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Blkdragon7 chapter 31 . 2/15
Hahahahaha. Kid is leathal with that bat.
JOE1992 chapter 31 . 2/11
This is a nice idea, I like these side stories so far. I’m curious to know what you come up with next. Poor Marcus. Will this cycle of accidentally hurting mammals with baseballs ever end? I don’t want him to give it up if it’s his passion, but maybe his family should convince him to take up a different sport.
JOE1992 chapter 30 . 1/26
That Kirin Dice is creeping me out, but at least Vern is okay. Wow! Vanna is tough as nails even when she is pregnant. I’m surprised Lucero and Pasha are willing to make such a hasty decision to move. It’s a big decision and requires a lot of planning. On the other hand, this means we will get to read more cute moments of Markus spending quality time with his tiger grandparents. I can imagine Lucero being the one to help Markus perfect his baseball skills so he is no longer hitting mammals with the ball by accident.
Blkdragon7 chapter 30 . 1/23
Ah! Great chapter. was worried for Vern. that Himan is nothing but evil. scary, evil.
JOE1992 chapter 29 . 12/28/2021
I’ve heard of father’s being protective of their daughters over boys but this is the first time I heard of a father being protective of his son over girls. I can only imagine what’s going to happen while Zach spies on their picnic. I hope Mr. Dice doesn’t hurt Vernon, he has a loving family. Especially Lily, who looks up to him. Hope you had Merry Christmas this year. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
Blkdragon7 chapter 29 . 12/20/2021
completely and utterly fruit loops, and missing the loops.
vcj chapter 29 . 12/19/2021
And now time to comment after another few chapters read. Marcus has now met the other side of his new family: Grandpaw Lucero, Grandma Pasha, and Auntie Myra. While Myra may be overenthusiastic about sharing her ...experiences, the three of them clearly care for their new Grandkitten/nephew. We also get to see Marcus' formal adoption, where we confirm that his extended family all love and care for him and want to do their part to get him used to his new life and pack/family. His new friend group also continues to consolidate, which also leads to him beginning to get close to Aiko. However, Zach's overprotective streak makes itself know and he interrogates the oblivious girl. Luckily Vanna is around to rein him in.

With Lily, Alice, and Trevor life in general goes well. Lily is continuing on her Law Enforcement dreams in class, Trevor continues to show his skills with writing (though in topics that concern his teachers), and Alice finally comes to a head about her concerns. While packing to run away, she lets Lily know that now that Vernon and Dawn are having their own child they are "obviously" going to send the three of them back. She can't take that so she's running away. Lily tries to convince Alice that she's wrong, but she runs off before that. She's stopped and confronted by Dawn, who makes it clear that the four of them are her children, and nothing will change that. Alice finally accepts that her parents really do take her as their daughter, and that all of them are a family.

With Kirin, things are getting quite interesting. He is shown to have wild and scandalous parties at a whim, and lets loose that he's opening his own casino. To find out more, Vernon is roped into helping get more info. He meets with Kirin, learns that he is both eccentric and perhaps not the most stable of people, and borderline worships the concept of leaving things to luck. Kirin then sees straight through Vernon's disguise.

Everything is going great with the story, though now I really want to know where everything will head off with Kirin. I'm certain that it will be great though. May your muse continue to inspire you!
jamdea chapter 29 . 12/17/2021
Still a great story, from a great story. Good to see it coming to the crisis, from the build up. Nice details about the panda girl being interrogated. It should get very interesting soon.
JOE1992 chapter 28 . 11/23/2021
Poor Marcus, hopefully he will overcome his phonophobia. Okay, now I REALLY don’t trust that Mr. Dice. Something about his idea for a casino doesn’t sit well with me. Good to know Marcus is doing well in school. Hopefully he will get better in baseball that he won’t keep hitting mammals. I figured Alice was going to think about running away, good thing Princess Callibrie stopped her. I still wonder if you’re planning to continue The Door/Keyhole, mostly because I want to know what happened to Alex? What kind of mammals has he befriended in Zootopia? What type of life does he live? I’m just curious, because we didn’t get much insight after his time in the hospital. Overall, thank you for the new chapter. I’m liking Marcus’s story.
Blkdragon7 chapter 28 . 11/22/2021
Great chapter. Kids in the system can sure have those insecurities.
Blkdragon7 chapter 27 . 9/7/2021
Great chapter as always. closed up a few points and opened up more story lines. Look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
Jack Larsen chapter 3 . 8/5/2021
What is AMSS supposed to mean, best I got was some American milking shorthorn society, and I have a high doubt that was the shirt that Trevor was wearing, so what is AMSS in the Zootopia verse?
Blkdragon7 chapter 26 . 7/6/2021
excellent chapter. great move through all of the larger broods situation. So very happy for Vanna and her Goofball, and of course Vern and Dawn. Again, you make me like Dawn, and that sir is a true accomplishment.
JOE1992 chapter 26 . 7/6/2021
I love reading these cute moments with the parents and the kids. It was nice for everyone to chip in to make sure the kids have school supplies for the year. That was sweet that they made a sweater for Marcus. Aww, poor Zach is already worrying about his new son growing up. Uh oh! Alice is starting to have doubts again. I wonder who her new home room teacher is? I would like to know what Marcus experiences in school. I’m already sensing a mentor from his music teacher. I can’t wait to see Marcus be introduced to Vanna’s family. Hopefully they will love him as much as Vanna and Zach do. It’s also going to be funny to see how Zach reacts to his in-laws’ surprise visit. You think Yuri and Ada will be adopting a human pup sometime? Marcus’s story is becoming my favorite out of this fanfic. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
vcj chapter 26 . 7/6/2021
Catching up to this point, we can see that there is more going on with Mr. Dice's backstory, which has actually brought in Tim as another new character for the story. I really am curious what Kirin is planning, but we'll find out soon enough.

Through Tim, Ulric finally realizes that some of the posters he follows and bases his theories off of were actually just making stuff up. He doesn't take this well.

Marcus is definitely making friends, and it appears that the Hunter sub-pack that Vanna and Zack head will also be growing...

After the time skip, the human societies have revealed themselves to Mammalian society, and has mostly integrated themselves into it. This leads into the end of the summer, where the Pack celebrates the start of the school year and the formal adoption of Marcus into the family. We learn that Vanna is pregnant, and Marcus gains a tiger hoodie that matches Lily's. Just another little sign that he is part of the family.

The first day of school goes pretty well for Marcus and the other kids. Marcus in particular is enjoying the music class and is thinking of trying out for the Baseball team. Vanna and Zack reveal that there is another pup/kitten joining their family. Marcus at first thinks that he will be pushed out by the baby, but he reassured that he will be the baby's big brother. Afterwards, Vanna's family announces a surprise visit to meet their new Grandson/nephew. Lastly, Tim is having some issues setting up his life. He will be moving in with an uncle, but until then he is planning to move to a tent. Audrey is having none of this and offers/demands that Tim stay with them until his uncle can arrive.

We get some new developments here. First is that humans have revealed themselves to the world and more or less integrated themselves to it. Presumably we have more humans living in places like Zootopia, and may see more of them as time goes on. This also means that Lily and Marcus shouldn't have mean or unaware kids excluding them, accidentally or otherwise. Alice is thinking that Vernon and Dawn's new baby may be replacing her and her siblings in her parent's eyes. This is honestly a rather realistic concern for an adopted child to have. She is keeping these feelings to herself, however. Hopefully her family realizes her issues and can reassure her on what will really happen.

Likewise Marcus at first thought that he would also be pushed out of Zack and Vanna's lives to make way for their baby. Vanna catches on quick though, and makes it very clear that this won't happen. Marcus needs to be the big brother for the new baby, after all. A realization that helps confirm to Marcus that they are a family, a real one.

Also, it seems like Marcus may be interested in a career in law if his interactions with his uncle Xavier are any indication. Who knows if that will pan out? (I now have a mental image of adult Marcus as a Phoenix Wright-style attorney. I know that law doesn't work like that in real life, but I couldn't help myself...)

Another great set of chapters. Can't wait for what's next.
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