Reviews for A Water Lily
LacusHime chapter 11 . 7/12
Hello there!

Such a grate plot but no ending! My heart hurts hahaha

Hope everything fine with you. Please continue!

angstslover chapter 4 . 5/8
Oh my goodness, I love this chapter so much. My fav scene is the attacks, I kept re reading that part about she and what she learn with her eyes.
Ace1190 chapter 11 . 5/8
Interesting story so far.
OstaraNight chapter 11 . 4/10
I love this s story! I try to leave feedback on a few chapters, but I was reading and enjoying it so much that I didn't want to take breaks.

The tension built immediately at the beginning, woven into the plot and building and revealing with reveals seeking really natural.

I hope you're able to finish this, cause I'm excited to see where you're taking us! Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
Dexaf chapter 11 . 4/2
ahhh i thought this story have updated but it still 11, but please could you update the story?
HyugaSecondYoungMaster chapter 11 . 3/29
what a beautiful story you had created.. please update more.. i like the way you keep another Hyuga's characters (Tokuma,Kou,Natsu) on the highlight of the story..
DreamsOfTheDamn chapter 11 . 2/28
Damn Hanabi, you'll get through this.
Celestial-Otsutsuki chapter 11 . 2/19
I wonder if Hinata knows that, "The clan came first. Always."
Guest chapter 11 . 2/15
Still love this, hoping for an update. Stay safe during these crazy times.
pinkydoodledoo chapter 1 . 1/26
This is so good. It’s the first ff i read that dealt with how funding works in shinobi villages. Very detailedtoo detailed lol. Great job. Hoping you don’t give up on this story. I’m rooting for you. Please update soon. Can’t wait to find out how Hinata will pull through and what’s the plan. Power and greed are real and unfortunately, it comes in different shapes and forms and I don’t think it anyone/any group can get rid of it, control/maintain maybe but not eradicate totally.
Day10-kyoshi chapter 11 . 1/3
Tu historia tiene una buena base en la trama, algo no tan común en los fanfic, estoy intrigada por saber como se desarrollars todo y en lo más posible poder leer capítulos de la pareja principal, espero logres salir del profundo hoyo de la depresión y te animes al saber que muchos lectores estamos acá esperando por una continuación. Ánimos.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/20/2020
I’m really loving thus story and can’t wait for more :)
zsyree chapter 11 . 12/12/2020
Hi Gen! I hope you are doing and feeling better!

First of all, I would like to commend you for having a wonderful grasp of Hinata and Sasuke's characters and how you flesh them out in your stories. I noticed this after reading your SH Revolution 2018 stories as well as re-reading A Water Lily.

I am so intrigued by AWL especially the political aspect of the relationship between the daimyo and the shinobi system. I understand the distrust coming from civilians especially after they suffered through so much during the war.

I really like your strong Hinata and your version of Sasuke that hasn't trained/done shinobi work for awhile. I wonder what will they find out in their trip to Kumo? And does Konoha now know that it was Hinata who stabbed Hiashi and if that's the reason why Naruto was so adamant that Sasuke keep Hinata away from Konoha.

I actually enjoy the flashbacks because it gives us a context on the severity of the situatiom that Hinata and Sasuke are facing. But of course,any development in SH's relationship is most welcome haha

Can't wait for your next update! Glad I found this story. One of my favorite SH stories so far.
vogue.provins chapter 11 . 12/8/2020
I love your story. It's so engrossing. I hope you come back and finish it. Thank you.
Celestial-Otsutsuki chapter 11 . 12/7/2020
"The clan came first. Always", i wonder if the other clan members felt the same way about their heir
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