Reviews for They Don't Understand Us
dementedwarrior chapter 1 . 12/15/2015
Cool fic I love it
Max chapter 5 . 8/5/2012
A another chapter
MindlessCardGames chapter 5 . 4/13/2012
Come on! Write the next chapter!...please?
DBZfan120 chapter 5 . 4/11/2012
This is a great story please continue. Just hurry and write the next chapter.
DBZfan120 chapter 5 . 4/9/2012
I'm going to admit I love this story, what can I say I'm a sucker for romance but you seem to have shyied away from some things more than others. You need to put in a little more detail to some things. And, now this is crutial you seem to have completely forgot that they are saiyans and poses inhuman strength and can fly! For example when you said that bra kicked her locker as hard as she could her foot probably would have gone through the wall. And I think for your next chapter there should be an actual fist fight scene that resolves itself when they're at a stail mate (you know both equally matched) and end up realizeing that they both do love each other and kiss and hold each other in their arms and maybe have an epilouge to how things go in the future. Don't take all this the wrong way I'm not trying to tell you how to write your story I'm just throwing out some ideas. I love this story and want it continued. Thank you.
PrincessVegeta chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
i love this i think its an interesting v eiw on it smart idea sofar man u r sooo cool. and i belive that who ever if anyone called this lezbo they should go to hell thoses fagots. well anyway on a lighter norte i read some of ur others storys

(freza lord of porn anfd chibi kindergarten) and ur miknd is fuckin awsome man i laughed so freakin hard:)
Celebrien chapter 5 . 2/2/2009
I really enjoyed this story-don't know if you'll ever finish it but I'd love to see the end someday! I totally understand about how crazy college can be and how hard it is to write and still have a life. I just want to see Pan and Bra happy together. :(
Jesada chapter 5 . 4/18/2007
This is a great story! Please update soon, i really like the storyline.
Roxius chapter 5 . 12/4/2006
Mel chapter 5 . 8/21/2006
hey there! i luv your story so much! please please please finish it soon b4 i die of suspence! and i am not lyeing i will die! hahahhahaahha...keep up the good work trooper!
icequeen chapter 5 . 7/13/2006
u must update soon PLEASE! I love it.
MonkeyMan chapter 2 . 6/8/2006

It don't suck, I Like it, although I can't keep my attention upon the story, then again I have the attention span of a squirrel, but I Like the story, keep up the good work.
Purrfitlittleangel chapter 4 . 4/18/2006
*puts story on story alert list*
Purrfitlittleangel chapter 5 . 3/19/2006
wow. this story is good!

Lately I have been wanting to wirte an BraPan and I think I have an idea to start one of now after reading this so far.

So I want to thank you. So thanks for posting this up!

Keep up the great work! I CAN"T wait until the next chapter!

deymian chapter 5 . 3/13/2006
ya should up date soon... oh nd i like ure story, dono bout other ppl tho seems like lot o ppl r ignorant like u said but ah well.. best wishes on ure stories..:)
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