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Ookla The Mok chapter 18 . 3/12/2005
Ah! I finally checked again and see it's been completed for months!

Thank you for all the effort you put into it. Great story. I am happy.
Kamitra chapter 18 . 2/13/2005
Also, we need to thank Imbrium too! Editors work immensely hard, and damn, you two work!
Kamitra chapter 19 . 2/13/2005
Yay! Love! (and don't comparing me to anything above 15k... I will suck too badly for words. ;;) I will reach 15k one day! (well... maybe.) Anyway, how many ways do you know how to say hello/thank you? o.o

Anyway, my deepest congratulations on this story. It's a work of definite depth, research, interest, and most of all, entertainment! I hope your idea of becoming a writer comes true soon.
M. Miller chapter 19 . 12/7/2004
I love this story - it is the only really fulfilling, long HnG fanfic I have been able to find.

Please write a sequel!
ying87 chapter 19 . 11/4/2004
WAI! its been so long since i read any hikago fics and i presented with this! *fangirls madly* i absolutely love the new ending! thankew so SO much! ( i didn't hate the other ending, just don't like sad endings i'm a happy ending kind of person.. )

and NARUTO! hehe, the kyuubi is the cousin of Osusuki? i just got into naruto and everytime i see the word nine-tails i'll think of naruto hehe, i really want to thank you for writing this fic, it was a wonderful fic and one of my favourites in the HnG fandom
liyu chapter 1 . 11/2/2004
This was really an AU! I was a bit mixed up in the beginning, but as soon as I caught up with the story, I was completely in it. I love the background you gave to Sai. I somewhat can imagine him doing just what he did as a child. I was a bit apprehensive when the ghosts started appearing. I feared it'll be just too unbelievable, but you managed to do it right. I think your portrayal of Torajiro is very nicely done. And what to say about the final 'battle'? I have to confess I skipped some parts to get to the end, but I like the way you managed to get Hikaru to win against a God without making him into someone he is not.

By the way, I just loved the way Touya appears in this story without actually been there. And I don't think anyone's missed the erssemblance between Haku and Touya... such a feminine haircut is kind of rare on a guy. The only other male anime character that I know has this haircut is Xellos, from Slayers.

Anyways, I really liked the story and I hope I'll be able to read from you in the future.
Kou-Kagerou chapter 1 . 10/23/2004
Whaa~ it finally ended! I kinda feel happy 'cause I finally get to see what happens in the end, but at the same time I'm kinda like "aw, now I have to look for another good fic to read...". Oh well I still haven't read what Akira did during Hikaru's adventure so... I guess I go there next _

Never thought I'd see the day come, but what an ending it was indeed. Its always so interesting to watch/compare the Shindo of 12yrs to his older self. I kinda wanted to whack hikaru for not paying attention to what Osusuki was trying to tell him... The epilogue was a nice way to finish the story, with Akira feeling bad fer not understanding, and yet having actually played a large roll in the past events. No, the ending wasn't a dissapointment at all. It caps off the story rather nicely, in fact.

I never thought about if before, but you were right about what you said about writing the begining and end for a story. Man, gotta say tho, this is one *monster* of a fic. Good work in keeping me interested and anticipating the next chapter for so long

and yes, if I ever get that pic finished I shall send it to you right away, now that I have a photobucket account. But I'm thinking of several variations of the same pic and it might be a while before I can get it colored and everything...

Welp, I'll be over at yer Lj soon. Can't wait ta see what else you put out .

see ya! and omedeto on a job well done!
always together chapter 18 . 10/19/2004
Again with the Torajiro, I don't really have any idea of what his character is like. He did appear too little in the manga. But what you portrayed him - polite, modest, serious, and intelligent - turns out fitting and amiable. _

Nice wrap-up indeed! I love your happy-ending, though we know well-written angsts are carved in people's memories for their lifetime (just like Hng and the X-files for me). I especially like Sai's expression where Hikaru regained his consciousness, nice repetition of the one from the manga's very beginning. Different place, time, and feeling, yet feels all right.
Lavondyss chapter 18 . 10/16/2004
It's been a long journey, but well worth it! This story is simply beautiful. Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading it! Well done. Any thoughts for a sequel?
JenG43 chapter 18 . 10/14/2004
Hey there! I'm so glad you updated. You're right, I have been left hanging for a very long time on your stories, but let me tell you, they're always worth it. Even though the story got 'muddled,' it was an intriguing, original, and dramatic piece of work. I, for one, really liked the epilogue. It gave us a glimpse of Hikaru after the ordeal (and after the manga). We can see how the experience has affected him, and how he's grown. I'm glad you kept it. Congratulations on your completion! It was well worth the wait. I've lost your e-mail, and wasn't sure how to post to your journal, but I would love to get a copy of Promises and Shadowlands. I'm just a random fan of yours, but still, I'd love to have them to read, as I didn't get the chance to save them to my computer. Funny, how long I've been following you - I've moved 3 times, graduated, started grad school, took a year of Japanese, seen innumerable amounts of anime... but, these two genres I have been following (HnG and MLP) are still near and dear to my heart. Well, enough of the rambling - I hope to hear from you soon!
fireash chapter 18 . 10/12/2004
sorry it took so long for me to review. i loved the ending. i had stopped reading fanfics for a while. got burnt out but now i am readin again and this one is great. loved it. bitter sweet at the end but definitely one of my favorites.
GoldenRat chapter 18 . 10/12/2004
So it ends with the hope of ramen and an argument with Touya. ;-P
Shingo the Pest chapter 18 . 10/11/2004
Wow, I was beyond delighted to see this update. I've been wandering the Hikago section less recently (mostly since it's so rarely updated), but the ending to ITFOTN has inspired me no little bit.

The angst, the angst. How I love the angst. The ending was quite different from what I had been thought it would be (I had thought Hikaru was a total goner!), but still satisfying. And the epilogue was quite satisfying due to it's own treats. But I have to say, I think I'm going to miss Osusuki the most. ;D
Fletset chapter 18 . 10/9/2004
Great. I missed 11a -.-

Then I read the Epilogue, and I was like: "Wha? Weren't there _three_ new chapters?" So I checked, and look! Here's 11a, which for some reason, I skipped on.

Now the drowning scene makes sense ;

Anyhow, GREAT STORY! I'm glad you left Hikaru alive. Altough I sometimes I like it more when characters die, in this story it would have been depressing if it happened. I mean, after all the poor boy's been through? :(

You're impressed by the fact I can write in two languages? Well, I'm impressed by your knowledge of Japanese culture! (though I only read the notes for Obon .;)

So anyhow, please write more in the furute! :D
AKung chapter 19 . 10/8/2004
As always, wonderful. The storyline really pulled me in, creating overwhelming emotions, while remaining plausible and realistic (well, as realistic as most supernatural/ghost and anime stories go) that I could read it and picture it in my mind. You were superb in creating a crescendo storyline-I was really upset that you had me hanging for over 6 months for the ending! And such a cliffhanger! (Hikaru dead? NO! :P) I think the game in the Heart of the Game was done well-the lines between descriptions, thoughts, dialogue with the moves themselves created a driving force in that part. I'm glad you left it mostly as you originally wrote it.

The ending was well-done. You gave a good way for Hikaru to have survived, and yet left scars and hurts both obvious and hidden from himself. And the allusion to what happens afterwards following the manga/anime storyline. And the Epilogue was good-it gave closure of a sense between your story and the future. Hikaru acknowledged the events, with even a bit of respect-but still Hikaru afterall. :) And Akira finally shows up for a bit (other than the silent one in the game or look-alikes...).

The story throughout-as I said, wonderful. I could go on-wonderful, amazing, great, et cetera-but I think you get the idea. You set up the setting, the background, the current situation all very well. And I loved your characters. Funny, serious, sad, obnoxious, real. They are very believable. And I love your expansion of the Sai-Hikaru relationship, especially touching on Sugawara and Torajiro. And Osusuki-::grins::. All your characters.

For such a long story, there are few spelling and serious grammatical mistakes-I did see a few here and there, but for the most part fine. The few that there are do not really hinder the story or the reading of the story.

I liked your reference to the poem by William Blake. It's a great poem and you made the story and poem fit together very well. Tigers (Hikaru) and Dragons (Akira). And fit the manga too and its imagery of tigers and dragons for Hikaru and Akira.

I also like the notes at the end because even if you're not an expert on the info, it gives a background that explains a little further the setting or situation or just little things in each section. They are very useful and just fun to read. Thanks!

I told myself not to review till the whole of the story had been posted-quite a long time to wait! Loved this story, loved your other HNG story (And the Stars Fell Down). I think this story, ITFOTN, is fantastic and, though I hesitate to give a definitive pronouncement, the best fanfiction story I've read/seen on whole of the internet. Even though I've seen some other good ones out there, either they are slices of a story (one-shot) or incomplete (and haven't been updated in a long while-and even then, usually not as good) or they start out with good ideas, but end up going sour or flat. You were great throughout and did not falter. Congratulations!

Thank you for such a wonderful and fantastic story. Thank you for working with Hikaru no Go (love that series). And thank you for finishing it! Hope to see more from you in the future! (And hey, maybe we should see if the creators of HNG will take this story and make a movie of it?)
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