Reviews for The Pretender
Allisonlt chapter 1 . 3/3
Great story! (the couple is so rare I got really surprised at the begining)
erythra-selena chapter 49 . 2/20
genius, just genius!
Thank you so much for writing this story! I took incredible delight in reading each an every single chapter!
Lotte2265 chapter 49 . 11/1/2019
This was brilliant! ;)
Tanglepathsjourney chapter 49 . 9/26/2019
amazing story. so different than anything else i have read in this fandom. honestly only one other story comes close that. I could find and its a time travel fic. please write more of this! I'm rereading your story a second time already! grindelwald and hermoine is a pairing i never knew i needed. but i do! 3 thanks for this life changing fic
Commissar Admiral Kordoshky chapter 49 . 9/13/2019
Fuck! I finished it in two days! Now I have to find a new one to read!
BookwormKW chapter 49 . 8/20/2019
Loved It!
Cantodevil chapter 1 . 7/2/2019
I love this concept! Well done!
RandomGerman chapter 49 . 7/1/2019
Thanks for sharing this story, it is a unique perspective, well written and a rare couple
TinkerVine le Fey chapter 42 . 6/14/2019
Awwwww *heart emoji*
TinkerVine le Fey chapter 23 . 6/14/2019
I admire the way you showed the contrast between Hermione's moral code and Gellert's without degrading or taking the humanity away from either of the characters.
DarkAphrodite chapter 49 . 5/16/2019
Ruttan chapter 49 . 4/18/2019
Good story. I noticed a few issues here and there, but nothing that detracted from my enjoyment of the overall story. I applaud you on being able to figure out a semi-plausible way of bringing Gellert and Hermione together. Thank you for sharing your gift.
ABrighterDarkness chapter 1 . 4/8/2019
This was a wonderful read! Thank you!
Terrence Rogue chapter 49 . 4/2/2019
This was brilliant. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it!
Naya Snake chapter 49 . 3/25/2019
Well, let us start from the negative: sometimes it goes really to easy. You just apparate there and let the man go? And no one notices for quite some time? No way, compare it with just Azkaban where it took Voldemort to break in.
What I liked:
- Nagini being more than just a crony of Voldy; she was a good girl!
- Hermione as the queen of propaganda; could work out as Gellerts crimes were far, far away and his merits right there;
- Draco being as I imagine purebloods: daddy does not care about the family, lock him up; somehow very logical in the world where family counts more than an individual;
- Gellert as an old fashioned gentleman as he should be;
- a good balance in him, between the dark lord, the general and the human; it is not easy to get and I think you managed well.
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