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tacocatlog chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
*sees this
RandomDude chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Well, I remembered a couple of lines of thought I forgot earlier.


I knew I had a better reason for female Izuchoko than just "I'd be boring if you just had men" and discrediting the idea of two people fused into one!

Idea 1: Guys have XY chromosomes, and Girls have XX chromosomes. If they get half of everything, then rather than becoming a Hermophrodite or Genderless, there is a 50-50 chance they'd become male or female, or they get the X chromosome from Izuku so that if he fuses with a guy then they won't turn into a half-breed amalgamation of two incomplete Y chromosomes. Or it just magically chooses the best chromosomes for the task. Or just makes them all male.

Idea 2: Forgetung any Genetic Shenanigans, Izuku's Quirm seems to more absorb material into his body, and bond them together on every level. However, since it is the creature/object that is initiating the changes, his body will mold to fit the structure provided by the other body, and will become a Girl. Or, it could be Vice-Versa, and since they're filling his structure they become a guy if they aren't. Or it just meets in the middle, and they're no gender.

Idea 3: The gender is based on "whoever's on top", and can be either depending on whose personality they fit more, or what the fusion identifies as (both physically AND mentally in this case).

So those are the three routes I see THAT taking. Personally I like Gender Bender Fics, so I vote more all Female, or As Many Sexes As Possible for the possible fusions. Steven Universe causes these sorts of debates in spades, and I would actually like to know how this fic deals with the concept.


Speaking of Steven Universe, another thing I was wondering about was more-than-two fusions, and if they were possible. I wouldn't think they would be if Izuku just had his primary Quirk, as the argument that he can't hold more than his body's amount of space is far too viable. However, since he has OfA, that means that he could potentially use more of his energy to fuse with more people depending on how much he puts in using OfA.

For instance, if it takes something like 4 times as much energy to hold in another person than normal, then Izuku could get up to 4% of OfA to be able to fuse with Three People if he applies it to his whole body (right around the time Todoroki, Iida, and He are fighting Stain), and from there it would take 4 times more, making it so that he needs to use 16% of OfA to fuse with Four People, and then 64% to fuse with Five people, and only by increasing the amount of energy he can use from OfA in total would he be able to get up to that 256% required to fuse up to Six people.

I would imagine the sizes of the character would also adjust depending on how many people are fused together, with only two people making a person of the same age, three people making a full grown adult (compared to their current sizes, probably an 8 foot tall man or something if they fused as adults), then into Buff Giant Men or something like All Might and Endevor with Four People (Freaking 10 Foot Tall Giants emitting power when fully grown), and a person comparable to a minor Giganticificatoin Quirk with five (or, more likely, SU's Fusion Giants when done with adults). And six is insaine.

Anyways, an alternate to actually combining with that many people would be to use his Quirk to combine with that much material, allowing him to use his Quirk even when already fused, or become a Behemoth Man without Fusing just by absorbing two-to-three times the amount Material (useful in fights like the one with Muscular).


Third thought, one from last time even, combining OfA with Fusion would be insaine.

Katsuku's Powerful Explosion Ability that he's able to do from everywhere, multiplied by the power of 5% OfA Full Cowl would allow the explosions to to become insainely powerful. Imagining those Explosions (that are already powerful) be comparable to Izuku's Normal punch or kick before getting enhanced by OfA is sort of stupid considering his 5x speed or something with his 5% makes him easily comparable to Bakugo. At that point, I'm not sure if Shouto would be able to win WITH his fire.

And THAT brings up an even crazier point – Shouku (Izuto?)'s power would be impossibly insane, to the point of not needing to use Shouto's Fire Side to beat anyone, and even then the fire would likely burn people to ash in an instant, maybe WITHOUT OfA.

Considering SU's comparison to relationships (even friendships, doesn't have to be romantic, meaning Izuku doesn't have to be Gay like all those jerks in school assumed and made fun of him for), Shouto's trying to coerce him into a fusion to pass Endevor, or Endevor's wish to so that his son would for sure be the best, (though the latter is less likely due to Endevor's jackass, probably homophobic, personality), could become the moral push for Izuku to get him out of this funk.

(Plus the character development of they fuse in the alleyway to beat Stain if Shouto feels guilty for trying to take advantage of Izuku's previous friendship would make for a good moment).


My last point is probably the shortest of these, and deals with Pre-Full-Cowl Izuku. I'm just wondering if it is possible for Izuku to absorb something like Concrete, and use it as a Sacrifice to power a Full Power Smash so that his own bones won't break, or at least tank some of the impact. Maybe deep brusing could still occur, but mitigate the damage enough so that Izuku's arms don't get harmed enough for permanent damage.

I would personally want this for a few reasons.

For one, it would allow Izuku to SAY that the process of Ejecting and destroying the material is what allows him to "externalize the Fussion Energy gained from Bonding with the material", and explain away his Full Power Smashes with (admittedly false) logic.

Number two, it would allow his Fusions to not suffer from his Mistakes, and let him still use his arms on his fighting later without too much worry. Still, he'd probably be told to try to make his own style by All Might at the appropriate date, or be told to stop punishing his arms to much by Recovery Girl (still being Injured by doing this, just not as much, and Muscular / saving Katsuki would probably still require some cast-giving damage that would prevent Izuku from using his arms, at least temporarily, after abusing them like that).


Anyways, I THINK that's all I wanted to say. Hopefully I can hold myself back for next time, and whatever I've said here can be used to fuel your thought.

Anyways, thanks for the fic!
sonic chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
I liked the chapter!
Midnight49 chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Now this has me asking question. Since Izuku’s quirk is kinda like Kevin Levin’s will he be able to fuse with more than Katsuki? Because in the last chapter you said he can fuse with more than one object. So this leads me to ask, will Izuku Fusion quirk get strong enough that he can fuse with more people like Kevin with the aliens of the omnitrix? Or will their be a limit of say 3 people fusion together with Izuku.

For example Hanta, Izuku, Iida and Kirishima fused together, The would have the elbow tape cylinder from Hanta, the engines from Iida and hardening from Kirishima all in one.

Or will he have the drawback like kid Kevin, where if he fused with to many people, his body will take all the abilities from each person and be stuck like chimera Kevin for a while until he can get rid of the powers. So many questions now all I have to do is play the waiting game, to see what happens in the next chapter.
Cieszesi Niezmiernie chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
This is really nice idea for a story. I wonder what would happend if Izuku fused with opposite gender. Will he have both genitals or something? :D Anyway you earned follow and favorite with this story, I will be waiting for more! Good luck:)
Gamelover41592 chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
hmm let's see where this goes
dragonightmare chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Thanks for another chapter boy izuku is going to be like a nuclear generator of power considering his quirk already ups someones power significantly one for all can power up peoples quirks i wonder how that stacks i mean katsuke getting more powerful full body explosions with one for all on top of that dear god no! but some one like ochako with a gravity quirk izuku alone would make that op but one for all she might be able to make 6 or seven zero pointers weightless at once and do i even have to point out are hard boi kirishima might become nearly indestructible dear god what about nezus super intelligence dear god!
gamerman246 chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Ooooohhhhh boy, are we seeing an IzuOcha Fusion!?
RandomDude chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Heck yes! Quirk focus! I really love it when the author includes / focuses on the Quirk's mechanics for just a little bit, as analyzing Quirks in fics is one of my favorite pastimes.

So the really obvious thing to get out of the way is the Synergy between One For All and Fusion – Fusion makes it insainely easy for Izuku to absorb and adapt to the foreign material easily (possibly to the point of being able to use a higher percentage of OfA faster), and it would also allow him to transfer its Energy to another Hero super easily (in addition to the innate benefits Fusion has with others).

Also, the explanation to hide OfA is super easy due to being able to give the explanation of it being a type of "Fusion Energy". Due to Real Life Fusion producing more energy than Fission (with its only problem being the energy required to make it), it would easily explain where the energy "comes from" as long as he reinforces his body with fusion, and how it has an exponential increase of power on others (innate power x OfA).

Anyways, aside from my geeking out over Quirks, next chapter should be the Entrance Exam (unless you stick to pure exposition, which even if I would appreciate, probably wouldn't be the best action wise unless something intresting happens in the Training Montage).

In the Entrence Exam I'm sort of hoping to see Izuku fuse with Uraraka when taking down the Zero Pointer due to the boost of power (and lack of risk) it would give both of them. Aside from that, I really want to know how Izuku turns out once he fuses with a Girl– personally, I think the resulting being should be a girl just so that there would be more variety in them than "Male" and "Half-Male"... and mechanically because the fusion seems to be more of an enhancement of the other person using Izuku rather than Izuku being upgraded (at least from what I can tell with Bakugo's Quirk in Katsuku).

Anyways, those are my thoughts for now, thanks for the fic!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/27/2018
IS THIS LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE?! Plz let it be like Steven universe
Frosted Flakes chapter 1 . 11/27/2018
This is pretty interesting gotta say could lead to some epic and hilarious fusion moments just wondering if he’s gonna have OFA or not cause he seems pretty strong with this quirk alone can’t wait to read more
Itsc chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
I am glad you're not going to essentially re-tell cannon; wayyy too many stories in this fandom do exactly that. This is going really well, from the pacing to the character interaction, I'm seriouly enjoying this!
Jack Redhawke chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
I really like this, it’s very well written and interesting, and wow Yagi just coming out and saying it in front of Katsuki, though that’s prolly for the best all things considered, can’t wait for chapter three
tiguylerobot chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Katsuki is a nice guy in that fic, i can see him with Ochako, for izuku why not momo, i thibk they can be great friend and partner, she can produce nice alloy for izuku to fuse lol
Thunderking chapter 2 . 11/27/2018
Great chapter can't wait for more

Him with one for all will be scary because almight sed in Canon that if it was given to one with a qurk already it boosts it and with fusion that probably means those he fuses with who already get a boost will do so to a greater extent
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