Reviews for Yoru - Gamer Between Dimensions
moozga chapter 1 . 12/5
Great story! Can 't wait to read more!
aShinyRock chapter 6 . 12/3
Is he Joseph Joestar in Disguise?
ilayhyams chapter 33 . 11/21
So... the update comibg any time soon?
GhostlyDrew chapter 15 . 11/19
Someone recently ranted about how dumb my villains act and about how Yoru always fights people stronger than him and only wins because I make his opponents idiots...I get the feeling that they won't like this chapter. Let me know if that's what you guys feel cause this is the first time someone's said something like that about my antagonists lol -end quote

Cause a powerful and experienced Jonnin would take fighting a kid much less experienced and younger than him seriously
Some people don't think things through huh?
GhostlyDrew chapter 5 . 11/18
"Also, no Yoru will never tell anyone about his Gamer abilities. I'll never understand stories that go down that route, but I believe that is the epitome of stupidity. Seriously, who in their right mind would actually tell other people about such a broken ability? Don't even get my started on how ridiculous a party system is. That crap is so irritating"
Same thought: "Why would Superman tell anyone about how his powers work? Yet he still has normal friends who know about his secret identity."
To keep a secret that big about yourself from the people you care about hurt. And it's human to want to confide in someone else about the burden of keeping that secret.
Ergo they usually only tell their most trusted allies, or have an affection/reputation threshold to reach before it's safe to tell them.

But yeah the party system is kinda whack and broken stupid sometimes.
Ricee chapter 33 . 11/17
oh I didn't see this last chapter before, that's pretty disappointing that yoru's story ends here. I didn't see this other work you mentioned writing and you mentioned getting covid so the only assumption to make is that you died. rest in piece
Ricee chapter 31 . 11/17
weird how AOT is not recommended, he could have probably solo'd that world when he was 8
Ricee chapter 29 . 11/17
I'm re-reading this but apparently I didn't catch that the MCU was the next world, that will certainly be fun. hopefully it isn't just vaguely marvel and is the MCU. like obviously there won't be any fantastic 4 but people like stuffing all Marvel things into one world for some reason
Ricee chapter 9 . 11/17
feel like with even 5% of his CC he could break the seal, sure Minato made it but they were designed to be removed anyway
Lewd Queen Selene chapter 33 . 11/5
You should really change the name of the story since he's not really inter-dimensional. Even before you decided to close the book entirely, the inter-dimensional parts would have been in a separate story
joca12 chapter 33 . 10/16
Please Come Back with the sequel! I need to know! Love your works btw
T149Man chapter 4 . 10/12
You're right about it being an info dump, but I think you handled it well.
Wolfeborn chapter 13 . 10/14
I giggled like a little girl at the Rasengan scene
Cyan-Snake chapter 26 . 10/11
So, with how much Obito spies, he never noticed Rin? Alright.
Cyan-Snake chapter 12 . 10/11
That was such a shit fight. It was boring really disappointing how bad Yoru is at fighting.
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