Reviews for A Rose over a shallow grave
LightTrain chapter 60 . 5/9
Despite some mistakes in grammar or words this fic is truly incredibly well done, I’ll be sure to check out other stories you have written if this is the quality I can expect from your writing
Ceps chapter 34 . 2/9
Why do idiots like you put dumbass shit like this in instead of a real chapter
Prime2020 chapter 59 . 1/26
Hoooollllly shit. There hasn’t been any other crossover I read to the end. And that’s not many. But hey I still looking for more. The Miracle of Sound, Mojave Song? The perfect credit song for this story, imo. I just love it! Especially Country Roads. I have to say, overall I loved this story. Spelling errors been an issue for me, but overall, amazing story that made New Vegas story yours.

I can’t help but imaging the de-aged crew going through everything onwards. Even though I haven’t exactly seen the show but I got enough context from other vids in YouTube.
pittsacee chapter 60 . 1/8
Mad Max X JSDF Gate
Have my vote
thomasthedanktrian chapter 4 . 11/14/2021
love mary sues
rama alif chapter 60 . 10/22/2021
I hope you make part two of this story because this story is amazing!
MutedArdor chapter 2 . 9/6/2021
ok I know this is way late but, really? Nerfing Ruby's abilities just to make Six look bad ass? It has an opposite affect, Ruby already proved that normal thugs aren't able to catch her if she runs(only roman managed to catch her when she escaped and only because she naively ran in a straight line). Idk about you but I am pretty confident Roman would crush that gang one sided. No weapon or hand to hand combat skills doesn't mean helpless.
I do agree that if Ruby is to survive she will have to be willing to kill when necessary, but that doesn't mean she can't still overwhelm the majority of human enemies without the need. She just needs to be better at incapacitating them, everyone seems to think your weak for not killing, when in reality you just have to be way stronger to win with out the need to kill. Killing is convenient sometimes necessity, not the end all be all method.
Andiclip chapter 60 . 8/14/2021
I had an idea, how about part two of this, I mean that while they were waiting to go home ruby would receive a message from Vault 111, she along with six and company would travel to Boston to discover this strange message of help from Vault tec and end up wrapped in another adventure in a different Wasterland.
Postscript I love your story.
Greetings from México
Andiclip chapter 59 . 8/6/2021
Esta ha sido la mejor historia de fallout x new vegas que he leído en mi vida.
Te felicito amigo.
Saludos desde México
BlitzNeutral69 chapter 60 . 7/2/2021
by any chanc e their will be a sequel?
Blitzkriege37 chapter 60 . 5/8/2021
I want to make a bit of an addendum to the kaserriech ideologies. Both the American Union State and Combined Syndicates of America are not wholly the communist and facist ideologies. The CSA has three left leaning ideologies, only one of which being akin to the Marxist-leninist dictatorships of OTL, it being called totalism, an ideology that actually includes facism in it for the most part. Facism in KRTL is called National populism, and is one of two paths the AUS can go down. The other one is Authoritarian democracy, and is based off of Hueys 'fuck you I'm gonna do what I want' nature. Each faction in the civil war is made to have a point and stake in this conflict. As a comment from one of the WOK videos stated, "Its a broken system, trying to fic itself the only way it knows how." No faction is wholly good or bad. Macarthur could choose not to restore democracy after the civil war. Pelley could take over the AUS. A coup from browder, and the worker's dream of the CSA is over. The only good faction in this war would be the PSA, and even that has its own problems, not to mention its' easiestly the weakest faction. In how you placed characters, you clearly understand this. Blake represents the syndicalist, while adam represents the totalist. Weiss represents the auth dem while cardin represents nat pop. yang represents loyalists loyal to congress while winter represents those loyal to macarthur. Each faction has its own intricacies, and they should be taken into account.
Monster King chapter 60 . 3/15/2021
StijnnnDWG chapter 1 . 9/28/2020
I just love the ShoddyCast reference every time I read it
hellz swordsman chapter 25 . 7/19/2020
That's horrible. Y would u drop yang in the big empty?! Her hair man her hair!
CalRizz chapter 59 . 7/16/2020
This is so saaad... it’s too beautiful... no I’m not crying, you are crying...
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