Reviews for Ups and Downs
keroclouise chapter 1 . 8/29
Haha amazing stuff but I doing this review so I can follow and favorite it
Guest chapter 11 . 8/22
He really should have called Bakugou. "Hey Kacchan, there's a fuck face here, telling me he can arrange a dinner with you, acting like he owns you, ring a bell?"
Guest chapter 9 . 8/22
-break up
-don't respond to messages/don't talk for a few weeks
-come back unannounced "just wanted to be with you one last time"
-leave the planet after that

I'm sure that's not what you were going for, but in the 'wrong' context, that was a really cruel move from her, lol.
Bruh chapter 11 . 7/16
Smh, why the fuck didn't you make izuku punch that fag? That's one of the reasons I get annoyed with fanfics like yours cause you make bitches like fuck face leave and then he comes back and does something to nejire. I swear if you don't make fuck face suffer I'm done with your fucking fanfic cause it just irritates me like hell.
FuryJoe chapter 12 . 7/14
great story
Souen11 chapter 12 . 7/1
Great story, crap ending. Sort of feels like you lost interest in the story and now there's a whole epilogue chapter missing. Which is a real pity.

Was entertaining while it lasted. :)
RaptorXtreme1 chapter 11 . 6/27
I Love this story! keep up the great work!
CHR15 chapter 7 . 6/24
I’ve read 3 of your stories now and I love all of them! Especially Synergistics! :)
CamTheThief chapter 12 . 6/15
Short, sweet, and absolutely adorable. Nejire is a bundle of joy and a pleasure to read about. Thanks for the story. Cheers, mate!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/5
Honestly i hope there's still more of it. But anyways, i'm actually enjoy your story. Thanks for your great work!
WhenItCOUNTS chapter 4 . 5/23
But isnt eri like 9 currently?
The Man chapter 12 . 5/12
That was an adorable fic. I really enjoyed it.
yomunot chapter 12 . 5/14
Lovely story! Thank you for taking the time to write it
yomunot chapter 11 . 5/14
This was a sweet chapter
Jwake chapter 12 . 5/10
Such an enthralling fic. One of those things that you don't know you needed till after you found it. Great job.
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