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Combine117 chapter 39 . 9/27/2019
Uh oh.

Don't trust those independent brains! Instead, trust giant space potatoes!

That's what I did...

"Honey! Someone messed with the speaker system and is blasting a dead meme across the station!"

How and why.

Anyways, I wish you good luck in your next chapter!
RedRat8 chapter 39 . 9/26/2019
Yeah I think I'm starting to paint the picture here for how the Remnant kids got here, and needless to say it sounds pretty insane overall. Love the references you made, the Doctor Who one at least. I do wonder what kind of past Six has here, I kind of want to say that he's the Lone Wanderer at one point but I figured that wouldn't make any sense but I guess the best part of Six is his unknown past. So much to do.
Imperial warlord chapter 39 . 9/26/2019
Awesome chapter.
Carre chapter 37 . 9/21/2019
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) You explaining about Joshoua as "scary Qrow": Thanks for the explanation. (Rest of RW Y and/or Sun meeting Joshoua the first time...)
...(Carre facepalming)...and now a part of me want to read such "situation" (if only as a one-shot)...
For some reason, I imagning, maybe, the only time Adam is scared/sweating bullets, when meeting Joshoua, after hearing him hurting Blake:
"...What in Gods Name DID YOU DO TO MINE NEPHEW(/SIBLINGDAUGHTER) YOU BASTERD OF SODOM?!" Proboly a scenario wich couldnt happen, but still, a thought wich hit me.
b) The "Stranger Things" with Oz and Salem: ...(Carre laughs)Oh man...(Thumbs Up!)
3. ...Six beating the crap of Jaqass and become Weiss and Winters new dad, and perephs bring Willow and Klein along...I like THAT idea!
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
Doctor Chaotic chapter 38 . 9/23/2019
Another short, but funny Chapter!

Poor Six, I would be willing to help but...
Disaster(Background): I SHALL CRIT FISH YOU!
I have to deal with this little squirt.

Also, unfortunately, we haven't been able to get more pairs, since Carter has been getting a taste of his own medicine...
The Doctor(Background): NOOO! GET AWAY!
Disaster(Background): CRIIIIITT FIIIIIISH!

Heh... anyway, Keep it up buddy!~
RedRat8 chapter 38 . 9/21/2019
For best girl, that can be hard to pick, but considering Veronica is so chirpy and friendly, as well as being surprisingly insightful, I have to pick her. It also doesn't help that I prefer New Vegas over 4. Huh, makes you wonder about the kind of past that Courier Six would have, makes you wonder that the reason he's so good at dealing with kids is became he had kids or surrogate ones at that. Also, more importantly, they hurt Roxie! Weiss and Yang better get some bad karma for that, you don't hurt friendly doggies!
captaindickscratcher chapter 38 . 9/21/2019
That was no hen! It must have been a geko lizard, since when have you seen a giant mutated coc- DON'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION! Last chicken video I saw it said it was supposed to be about wearing human clothes! It was a mistake anyone could have made! the title just said hen tie.

And it came to pass years later that the legend of the blonde manslayer and the battle of cuckoos nest. How those men who were trapped fought bravely lost their dignity against a insatiable beast. It was said many men entered, but even the most hardened of warriors could not keep up with its appetite for meat. Even now that cave is shunned by all but the most savage of creatures and gentlemen of culture.
And late at night as you pass the claw marks of those men who ALMOST made it out, when the campfire flickers you can still see the shadows on the wall showing the depraved disgusting horrors that fell those souls that night. And the screaming oh God the SCREAMING! Stimpacks and cybernetics can only repair so much.

Imperial warlord chapter 38 . 9/21/2019
Awesome chapter.
Combine117 chapter 38 . 9/21/2019
"Hello! It's Celeste again! Husband's out writing his backstory."

*reads response*

"Yeah, writer's life I guess. Also, I noticed something. You didn't use an apostrophe when there is an 's' involved."

"Such as Weiss. It should be Weiss's."

*reads a passage from the story*

"'...Yang grabbed its neck and used Weiss Aura to snap its neck.'"

"It's should have been. 'Yang grabbed its neck and used Weiss's aura to break/snap it.'"

"But that's it. Overall a nice chapter, with Six's past being revealed ever so slowly."
TheHatter1 chapter 38 . 9/21/2019
-The camera turns on revealing Hatter's office minus a window and a large section of the wall. Tim, with a neck brace, is sitting at the desk he seems to be filling out a stack of insurance paperwork. Through the hole behind him Todd the Floating Gore can be seen duct taping broken bits of metal to the various broken objects in the room-

"Hello people, I'm still hosting and Hatter is still missing, so let's get on with QCNN. So the footage we received before "a rampaging creature" blew up the main room (our insurance doesn't cover acts of Dave, so we may or may not be claiming the Horse breathed explosions) included quite a bit. Yang and Weiss retrieved a sentient stealth suit, got chased by Mobius' forces, Yang made poor decisions, Weiss missed her one chance at being God-Queen, and Yang learned exactly why no one wears one of those suits. Anyway we're probably -

-as Todd floats out of the main room everything that had been taped briefly phased through the floor before snapping back fully repaired, Tim turns around to find the wall and window restored, he immediately turns around and throws the desk-

"So, now that the flying health hazard has invalidated the past 3 hours of work I did, let's see what the others are up to."


-Mossy and Lt. Haggerty stand in the middle of an unfamiliar office, at the desk is a super mutant in a classic stage magician outfit-

"We've beaten your champions Mungo, now you need to keep your end of the bargain."

-The super mutant sighs, and hands Lt. Haggerty a map, only the word clearly visible on it is "Denver", a couple inches southwest of it is a large red circle-

"Great, come on Mossy we're going to Colorado."


-Hatter is seen talking to a heavily painted figure, Chibi is taking pictures of what seems to be elaborate carvings spanning the entirety of the walls of a massive pit-


-Eve is seen making a crayon drawing of Chibi Yang (wit drawn above her) hitting Chibi Weiss (with a Y drawn above her) over the head with a very poorly drawn antenna, as she finishes the Y the Crayon snaps joining the foot deep pile of broken crayons. (Scrapyard) Chibi is plugged into the console in the background seemingly having a conversation with Dr. Stabby (PhD) over the ethics of genetic experimentation-


-Meatshield and Emergency Food are playing Go Fish against the Ukulele Hobo, an Atlesian Knight, a man in black ringleader garb (a Raven skull sits on his hat) that keeps mumbling about "The Narrative", a Miss Nanny, and a glowing Ghoul. The Ringleader stares at the POV-
Combine117 chapter 37 . 9/16/2019
Hello, it is Combine again. Finally got my wife to stop taking care of me.

"Don't waste it!"

Anyways, I have noticed some things. Well, she did.

"'Weiss weight heavily on Weiss's conscious'. Exhibit A."

Don't know what is that about.

"Exhibit B. Some paragraphs are too big."

Try to lessen it a bit.

"Now, I noticed along the line that you have improved in your grammar and spelling, so good job."

Mhm. Though, you might want to update the summaries. Anyways, cheers.

captaindickscratcher chapter 37 . 9/16/2019 KILLED SPIKE! YOU BASTARD!

His cute little fangs, the way his claws tear through armour and flesh. Spraying blood all over highs village.

Clone that that little living nightmare that formed from the darkest perverse minds of sciences that man was not ment to meddle in!

later Weiss recovers the prototype mega robo-scorpion from the waste disintegration plant and using it as her mighty steed, triumphantly returns to the Mojave wastes screaming...

Doctor Chaotic chapter 37 . 9/16/2019
Short chapter... but still a neat one!


To answer your guess on who the therapist... worse... Herman Carter. Luckily he found out how to keep Disaster sane, (If you call happyworld sane) by altering his favorite hockey mask of Jason Voorhees to act as a pyrovision goggles. And it works! though Herman insisted we get him an Indubitably Green Co-Pilot cap and Hot Case. Says it guarantees Bryan will believe he is in his happy world.

Sad to see that this story has to end, but it is fun while it lasts!~
Disaster (in background): DERICK LOOK! A giant rainbow fountain!
CE: BRYAN NO! (Runs after him)
coduss chapter 37 . 9/15/2019
I'm all for six kicking weiss's dads ass if he gets the chance, just saying
Imperial warlord chapter 37 . 9/15/2019
Awesome chapter.
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