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Guest chapter 33 . 8/11/2019
The way you wrote Blake is right. She is a little girl who does not truly understand the world and thinks she is always right.
Phygmalion chapter 33 . 8/12/2019
Well, they're back, and the gang's all here! Looking forward to seeing the heavily foreshadowed and deeply mysterious CHAPTER 34! Because... SCIENCE! Mwahahahaha!

Doctor Phygmalion, of Big MT.
Crimson Weresloth chapter 33 . 8/11/2019
So Pyrrha and Jaune are having twins, Ren and Nora are maybe having a baby. Weiss is a useless lesbian like her now adoptive lesbian mom Veronica. Lily being a supportive grandmother.

Also didn't we shot the damn cat like nine times like I told you guys?
Combine117 chapter 33 . 8/11/2019
I was just testing my Supercharged Gravity Gun, works like a charm. It's not my fault he was standing near me.

Jokes on you, I already paid for it. Though, one gave me a scolding.

I just used my Gravity Gun, my Soldiers and Celeste to help me. It was fun.

Though, I can't help but shake the feeling of something bothering me.
RedRat8 chapter 33 . 8/11/2019
Well now that was fun, and I shudder to think of what happened to the Big Empty when it turns out Yang lost a good chunk of hair.
Jackalope89 chapter 33 . 8/10/2019
The Mysterious Stranger sends his regards.

Oh, and he wants his hat back from the blonde with the bad haircut.
TheHatter1 chapter 33 . 8/10/2019
-The camera turns on revealing the outskirts of Westside, Tim and Mossy are in the background trying to dig a partially buried vertibird out of the ground alongside a cowboy in a flightsuit, Hatter, without a hat, is in the foreground with Raider Dave and Chibi (now with a new Neo cutout that looks suspiciously like a Deathclaw onesie). The Studio can be seen in the background being swarmed by dozens of Fiends-

"Welcome back to the QCNN, during the timeskip we made a deal with what's left of the Fiends, they deal with (Projection) Eve in exchange for a 3rd of Raider Dave's Chems and possible employment with the Chem Review if they survive. Anyway it seems Ruby and company just got back from Zion with some new toys, also our favorite Yandere is pregnant, hopefully Weiss stops trying to break them up before the mood swings kick in."

-Hatter grabs Dave's pistol and walks offscreen for a couple minutes, sounds of gunshots are heard alongside some terrified screaming, he returns to the screen wearing a bowler hat with a pawprint logo sewn on-

"Sorry about that one of Don Fluffles former employees was here for an interview to join the interns, he got the job. Now back to trying to plan a way to get the Big Mt footage without having to send any interns there, we already got yelled at by our legal team for sending an intern into the Yucca Mountains with nothing but an old radiation suit. Hopefully this can be solved without any potentially legal troubles, anyway goodbye for now."


-Eve is seen running around with (Scrapyard) Chibi strapped to her chest in what looks like a baby harness, a wall of monitors, covered in crayon drawings, are in the background apparently hooked up to parts from (Scrapyard) Chibi, a hologram projector is also hooked up to it apparently projecting into wherever the monitors are showing, there seems to be quite a few dead bodies in tattered clothing and rotting suits show on screen, one in particular shows a disembodied head with a Ram skull on it-

"End-user sh0uldn't we send they current data t0 the Studi0, the camera is alm0st 0ut of st0rage. The Studi0 will happily share f00tage with us, y0u c0uld have m0re vide0s 0f the 0utside w0rld."

-Eve seems to think about this for a moment (in classical thinker pose) and grabs the camera, the video cuts out with the audio still playing, there are sounds of growls and scraping intermixed with banging and sparks, the video returns revealing (Scrapyard) Chibi now plugged into a broken Protectron the limbs seem to be intact-

"End-user I can n0t reach the c0ns0le, please m0ve me."

-The next 10 minutes consist of (Scrapyard) Chibi using her stolen limbs to type out an instruction request to the Studio, followed by unplugging the projector what few remaining members of the the Ram skull group celebrate. The camera cuts out.-
Zammy chapter 32 . 8/7/2019
Cool to see Ruby journey to becoming a legend and hero to the people of the east coast akin or even more well known then the Grimm Reaper back on her own world, by the time she goes back home she will be more experienced and hardened for the secret war to decided Remnant's fate.
Combine117 chapter 32 . 8/2/2019
That lasted like 3 hours of blood and lead.

If anyone asked how they broke in, the guards were on break.

They sorta came in late, like after it was the battle was done so yeah.

Also, a stray bullet hit me like five times now. One hit me on the shoulder, another on my arm, my leg, other leg and did I mention my other arm?
NotTheRealCaesar chapter 32 . 8/2/2019
Nice chapter there dude, Hadn't post my fallout story yet because my nephew accidentally broke my Wi-Fi in my house.
After that I'm stuck using my phone, Hope your trip in the was fun and how was the Big Ben Tower? Is it fixed yet or still under contruction.
I understand where your going with this that Ruby stops Joshua for killing that other guy (Forgot his name again?) And for finding Blake but I would have thought that Six would join the journey as well... But nonetheless good chapter and can't wait for Yang to show up. By the way... Where's Pyrrha? (Can't believe I'm saying this) So far I seen only Jaune, Nora and Ren are you going to add Pyrrha in the Big Empty with Yang as well?
Crimson Weresloth chapter 32 . 8/1/2019
Wait I thought I used his power armor for parts? *Ducks* Shit, remind me again why I couldn't called a favor from some underhivers again. Their great cannon fodder and also could keep them away from us.
TheHatter1 chapter 32 . 8/1/2019
-The camera turns on revealing Hatter sitting in a storage room filled with crates of old machine parts and emergency equipment, his jacket is shredded and his hat is missing, Chibi is powered down on a shelf in the background, her current cutout has a massive clawmark through Neo-

"Hello viewers/listeners/readers of the QCNN, due to no one turning off the monitor in the Westside Studio we will be broadcasting from this side room in Helios One that Lt. Haggerty kindly donated. Anyway Tim sent over the footage and honestly that could have gone worse for everyone involved, granted Ruby is too nice to let a surrendering villain be executed."

-Hatter pulls out a folder labeled, "Fluffles Case" and flips through it-

"So while Tim was reporting I was investigating Don Fluffles, some sort of cat mutant thing, who from what I've managed to gather killed the leaders of the Jackals, Scorpions, and Vipers before taking control, it seems the Viper leader was roasted alive. Yeah that was all kinds of messed up, I had to call in a favor with the Clown Mafia from Wisconsin to get some backup, because this is usually what I send interns for. Then Haggerty came to visit she got kidnapped, Raider Dave showed up being chased by Overcoat Gnomes, and it all went downhill from there."

-Hatter starts rummaging in one of the crates-

"I have no idea when Fluffles got into the studio or when the giant Fire Gecko got involved, but I do know that we have a cease fire until someone deals with whatever that was (because honestly he lost way to many men against that thing not to), I'm gonna call it Eve, hopefully it's smart enough that I can talk to it or we can get the footage from the camera without having to retrieve it."

-Hatter pulls a flare gun from the crate-

"Anyway I've got to go signal Tim's Vertibird before they land on the Studio because I doubt Mossy can do much against (Projection) Eve. Hopefully the QCNN will still be around after this, goodbye."

-Hatter walks offscreen and out of the room, the camera turns off-


-Eve is eating an overcoat while digging through her technological nest, there seem to be crayon drawing of various Mojave landmarks and events covering the wall above the nest, she eventually finds what looks suspiciously like an a heavily damaged and outdated version of Chibi complete with a crayon drawing of Neo, she presses buttons until it turns on-

"Hell0, are y0u my current end-user? I have been deactivated for 1972 days 3 h0urs and 35 minutes, I missed y0u."

-Eve hugs (Scrapyard) Chibi and the camera cuts out-
RedRat8 chapter 32 . 8/1/2019
Well thanks for the thought mate, also do we get a interlude in between chapters or do we go straight to old world blues?
coduss chapter 31 . 8/1/2019
Wait, what is it you're needing OC's for? i can try and come up with something if you can tell me where to look for all the info
TheHatter1 chapter 31 . 7/30/2019
-The camera turns on revealing Tim, now packing a couple suitcases, Mossy is in the background laying out a large flattened section of the plane's wing, there seems to be a large H painted on it in blood-

"Hello and welcome back to the QCNN, we're in the middle of setting up our extraction via the company Vertibird. Anyway it seems that our heroes have had a better time with there hallucinations than I did (I THOUGHT UNICORNS WERE FRIENDLY!), Take Drugs kill a Bear indeed, and we're going to film whatever happens with Blake's whole slaughter the White Legs thing from the air then head back to the Studio in Westside. Anyway this is Tim signing off, I'll swap the feed over to whoever is in the Big Mt. hopefully they'll fill you guys in later on."

-The camera cuts out for a minute, when it turns on it shows a skeleton wearing a trilby with an index card labeled press in a featureless metallic hallway, a very large blue clawed hand picks up the hat. The camera turns revealing a Deathclaw with dark chitin covering parts of its body, there are six large amber insect wings growing out of it, four on the back and two on the arms near the elbows, its . It is now wearing the trilby along with a red bandana around its neck, the bandana is has a rifle strap looped through it, the rifle is not seen.-

-It drags the camera along, until a large heavily damaged room is revealed, there is a garage door that is caved in around a boulder, a partially destroyed sign on the door proudly anounces the building currently shown is the "Y-0 Res_ar_h C_ter", the Deathclaw(?) walks over to a pile of broken machines and lays down, the camera cuts out-

-Hatter is seen running from the Westside Studio followed by Chibi, Raider Dave, a train sized fire Gecko, Lt. Haggerty in bikini, three garden gnomes without an overcoat, a clown with a fez, a perfectly normal cat, and a large cloak dragging a scythe along the ground. All of them are yelling-

"Whimper noises that should never come from something that size"

-The camera turns off-
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