can't write a HNG suspense/horror, but, DAMN i am scared! i'm reading this while it's late, and you've got me looking around the room and checking the windows. it's not some third rate, cookie cutter holywood gore fest. nope. this fic is more along the lines of alfred hitchcock quality. suspense is woven into the plot, not stuck to tense music and things popping out.

definitely looking forward to reading more!


(anon review b/c parents blocked account T_T)
Zeks chapter 3 . 12/26/2009
Sry, totally out of setting. Sai using -kun is a nonsense and all the rest ... could have just used 2 generic characters if you were going to change them so much.
Coryx chapter 3 . 8/12/2009
Actually, they were originally known as benevolent and diligent... I'm pretty sure the whole "trickster" bit was invented by Europeans. Cuz "kitsu" is the onomotopoeia for fox-sound, and "ne" is an affectionate suffix...

You keep making grammar errors...

...Not gonna ask what Hikaru was talking about. Don't wanna know what Hikaru was talking about. Let's assume it was snouts. Yeah.

TENGU FOR THE WIN! Although I may be confusing them with Karasu Tengu. I have a bad habit of doing that.

Frog demon? Wonder why Sai has a problem with them...

Poor Hikaru. He has brain overload.

Onigiri what? Noo, Hikaru. Dun eat it. Remember the faery. And the pomegranates. Never eat pomegranate seeds.

So, it is lipstick. I always just thought Sai was permanently cold or something.

Bad kitsu. Bad. No claw Hikaru-kun. Or Shindo-kun. I'm really not sure what to call him. He started off younger, then got older. So should it be -san...? Or maybe -sensei, since I'm trying to learn Go...

Gwah, sadist kitsu. Not good.

Kohaku? I know what that means... Or I should. But I don't remember. Oh right. Amber. Yeah. Isn't some minor character from Inuyasha called Kohaku?

Ep. Eep eep eep. Did I say eep? And I mean eep.

GARR. Kitsu attacking Sai. Mean kitsu. Yay for Sai dodging kitsu attacks.

WOOT! Hikakari! (Sai better not have been about to say Akira. I will hunt you down if he was.)

Win of Sai dodging everything without people losing face. Especially powerful I-eat-your-soul people. They tend not to like losing face.

Oh niyuuz... Sai-san(-sensei? Or should it be Fujiwara? so confusing)...

"Nibblicious?" 0.o

All things bad and gooey, all creatures foul and damp! xD Sorry, couldn't resist.


GOD OF HANGOVERS LOL. Terry Pratchett is the win, ne?

Ramen woot! I have never actually had ramen... But I have had soba. And tempura. And miso soup. All good. :D

Ew. Chrysanthemums? Bet they taste horrible. Unless you mean the taste of the smell of chrysanthemums, which would be good. Chrysanthemums yellow and white... Does that mean Hikaru's the dormouse?
yamina-chan chapter 17 . 6/2/2009
When I read the description for this story, I expected...something...nice. Or Funny. Or maybe just an other strange FanFiction.

What I found instead, is nothing like this.

This story is one of the best I ever read. It certainly chaught me in a way, only some special storys are able to do. Those, where you keep reading and reading and suddenly find out, that your soul is chanied to it, untill you're done reading, and beyond that point. Though, it is a fiffrent sort of chain then.

This story did everything, a good story sould do. I felt many emotions while reading. And I do mean MANNY.

In fact, it would be easier to coun't the ones I did NOT feel, rather then the ones I DID.

And as it sometimes happen to me, when i do find something this great, I have no words to express, what I want to say, even if I want to say a lot. Thesre is so much, that could be said. even if I would concentrate just on the realationships, it'd be a lot.

If I were to leave it be, start thinking it all over again, I may would be able to realize it all together and be able to give you a good review. One that is worthy of this story. One, where I could exacly tell you which parts I like, which not, and why.

That is was I usually do. But in the case of an unusually good story like yours, most of the time I am not able to do it.

Just like now.

All I CAN tell you, is that I enjoyed reading it a lot and that I am glad, that I read it.

However, even if I am not able to analize everything right now (If I would do it now, I would lose some of the great feeling I own now, the one that you have, when you fhinishied reading somehing "importand", something to remember and I don't want this to happen already) I still want to say something about one moment.

One at the end.

Hikaru and Sai are back to their normal behaivour, or so it seems. But at the same time, I have got the feeling that BOUTH of them intended to say something...elese, something...importand? fundamental? meaningful? It doesn't matter. The fact that thes didn't...

uh, it seams I am not able to express my thouhts on this too.

But I have a feeling, that if Sai hadn't said, what he said ("You still owe me two games!") they would have never been able to continue where they left. Realationshipwise, that is. Not that it would have been a worse - or better - connection between them, buit it would have been diffrent.

And it was just as importand that Hikaru reacted in a similar way. These's just something special.

-I did not read the last chapter (yet) for I have not read the whole Manga untill now, but I sure will read it, once I am finished.

That reminds some points in this story, I forgot I was reading a FANFICTION. It felt all to real. Oh, and by the way: I couldn't help but smile, every time I discovered, you added something in this. Like Kohaku.

I didn't get the onigiri part, though, and I am wondering where I could find out more about that.

But for now, I will leave.

I thank you for wiriting this, and for sharing it with everyone who is willing to read.
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