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Combine117 chapter 29 . 6/30/2019
Owie...I'm back! I've told what's left of the Overwatch soldiers to guard...whatever this place is, and my leg might need some healing, also my other wounds. But I'll be good.

*hears something*


"Affirmative." "Copy."
captaindickscratcher chapter 29 . 6/30/2019
Blake " I'm sorry ruby I'm not leaving zion, I've decided to stay"

Ruby " but Blake! new Vegas has man sized fish called Lakelurks in the waters and we're close to finding a sexbot called F.I.S.T.O ! "

*ruby hears the slam of the door and the screech of tyres, a bandana and a towel gently falls to the ground *

" um.. should we go and give her clothes? " Nora asks

Ruby replied grinning " nah it'll save her time when she gets there! "

When they return from Zion they're not far from a shack that has the unique Vances 9mm submachine gun that Ren may find useful. ( oh god Nora already has a Tommy gun! I feel a comedic Robbery montage coming on! ) I'm glad to see Ruby hasn't lost herself to the Mojave wastes completely. hopefully she's the one to persuade Joshua to spare salt upon wounds.

Then Blake quietly kills him later without anyone knowing, let's see how tough he is when she's covered in the blood of his friends. He nailed innocent people to a walk A WALL! whoever does that shit doesn't get to just walk away and do it all again.

Will we ever get to find out how team RWBY and JNPR came to be in the Mojave wastelands? Personally I'd blame Dr Klein...

Even if it isn't his fault.
TheHatter1 chapter 29 . 6/29/2019
-The camera turns on revealing Mossy inside a cave, there is fresh blood coating the right arm, the gatling-gun seems to have split apart into a facsimile of a hand, a leg is clutched within it appears to be attached to whatever the camera is on, he seems to be heading towards the opening-


-Tim is seen leaning against the plane, blood is coating his shirt, his binoculars are on the ground split in half, a small mound of bullet casings is nearby, the worst wound is blocked from sight by Mossy's arm-

"Hey, you got the camera too, great, ok so welcome back loyal QCNN consumers. I survived if you couldn't tell, anyway looks like the crew talked to Graham some more, then took Half-Scout on a taboo adventure, that I'm certain I was hallucinating during because I swear they looked like some of Hatter's cutouts for Chibi."

-Tim moves toward the camera and begins searching through something just below the camera's view, his wounds seem relatively minor-

"While I patch myself up enjoy whatever files Mossy starts playing, at this point I can't really monitor what he's showing that last White Leg group smashed the computer when they stole the camera, hopefully it's relevant."

-Accessing Unit M-0527 visual records-
-Recording 225-3-5-TH selected-
-Beginning Playback-

-A run down street is seen a sign declares it to be Ash Ave., a much younger Hatter is seen shooting a well maintained 9mm pistol at what seems to be a 10 year old with black hair, the child appears to be panicked-

"Come on Tim if you can dodge a bullet you can dodge a spear!"

" this isn't what I meant when asked you to teach me about reporting!"

-as the child yells this he is grazed by a bullet, the camera moves towards Hatter a mechanical left arm moves into view a first aid box is held out-

"Tim come over here, let me patch you up. There, you know I'm only doing this because reporting in the Wasteland will get you killed, I mean look at me I have to patch myself and Mossy up near daily. If you join at the very least your going to learn to dodge"

-A roar is heard and several mid-sized Deathclaws, that oddly enough seem to have been spray painted bright green, are seen charging towards the camera, a whirring noise is heard before the camera cuts out-

-Playback Ended-

-Tim is seen in full view of the camera his shirt is gone, his chest has several gashes in it, however only the shoulder wound seems severe, fresh bandages are covering his shoulder while the other wounds are rapidly closing courtesy of the Stimpak still in his hand, a scar can be seen on his upper arm it seems old-

"Hopefully whatever Mossy showed was relevant, I'm gonna call Hatter to see how it's going with all the investigation into the criminal underworld, last time I asked he said something about a clown, three garden gnomes in an overcoat, and a cat. Anyway see you next time people."

-Tim waves to the camera before wincing, the bandage on his shoulder seems to grow red afterwards, Mossy is seen attempting to grab where it's left arm use to be as though he was searching for something important-

-Transmission Terminated-
RedRat8 chapter 29 . 6/29/2019
Well that was a fun chapter, I somehow always knew or felt that Joshua would have been able to help Ruby deal with her issues of being forced to kill people. Joshua is very spiritual and socially perceptive and aware enough to help Ruby with that. I could see Joshua being a mentor for Blake as well, in that regards, both did horrible actions and both going about their own way to redeem themselves. Still, I hope the Remnant kids being back a weapon or so as a souvenir for Six, that would be nice, or maybe even the Desert Ranger Armor would be neat too. I hope Ruby and gang finds the records of the Survivalist.
Guest chapter 28 . 6/25/2019
The Courier should go there to converse with Joshua. After being consumed with vengeance he should hopefully find peace in the Lord’s words.
Jackalope89 chapter 4 . 6/27/2019
Not bad, but you need to keep an eye out for when you write "barely". You kept putting "barley" instead, which is something else entirely.
Carre chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
1. Thanks for answers and discusions.
...And its me (as this time me)...
...I do apologies for the chainsword in youre back, but for the rest...:NO REGRETS!
2. a) "Mario and Luigi: The Mask": a Fan-made tv- series (and fanfiction on this site by the same guy, exists on DeviantArt too, by the same guy) by TimeLordParadox, crossover of Mario and Luigi games and the Mask (mostly the movie with Jim Carrie, but hints of the comics and the cartoon too). As well hints of Dr Who...
Anyway, Luigi tirid of being under Marios shadow finds a mask, wich turns him to a guy called Green Thunder.
In one point in the series (no spoilers, I afraid) he takes a potshots at a toad dangling on a rope wich are attached to..., kind of, ballon. And in hindsight, this Toad deserves it. (Partly becuse hes foulmouthed and there are kids watching the show...)
...Just watch the show...
(Guy is bad at explaning...)
b) Jaunes double: ...If you mean someone using some kind of
Unless this guy can disgiuse his soul...
3. a)So.
Now they had come to Zion, meet the welcome wagon (heavy sarcastic here), our future guide in the area and The Dark Legend Himself (consider we talking about a guy with no aurua or semblance and yet survive the shit he had went through...) Joshua Graham aka the Burning Man Himself.
...Now we are only missing Blake (try Tuna...).
b) A part of me actually thought some of the members of the caravan was going to survive with Ruby, Nora and Ren onboard, to be honest.
...Not sure if I am disipointed or not...
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
TheHatter1 chapter 28 . 6/22/2019
-The camera turns on revealing what looks to be an old plane crash, a relatively young black-haired man in jeans, boots, and a white shirt is shown with binoculars looking over the edge of a cliff, a 45. Submachine gun is strapped to his back, a cave can be seen in the background an ominous red light glows within-

"Hello to all you listeners/viewers/readers of the QCNN (Questionably Canon News Network), I'm Tim, anyway we'll let Hatter explain his hijinx in the Mojave at a latter date because we finally some news about our favorite crew today, I've been waiting over a month for them so now I know Hatter isn't just trying to get me scalped."

-as Tim says this a very large Bipedal robot walks out of the cave, it is thickly coated in moss and rust, the left arm of the robot seems to be missing replaced by vines and a living bush, the right arm seems to be some sort of gatling-gun, it's single eye glows an angry red-

"So, Mossy over there has been recording what goes on in the park, so we know that Ruby, Nora, and Ren have finally showed up. They lost their caravan, big shocker there, met up with some half-scout who I'm convinced wasn't supposed to leave camp alone, then they met the legendary Joshua Graham."

"Not much else to say about that, so I'll hook Mossy up to the camera so you can see how it's been going in Zion while we were waiting"

-Accessing Unit M-0527 visual records-
-Recording 237-8-2-W selected-
-Beginning Playback-

-Several White Legs are seen patrolling a dilapidated bridge, they seem to be wary of something, a black shadow appears from below the bridge it seems to be a teenage girl carrying an absurdly large fish, the White Legs immediately begin yelling and running to a safe distance, the Teenager ignores the flee Tribals and drags the fish to shore, a large Yao Guai steps into her path, as she begins hissing it proceeds to turn and flee-

-Playback Ended-

"And that was just a normal Wednesday here in Zion, so I'll let you lot get back to whatever you were doing bye for now"

-Tim waves to the camera just as a makeshift tomahawk flies over the edge of the cliff hitting the Binoculars out of his hand-

-Transmission Terminated-
dekuton chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
drug song should be the classic white rabbit. by jefferson airplane. as for the update. good job. looking forward to more
captaindickscratcher chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
I'd go with The Lion sleeps tonight by the Tolkens

Ruby, Ren and Nora stoned out of their minds playing it on their pipboy full volume and singing it while dancing a hula through Zion to the ghost den . With the white legs, dead horses, gekos, yao guai and big horners looking on thinking WTF!
Later every one meets Blake and eats a meal and now I can't stop thinking of the campfire and beans scene from blazing saddles.

Nora delivers Lanius a package CANDY GRAM FOR MONGO!
Phygmalion chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
OK, all caught up! Loved the montage in the last chapter - you have a talent for writing humorous exposition.

True story: when I was reading your story, I went and listened to the recommended songs. After "Ain't No Grave", my YouTube was on autoplay and immediately began playing Red Like Roses. Appropriate.

Well, can't wait to see what happens in Zion! Joshua Graham was one of my favorite characters from the DLC, second after Ulysses. I wonder which tribe Blake fell in with? Given her violent tendencies seen earlier, I have a sinking feeling that it may have been the Pasty Legs. :(
Combine117 chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
"Contact confirmed! Prosecuting"

*boop* *bap* *ow!*

"Go sharp! Range seventeen!"

*pain* *ow* *WTF*

"Overwatch, requesting reinforcements"


"Hammer Two lost contact!"

*beep...wait what*

"Overwatch, advised, we have heavy resistance."

*pew, pew, shooting*

"Target compromised! Move in, move in!"

Dear lord, took you long enough. Also I think I found Blake.

*said cat appears behind me*

"Aw, dam-"
RedRat8 chapter 28 . 6/21/2019
Things are certainly getting interesting as the kids would learn more of possibly Six's past. Also nice work on this chapter, and Jed and Stella went down but at least giving out a bit of a fight.
Crimson Weresloth chapter 25 . 6/20/2019
For 28.
Also I Volunteer as tribute.
Hey Blake Wombag needs you in the next chapter, I'll pay in fish.
Crimson Weresloth chapter 28 . 6/20/2019
You read that, I don't know if I should feel happy or sad because I officially discontinued that story. And also I'm honored for give you some inspiration for it. Also I wouldn't be surprise if Blake got some tattoos.
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