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Carre chapter 36 . 9/7/2019
1. Good Chapter and Thanks for answers.
2. a) Joshoua as "terryfieng Qrow figure": Care to explain?... Becuse for some reason, mine mind cant...
b) Never watched "Strange Things". Heard good things about it though (some of mine co-workers have watched it).
As for Ozpin and Salem...: Talk about bad fallout AND the fact the whole conflict are betwen two ex-lovers (Carre snorts)... (dont know the details, but still...)
In short (joke or not): agree with you.
...For some damn reason, imagning Dr Who popping up and doing/saying exactly that to them (Ozpin and Salem)...(no idea why...)
c) ...To mine memory he only showed up once, but... did the "Stranger" do it?
...Or was it Ruby (snezzing Dust again?)?
3. ...It was a been a year I played "New Vegas"... but I remember the fact the suits with skeletons in them didnt "talk" (well, beside clatting of bones).
(Carre have a ?-face, in short.)
4. Six thrown in the wall (twice now) so Hard that it lefts marks: ...Is it becuse the upgrades he survived that?
5. Take youre time and keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
Imperial warlord chapter 36 . 9/8/2019
Awesome story.
Surprised Reader chapter 36 . 9/6/2019
I don't really care for RWBY in the slightest, but here you are somehow getting me to enjoy reading this, so much so that I binge read this in 2 days.

Also we need more Father Six.

Nonetheless, you got a new follower. Keep it up because I really enjoyed reading this.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/3/2019
And so Weiss, Yang and Six get to see some of Ulysses markers in the Big Mt area nice as i wonder if they will you use the lonesome road dlc in your story. Ps i am not that other Guest i have seen as he or she is a troll i love what Hatter does and i think it’s both funny and creative but i do think that the rest of the RWBY characters are desperately searching the ends of there world still looking at them well i will see you around and i hope that you ignore that other guest.
TheHatter1 chapter 36 . 9/5/2019
-The camera turns on revealing Hatter's office Raider Dave is sitting at the desk, through the window into the main room the former Fiends, 3 interns who look suspiciously pale, Mossy, Tim, 8 NCR troopers, Lt. Haggerty, and a hobo with a ukulele are dancing around a circle drawn in blood, unholy screeches can be heard from the monitor behind them.-

"Hello assorted people who seem to enjoy QCNN, due to unforseen events Hatter, our pilot, and Chibi gone missing, and we have no idea where they are. So while the rest of the company are trying some "alternative" methods to find them I'll be your host."

-As Dave says this, the circle erupts with some sort of dark energy, Dave shuffles through some papers including an index card with "Incase of emergency show Mossy the back of this card" written on the front of it-

"Anyway the heroes, have found some of the important things, I think, honestly Tim should be the one read this stuff I didn't pay attention to the brief on what this footage contains, also apparently they had a gun and now it's a dog. Yeah, I don't know what half of this means, something about the bald lady we buy toxic gunk from for my show, and some guy who paid 5,000 caps for Hatter to omit his name from the show is running around with spray paint."

-The circle catches fire as a large charred figure made of tentacles, teeth, a chair, and at least 3 children rises out of it, the NCR Troopers immediately point their rifles at it, the Hobo challenges the figure to a musical duel declaring "Any self-respecting Demon can play at least 5 instruments as well as I can play mY Ukulele!"-

"And now because I really don't want to turn around and see whatever horrific monster they summoned without responsible supervision, so I'm just going to grab the camera and go to Chibi's cutout room."

-As Dave grabs the camera and leaves the office the sounds of the Hobo's Ukulele drown out the Demonic Figure's Rock, the camera cuts out-

-When the camera turns back on Dave is sitting at a work table with a particularly bulky laptop, behind him dozens of cutouts of Neo stare at him, "MENACINGLY!" declares a speech bubble on the one with an ice cream cone on it's head-

"So now that I don't have to deal with that here's whatever Chibi left in... Archive File 358, because it's the only one with a password I could guess. I'll end the show here and let the File play out."

-File 358: Activation-
-Beginning Playback-

-The camera turns on revealing a much younger Hatter, he looks to be no older than 17, the camera seems to be moving as though it's part of something, small text window can be seen in the corner of the screen labeling the camera as the Computerized. Human. Intelligence. Broadcast. Individual. Version 0.1-

"Ok, Test 1 of Chibi. (note to self: Find a better name for the project.) Now let's do some simple tests with your broadcast systems, I want you to try and hook up to this thing.

-Hatter holds a Bulky Laptop, it seems to have been made of many pieces of other tech, the arm holding the Laptop has blood on it and the hand seems to be recently been bandaged-

"If this works I might be able to set up a camera you can see yourself from, you may even be able to help with experiments, who knows we could be able to build you a body.

-Hatter seems to be having some form of breakdown during which he coughs up a small amount of blood, it soon stops as he gets control of himself-

"Calm down Hatter, you're getting ahead of yourself, we still need to finish the test before you start scrounging for more parts and hurting yourself worse."

-The camera begins to malfunction, including dozens of error messages, the last image on screen is the Laptop glitching as Hatter desperately tries to keep the project from permanently damaging itself-

-Playback Ended-
Zombiedudecolletti chapter 36 . 9/3/2019
Good chapter loved it but I have to ask Neige is the French version I assume because if it was the German version Weiss's translated name is kinda funny. White end/slope Snow. At least I think that's right I have a very limited understand of German. Do keep up the good work you white shield.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/31/2019
Love this story I’m going to read it twice.
Crimson Weresloth chapter 36 . 9/2/2019
WiFi should be back this week . Other than that everything fine. So love the Doctor Who reference, won't lie, that episode still gives me the creeps. Also Roxie! She is going to be even more confuse when Weiss and Yang switch back. And Yang is going to regret know what happened in the heist. Also shouldn't Yang be smoking because of the mist in Weiss' lungs?
Combine117 chapter 36 . 9/2/2019
Yeah, I am sitting. Hm, I guess a little cocktail wouldn't hurt...

Soldier: Uh, ma'am? How long do we keep him in there?

I don't know, just long enough. If he stands, take him somewhere...calm.
RedRat8 chapter 36 . 9/1/2019
No worries, take your time mate, it's important to keep up with school after all. Also for once Six isn't doing all the dangerous work here, I bet he feels rather smug about that, especially with how both Yang and Weiss smashed him into the wall.
Jackalope89 chapter 35 . 8/28/2019
This may sound harsh, but it was tough to get through this chapter. Not so much for the overall direction it took, but because of the spelling errors all throughout it. If it were only a few, I wouldn't mind. But it dearly needs to be proofread.
Carre chapter 35 . 8/25/2019
1. Good Chapter (Crazy happy laugh!) and Thanks for the answers.
2. a) Backstory-list you made: (Carre snaps his fingers) I forgett to thank you for that, so thank you!
And the new tip as well.
b) Godfather Triliogy: Question Father asked me when I watched the movies the first time, when they aired on the TV: The First Movie was the best of the Triliogy, right?
Wich I agreed to (still do).
c) Ozpin better teacher: ...If you mean better liar, maniplute (Carre mutter censcured words) sure...
d) Joshoua as Blakes Uncle: ...Now I really want that Joshoua meets Ghira and Kali (for some reason I cant explain, besides its makes my tear-eyed just of thinking about it...)...
3. Ending of the Intro: ...(Carre shudders)...
4. Yiess and Wang (and thats my answer on that question): ...(Carre: "Pft! Crazy happy laugh"!)
5. The Drs/The Think Tank dialog:
...To my understanding (and yes, I have played the game and its dlcs) the longest one (dialog) in the Game.
...But funny... (Heck, in sense, the whole dlc is funniest)(...and dark as hell...)(dark comedy).
6. Hope all of the AIs are going to be collected (I liked them...even the Toaster...).
Penny would (perehps) liked them?
7. Well either God (helping Earth) did it, Chaos (...for laugh) did it or some wacko-thing in BTM did it. Its usally these things.
8. Good Chapter (giggles) and Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
And take the easy with the moving.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/25/2019
Rwby fucking sucks, and theHatter1 needs to stop spamming his goddamn mini segments
Crimson Weresloth chapter 35 . 8/24/2019
Sorry on mobile because a storm knocked are wifi out. Anyways I have a feeling I'm really going to hate reading the think tank lines. I feel sorry for you.
TheHatter1 chapter 35 . 8/23/2019
[Due to an IRL injury I sadly missed the previous update and was unable to write a QCNN segment in time before this chapter ("Curse my fragile flesh and it's weakness to pointy objects!")]

-The camera turns on revealing Hatter sitting in his office, through the window behind him Raider Dave can be seen talking to the 7 remaining Fiends and a set of floating gore who are all wearing name tags labeled: Meatshield, Jim, Dr. Stabby (PhD), Steve, Vico the Paladin, Emergency Food, Limbo the Mime, and Todd. Chibi is in the background hooked up to the Recording Console, she seems to be trading video files with her (Scrapyard) counterpart-

"Hello people who vaguely pay attention to whatever is on screen, welcome back to the QCNN, anyway Chibi is currently getting our footage from the Big Mt, so far some Freaky Friday stuff went on and Weird Science doesn't even begin to cover the Think Tank. So while that's going on I'll be going through the massive amount of paperwork recruiting 8-ish Fiends and a semi-sentient flying murderbeast with a gun generated, because let me tell you NCR lawyers will tear us apart the moment they notice a discrepancy."

-The camera pans to the right of his desk revealing 8 stacks of paperwork reaching to the ceiling, at least a third of the paper seems to be bloodstained, there seems to be a hand sticking out from under them.-

"There also seems to be a missing intern, but he'll turn up. Now I'll be swapping over to archived footage from the Lucky 38 Award ceremony."

-Beginning Playback-
-Lobby: 45 minutes to Fluffles-

-Hatter is seen drinking Vodka while being yelled at by a very angry short man, in the background a figure in a black hooded bodysuit is seen clinging to the ceiling the only "bright" color on them is an impractically large red scarf, a sheathe is on their back. A large man in an orange vest is seen dragging over Roman Torchwick towards the yelling, as soon as Torchwick sees Hatter both immediately reach for their canes, the large man drags the angry one away.-

-Ozpin steps in between the two Hat wearers, trying to calm them down this is interupted by Salem encouraging the fight, from there it escalates to the entire room yelling and preparing for a fight, for some reason a man wearing a blanket is yelling about candy bars and their side effects, they are stopped by the end of the intermission-

- Auditorium: 2 minutes to Fluffles-

-Hatter and Torchwick are seated beside each other hating every minute of it, meanwhile Chibi, (Scrapyard) Chibi, and Neo are in the kitchen mugging an Intern for ice cream. A gunshot is heard before everything devolves in to chaos with the guests fighting each other as much as Don Fluffles' mooks.-

-Eve is seen in the background eating a rather unfortunate soldier of Atlas while (Scrapyard) Chibi try to bring her Ice Cream, the man in the blanket is yelling about "Gecko Jesus" who is oddly enough actually in attendance, the angry little man is dancing around apparently knocking out everyone who tries to get close while his large companion is eating the entire buffet (including the table cloth), Hatter is fighting Torchwick while arguing over cane weaponry (focused mostly on "Shotgun vs Flaregun/DPG"), Neo and Chibi are in the background looking out of the Kitchen window. Neo is eating ice cream, she winks at the camera.-

-The camera cuts out when the the figure with the scarf shatters the lens with their Katana's hilt, a holotape is clearly visible tucked into their belt-

-Playback Ended-

"That's went down from our prospective, anyway I need to finish this stuff so see you next time on the QCNN."

-Hatter waves at the camera, the floating gore waves, Raider Dave waves, and through the monitor on the Recording Console Eve waves, a warning flashes over the image claiming "Images of the mutation may or may not have the same properties of the real thing", the camera turns off-
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