Reviews for History Has Its Eyes On You
Platrium chapter 14 . 1/19
I am once again back from the dead!
Hoping the same from you soon. :P

Chariots! Chariots here seem to be simple. No outfits that really stood out, but that's okay. Instead, we get trees for D7 and a bunch of unremarkable ones for the other districts, haha. The Capitol kids being a mess is... very fitting for them, hehe.

D2 and D11 were getting into each other's toes for a bit there. First 2 days of training breezed through with one chapter, and... I'm not sure what I got out of it. XD Sorry. The good news is that you gave us a list of alliances to somehow tell us who's where right now. Most of them are just sticking to each other, of course. I'm curious to see if any groups will merge, like how the careers do usually.

Bi-annual seems accurate, since both updates were posted on 2021 and I'm reviewing this on 2022. XD Does this mean I'm getting my Capitol quintet this year? :o Oh you better get to it. XD I'll even draw a Capitolite pentagram to summon you back from the void. :P

Anyway, I'm proud of you for still being around to write these intros even if it's taking literal years to do these! This sibling mess fic is just one of a kind. Hope to see an update soon, but of course, take your time. I'll still be here as always, and since we're getting close, I'm excited to read about my Capitol quintet soon! :D
geologyisms chapter 9 . 11/8/2021
micah! i finally decided to plunge into this story after my disappearance, and i am so unbelievably happy to see them written to well. i'll eventually go back and review the rest of these chapters, but i owe you this review for my kiddies. i adore this intro for them; frankly obsessed with suis saying "ill fuck your mother", absolutely perfect characterisation for her. jesse is my baby boy and he's trying his best out here, he's so hardened by the life he and his sister have led but he would really rather suis would just let him drag her out of six's underbelly out with him. though, maybe with the rebellious material they sell, that isn't going to work out for them, huh? well... it wouldn't if the hunger games didn't get in the way first.
i know this story hasn't been updated in months, but i'm so excited to see what you do with them further along. thank you again for accepting these two, they'd been original characters of mine for years before i submitted them to you, and i know you're the perfect person and this is the perfect fic for them. hope life is treating you well, friend!
goldie031 chapter 14 . 8/22/2021
Hi Micah! it's been way too long since I've reviewed but I wanted to let you know that I'm still around and reading, just very busy! I'm loving the structure you're going with to introduce these kids; I think it's super smart that we're meeting them over the course of the Capitol. I love how, despite the pace the story is moving at and despite the fact that there are so many kids, it still feels like we know each of them and what makes them tick! The dynamics between the siblings are really sad, especially because we know that only one can make it out. All in all, I love the way you're writing so far, and I can't wait to read more! Keep it up!
david12341 chapter 13 . 4/26/2021
Hi i don't review this fic b/c i already spam ur phone with my love for your writing enough as it is, but this was v good and so i just wanted to drop in a review saying that. i mean like that whole paragraph of Bo speaking starting with "I have tried..." ugh ur so good at writing dialogue and writing that feels important. there's never any filler, just beautiful writing and seamless transitions (I didn't even notice it went from Bo's to Lulu's pov until a while later). so yeah this was good and i will now patiently (jk definitely not patiently, this is too good for that) wait for ur next update. i need more aven content and i kinda need it asap so i kindly demand tri-annual updates from now on. tyvm.
Platrium chapter 12 . 1/14/2021
Hi, I'm back. XD

Here we have Gaspar, Saint, and Ignatius. Why do the latter 2 sound religious in a way? Anyway, Gaspar seems to have the biggest shine time in this chapter, and it's for unfortunate reasons. He vomited on the escort out of shock and fear, and then he will be remembered as a stalk of wheat for the parade. Felt like an "are you kidding me" or "I frigging knew it" moment. XD The stylist responding to his "stalk of wheat" reaction with an "Isn't that neat?" was so funny because it rhymes! I love it. XD Unfortunately, all I could get from Ignatius is that he's the 12-year-old among these brothers. Hope there's more to him, haha. As for Saint, he was on the luckier end. His shine time came from being a ninja or a warrior camouflaging in a wheat field, or at least that's what he was dressed as for the chariots. Later on, it was revealed that it was their mentor, Kalista, with how she won her games 20 years ago. Wow! I like getting to know the victor in this way, and this is definitely a unique way to do it, as I've never seen a victor slash mentor introduced by their mentee's chariot outfit referencing how they won their games. It is absolutely bada$$ and I love it!

Alright! I await the day you come back with an update, haha! No rush btw. I am liking your speed actually. As long as I know you'll still be around to finish this, it's all good! :D (I feel like I said this several times already and you're probably sick of it... or I said it in another story lol. :P)
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 12 . 12/19/2020
This is a diverse group of siblings. Ignatius's fascination with the games is interesting. Seems like Gaspar's approach will be to fade into the background. It seems like he might plan on ditching his brothers later.
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 11 . 12/19/2020
Review months late? Oh well, I'm sure you can understand with your busy schedule lol.
This trio of triplets is heartbreaking. They're going to get torn apart in the arena, and I'm not looking forward to that.
Platrium chapter 11 . 9/15/2020
Catching up!

A little blind girl was the victor in a previous games!? :o Cool! I don't know how it happened, especially because vision is so important in hitting the right spot, but the details aren't too important now I guess. I just find it cool that something that seemed so impossible was achieved. Meanwhile, interesting to know that the 75th Games followed canon. It makes me wonder what happened during the rebellion that time, but we're too far into the future to care. It just made me wonder haha!

Theseus is the worrywart. He seems like the mature one too. He wants to be the protector among his siblings. He likes to come in prepared it seems, as he's being the strategist too. I think he's the most developed among all his siblings from this chapter alone. I can't get much from the other 2. I know Soren is afraid of dying, which seems really normal. Then we have Moriah, who needed to be signed to. She must be deaf for that. :o I like how it wasn't mentioned explicitly but still shown in a clear and implied way. These 12-year-old triplets being in the games is such a tragedy, but it also makes their familial situation unique.

Caught up, just like that! Hope to have you back soon. :3
Platrium chapter 10 . 7/16/2020
Landon is a leader. He's very dominant. An example was when he was knocking off the alcohol that was being offered to his siblings. He's good so far. I like that he's a problem solver too, more logical than emotional.

Autumn is the more emotional one. She's very afraid, very anxious. She is also the 'princess' according to her father.

Then there's Aria, who just wanted to read books and redo puzzles. Mmhm. Interesting sibling relationship with Aria involved.

I noticed that you moved forward with train rides. It was harder to get anything from Autumn and Aria because of that. You still tried and I can still get something from them, but not in depth. Part of me wishes you still did intros for consistency. It was easier to get backstory and personality from each of the tributes from the previous 6 districts. Although, I totally respect this decision and understand why this is happening. It's just that the quality is not the same. :/ It also makes me nervous that my tributes will be introduced in training or end of training. Instead of getting their backstory and personality shown, we'll just be told of bits of their backstory and the focus is mostly on their alliances and pre-games status. Given my tributes' spicy and complicated situation, I'm afraid at how confusing it might get when or before they're introduced. DX Your writing is still good, so I'm hoping, but with the tides suddenly changing, I'm not as confident as before. Still, I know you're struggling to finish this story, so it is better off to have this story reach the end rather than it dragging to a point that it just never finishes.

I'm glad the chapters are shorter in this story btw. Catching up has become easier on my end. XD Now, I am officially caught up, in one sitting too! :3
Platrium chapter 9 . 7/16/2020
Suis and Jesse are rebels eh? Interesting personality contrast. That caused them to worry for each other.

Suis has a martyr complex, mmhm. I can see that she's willing to fight back for her side. She's the type who's not afraid to get into trouble, based on her language usage.

On the other hand, Jesse is helping out Suis. He's in school thanks to Suis, and he seems hardworking. He's into books too, so I'm thinking Jesse is the smarter and kinder of the 2.

Late to the poll, but I got to it too. :P
Platrium chapter 8 . 7/16/2020
Awww... these 2 are wholesome. Rachel and Aven show that sister bond.

Aven is brave and mature for her age. She's not the typical 12-year-old. She gets called Sunflower by Rachel, so that's cute. There has to be more to her. Supposedly, I wanna see her on her own to see her individual character, but that's not immediately possible because her sister is going into the games too. Anyway, hope to see more of her in a different way then. What she has so far is nice, but I hope there's more to her.

Rachel is the selfless and responsible elder sibling, like Caelum, but we got to see her on her own this chapter, so I can tell that she's not completely just that. While Caelum would do odd jobs, Rachel would outwit people instead. She dropped out of school to play a chip game, to earn money. It's interesting. It reminds me of math and game theory. Later on, it was revealed that she would slide in an extra chip to win. Wow. That's... cheating, but that makes her stealthy, and stealth is good in the Hunger Games. She can outwit her opponents not purely by a game of chips, but also finding a resourceful way out of something that seemed like a dead end. If she plays her chips right, she can let Aven win. I don't see her winning since Aven is going in with her, given that she's selfless, unless she turns her heels to the dark side. It's also possible that she dies before Aven to give Aven more independence later on.
Platrium chapter 7 . 7/16/2020
Ooh! Cool forum ad. :3

I like that last line. What the heck! XD We know that Jessica and Coraline are rivals, and both of them have single moms. They share a father, yet both of them are unaware of it. I wonder how Marsha knew though. It will be interesting to see these 2 clash later on, or they could change their ways and work together. I can see both of them going far together if they work together. If they refuse to, their loss. Both of them. Jessica is being given feedback, yet she's stubborn. That could be her downfall, because it certainly had an impact on her loss on this showdown. Meanwhile, Coraline would likely be the stronger of the 2 for winning the fight. We see her asking for feedback too, so she seems to need it to adjust to the situation. I like that! I have a similar unsubmitted idea, but someone beat me to it right here. XD Another career half-sibling pair like Coraline and Jessica is Aelia and Tarquin from Camouflage. Very different too, because here, Jessica and Coraline likely don't know about their father. In Camouflage, Tarquin knew and was hiding it, while Aelia knew nothing, so that was interesting, but so was this with Coraline and Jessica! :D

Btw, I like that you started the chapter with world building! Locke Academy... District 4's career status... That was a nice way to start the chapter, especially since we're pov-less here.
Platrium chapter 6 . 7/16/2020
Hello from the other side~
I know I'm so behind with this story. I've been catching up to stories since late last year, but I didn't catch up to this immediately because I didn't know if it was gonna continue. XP Seeing that you've updated twice at 2 very separate times, I can trust that this story will finish, even if it will take 4 years. :)

I like how this chapter was focused on Caelum the most, but we still got to meet Armitage and Drusilla with the screentime they had. Caelum seems to be the responsible elder sibling. He's doing odd jobs to help with the income of this family. He's responsible, skilled, and hardworking. He cares for his younger siblings very much.

Caelum is helping with the income with the family, especially since Armitage is in the hospital. I wonder what she has. :o I also wonder how this would affect her later in the games. She likes books, so that's what separates her from her other 2 siblings.

Then we have Dru. I like that she's not just the 12-year-old. She has traits of a 12-year-old, like how she reacted to Caelum having to visit Armitage at the hospital, but she is a composer? Cool! She is making sheet music iinm. She's into music at least, and once again, that sets her apart from the other 2. :3

Interesting triad here! I'll move on in a bit, or some other day. :P
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 10 . 7/12/2020
Welcome back! I liked this little glimpse of my trio! Good luck continuing with the rest of these pregames XD
santiago.poncini20 chapter 10 . 7/12/2020
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