Reviews for Ray of Light
VoyagerG chapter 1 . 8/31
Poor Elaine, if anyone can help her it's Dennis. He's tough and sensitive and very loyal to the people he loves. Nice story. You should continue it someday. (But I know what it's like to have stories in limbo. It's tough to go back to them when we've moved on.)

I never knew why the actress left the role so suddenly. Elaine was a cute character. Suzanne got under my skin half the time, but she wasn't the worst and was a good friend to Dennis too. It's a shame the show didn't last longer, I really liked it.
Belle Walker chapter 1 . 1/2
I just noticed your story has been sitting here for awhile without a single review, so I thought I would rectify that.

This was very well-written and believable. Dennis is my hero too, and I liked him with Elaine before she disappeared from the show. You wrote them pretty well in character as they were depicted on the show.

From one writer to another, I want to say I also appreciate your proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, because it's too common on this site to find things riddled with typos and horrible sentence structure (and often those are the ones with a hundred reviews saying how wonderful the story is...even when it isn't). So, lack of reviews does not equal bad story. I've enjoyed many stories that I never reviewed.

Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us, and happy future writing.