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macario1214 chapter 6 . 5/26/2019
Screw! Fucking Canon! This shit right here... is motherfucking EPIC!
bloodyredrose1994 chapter 6 . 5/25/2019
Jeez dude, already a pairing, and is Megumin...? No surprise, she's one of the best girls in anime, and ranked number 1. And the fact that the new Konosuba movie is coming, and is all about Megumin's village.

Analyze Plant and Modify Plant skills, you got the idea from Shield Hero? Naofumi gained set of shields allowing him to analyze and modify.
Bet Izuku would grow a garden so they may have vegetables and fruits, maybe even growing to a poor village suffered from famine.

Hurray! Chika and Liza's bodies have been restored! And it seems like Izuku is teaching Aqua the values and benefits of a Goddess.

Hopefully Wiz wouldn't tell them that she is one of the generals, that kind of knowledge is how Kazuma got in trouble due to the liar detector.

So what's the deal with Chika having a loud voice? Is it a trait of her subspecie?
I got an idea for several skills for the slaves;

Screeching Scream; Allows a Harpy to create a projectile soundwave at the enemy. The effects of this skill not only cause to hit the enemy solidly, it would also damage the eardrums and each use will destroy them.
Drawbacks: Depending on a Harpy's status, the use of this skills would cause sore throats if use multiple times.

Field Screech; An enhance version of the Screeching Scream, allows a Harpy to scream to her surround area with a number of enemies. The skill is five times stronger than the Screeching Scream and enemies would suffer eardrum damage.
Drawbacks: Depending on a Harpy's status, the longer the Harpy screams the faster she would get a sore throat.

Feather Arrow; Allows a Harpy to shoot rain of feathers at the enemy
Drawbacks: Multple usage would cause a Harpy to loose many feathers.

Shedding; Allows any Lizardfolks to shed their skin off to rid any damages.
Drawbacks: Each use of this would cause a Lizardfolk to burn a lot of calory.

Hardening; Allows a lizardfolk to hardened their scaled skin hard as steel, both for defense and offense.
Drawbacks: The skill has a limit of time, depending on the status, a lizardfolk can't hold on for much longer, and the usage will exhauste the skill. (Like Kirishima's Quirk)

That's all I got for now.

Oh yeah, we haven't seen Izuku went muttering this entire time.
Kian Xki chapter 6 . 5/22/2019
What?! NO!
You are using too much bait and switch with their pairing and are refusing to letting it be?
are you pullling a Rowling?
or that is what i got from your last comment before reading the one at the begining about chosing the harem route so i guess he will actually tell Megumin about his world

The Pairing is also good, you are making it flow correctly, as stated by Kazuma in cannon (or fannon) is not that Kazuma himself is special, is that Megumin lacks experience with boys leaving her as the kind of inexperienced girl that would develope a crush in her 1st male friend

having her justify her crush also follows the idiotic venture of having Megumin clearing her own rute with delusions even if the one interest in romance is Yunyun, then again yunyun is more interesed in helping a friend in love than finding her own love

the only noticeable problem would be the personality you granted Izuku goin OOC, it began on the 1st chapter when he hit Aqua but even if you likely explained that Izuku himself looking at Megumin as a little girl, Izuku is not the teasting nor violent type, it is funny but remember that you must not go too stray from what makes Izuku be Izuku

an inocent, idealistic and suicidal ball of nerves that is eager to destroy himself for the sake of others...
... know what? forget about Cannon, i think your Izuku is better
BloodRevan chapter 6 . 5/22/2019
So is Izuku ever going to be introduced to Eris/Chris? There was that earlier part but, well, I'm not sure I'd qualify that as an introduction.

Eris is the kind one, I imagine some time around Izuku and Chika being cute would reduce her hatred for harpies.
Kian Xki chapter 4 . 5/22/2019
You messed up badly

not only does the darker tone lack any kind of foreshadowing, Slavery is a plot for Tate no Yuusha, How To Summon a Demon Lord and could even be used for works like Overlord that attempt to be 'realisitic'

the point of Konosuba is to be light hearted RPG paradise that does not include the darker aspects that have become so common in the Isekai Fantasy.

God's Blessing To This Wonderful World is a title that is NOT being sarcastic

a fantasy dream whose irony comes from unreliable companions that should be strong and the idiotic strategies against over powered monsters that are somehow useless against mob monsters, even villains like Vanir are not evil and the Dullahan had a sence of honor

Aqua does not hate the so called demi-humans, she hates Demons and Undeath as they opose the natural circle of life and even then she does not hate the one in the labrith for he has already reptented

there is a very big diference among those races and even then Demons are not treated as slaves
introduction of OC is always dangerous, you have to mind the name and the background, making them strong or wise is a risk and you messed up by not chosing a japanesse name so it wouldn't feel like some cheap work made by a chunnybio wanting to add a self insert

the restrictions when one attemps to be 'original' is part of making a fanfiction

there are some simple rules that must be followed
1- the person can not be famous
2- the person can not be strong
3- the person can not be wealthy
4- when everyone is from japan the name can not be jerry

as you get better you can bend or discard the rules, you are not that skilled

you also noted that this OC is actually a quirkless villain, an important warning is that evil people will not mind burning the world and destroying the kingdom, murder of those who insult you is actually an acceptable trait for a murder and a villain, 'i let him live for x reason' will only anoy the reader as it will show that those 'villains' are nothing but pupets that exist to make the protagonist look better

it is a warning for the future since the mistake is common, a 'dangeroues aura' means that the villain is as likely to kill you as a velociraptor, 'is he hungry?' 'is he playful?' 'is he angry?' the possibility of instant death is when that character is present is what makes it feel as something dangerous

killing OC to make it look dangerous will not work as they have the same work as stomping on empty plastic bottles when they had to be new (with content) and expensive
if you dare to pair this 'slavery is fine' version of Aqua with Izuku then i will have to add comentaries that can get me banned

a knife, your stomach and Ketchup a lot of ketchup
your Izuku was acceptable, he has the idiotic hero down, there are the standar complains for goin AU, but thinking of him as a wip hero was weird

from the standart party i vote for Megumin
there is a very likely possibility that you are wanting to add a plot twist latter, but i still feel that slavery does not belong in the world of Konosuba, it was better if you took that plot to a world that did not have Axel, like having Mitsurugi beating the demon king so the gods will send the reincarantor to some random iskeai that is actually worse and full with the more blantant versions of evil
RyuujinHimari chapter 6 . 5/22/2019
interesting idea for you. why not have izukus 'defeat' of the demon lord generals be him befriending them or getting achnoledgement from them. there is no need for izuku to actually kill any of them.

though I do have one request. I'm sure everyone will agree.

destroy arcanretia.

burn it, Bury it. just do something that results in aquas total rock bottom landing. I love to read about her suffering
epantoja521 chapter 1 . 5/22/2019
In my opinion it's actually interesting to stop following cannon and have the character effect the world. And it would be interesting if we had more my hero academia characters whether they are heros or villains.
jbrew123 chapter 6 . 5/22/2019
I gotta say, I really like this. Good job, keep it up.
kyo chapter 6 . 5/21/2019
Kneel before the druid god deku my his green light cleanse you of your evils and banish all your ailments. This was a great chapter and I really like that your not totally following cannon I mean its gets boring after a while so I am glad your going in different directions then most people. I can't wait to see Eris reaction to the harpy being healed I see Izuku might have to smack a bitch down. Still this was a fantastic chapter and I am really looking forward to the next one.
RoseRavenWillow RandomFangirl chapter 1 . 5/21/2019
I didn't mention this in my last review but I'm guessing that Aqua isn't going to get Emperor Zell if Izuku's around to smack some sense into her or shut Aqua up and drag her away before she makes YET ANOTHER boneheaded mistake.
Dude chapter 6 . 5/20/2019
Once again another fantastic job, I loved this chapter from start to finish and it was well worth the wait. I really look forward to the next chapter. Excellent job man!
Vilkath chapter 6 . 5/20/2019
I have to say I really like this story so far and while I admit I have not seen KonoSuba at all it's been on my "to do list" for a while. I am glad this story isn't following canon, I never really understood the point of doing so. Especially in a cross over story. Sure if the sole focus of your idea is a romantic pairing, changing the plot isn't really important though you also shouldn't focus on canon events as much either.

But other wise having new hero's or actions have no effect on canon just makes the whole thing kind of pointless. I think One Piece fics are the worst at that. The canon plot is so linear and dependent on things happening most authors are afraid to change anything.

As for Izuku I love his build so far. I have never played a Druid really, but i have had priest/wizzards with access to some plant spells. The control plants/Plant Growth/Spike Growth combo is insanely good for how low level they are. In DnD it was always amazing since it didn't take an attack roll, it forced them to make a save vs spell and/or dex check depending on the edition your playing. Meaning your own lousy attack stats had no effect on the spell. The dmg was great, the effect lasted a long time (or even permanent in some cases). Creating an entire field of grass that did something like 2d4 dmg every time they moved, while you were immune due to passive pass with out trace effects on plants. Also changed it into difficult terrain, making them move slower.

As for his next spell I would love to see him get a pet/summon of some kind. Either a Treant like wood golem he could control or perhaps an animal. The animal would be normally fine but given his goal of making his abilities seem like a quirk I think the Tree Golem would work best. Really funny thing is you could make it super small to start with, like Baby Groot sized but grow into a massive 15 foot tall monster as it's leveled up.
Vilkath chapter 4 . 5/20/2019
Well the world might be a racist slave holding mess with two goddesses that don't really seem to live up to the heavenly hype but hey at least it's not Goblin Slayer world right?

That said you can't really expect much from a world run by heavenly beings like Aqua. I mean seriously she'd more fit in with being a demon in Oh My goddess than a divine being.
xbox432 chapter 6 . 5/20/2019
A special confession? Scandalous! Heh, I'm guessing he'll tell her about being a reincarnate? That'll definitely speak to Megumin's internal chunibyo.

Also, good to see Izuku got the two girls healed. Though like Megumin was thinking, it's gonna be an uphill struggle for him if he actually wants to help Liz and Chika, much less the other demi-humans. That'd be one ironic F* you to the Gods if Izuku uses his wish for something like that.
Wicked.A chapter 6 . 5/20/2019
I did not realise this updated (twice 0.0) the last chapters were great.
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