Reviews for A Rose over a shallow grave
leeconnor4297 chapter 24 . 5/24/2019
I'm gonna bet that blakes at big MT and yangs at zion
RedRat8 chapter 24 . 5/24/2019
I can see some of your gun selection choices, but aren't those Ranger Sequoias like practically impossible to get unless you kill an NCR Veteran Ranger? At best I can only see Six making do with a Hunting Revolver. Unless he could make do with the Lucky, Mysterious Magnum, A Light Shining in Darkness, That Gun, Maria, or Lil' Devil. Also weren't there Assault Carbines in the Armory that Six could have also picked up now that I remember them? Also nice to see that Ruby and Weiss suffering a bit, I think they deserve it after causing Six some headaches and for being reckless and disobeying him. I swear, Six acts like such a dad at times, he really wants to get furious at them, but then decides not to go full rage at them because they're kids. Would be sad yet interesting if Six finally had enough of their shenanigans and basically explodes at them and then ditches due to how much of a pain they cause him.
Mr.Green37 chapter 24 . 5/24/2019
Nora was training the Misfits? What have you done?
Carre chapter 23 . 5/22/2019
Carre (still dressed in ww1 brittish uniform) looks like hes been in a brawl with a crazy hammerwielder...
1. Thanks for answers and discusions.
2. a) Serial number: ...Nope, dont get it...
(Carre checks google and after that, conforms with his memory from History)...OHH, I get it now! Hah! Nice one! (Wonder if the Legion gets it, unlike me?)
b) "If- Sequel- happens" with team CFVY as the stars: ...Thats... really intressting idea (especily with Velvet! Joke or not!).
3. a) ...From the looks of it, ED-E had just the same patince (wich was large, to be honest, much larger than mine should been...) like Red had in the Angry Birds Movie, when Bomb and Chuck tried with Mighty Eagle noices during a mountain climb...
That said: Exept the killing-part, I feel for you polarn (buddy) (Carre lighty pats ED-E on his "back").
b) Ah, the Vaults...
(Djävla Vaults- forskare, ruttna i Helvetet/Bloody Vaults- Scienctists, rot in Hell...)
c) Camp Golf (for the most people/crew) next, huh?
Gonna have them meet team Mistfits (...not sure if I remembered the nickname of that squad right) and train them (in lazyness or drugs or ...being nice to people or being soldiers, I remember THAT part)? Besides meeting the Ranger- Big- Boss that is?
4. (Carre looks at Wombags fate and sighs) Sorry, but I am staying out of this, this time. My head still hurts after Nora "played" golf with it...
(Carre shouts after Wombags form) Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
KnightMarshmallow01 chapter 23 . 5/22/2019
True to Caesar! NCR sucks Legion rules, In all honesty that this story has great potential and one of the best fallout/rwby that I ever read.
Luckenhaft chapter 23 . 5/22/2019
Now back to Guns, Gals, and Ghouls? I would take Gazongas, but if Necrophilia is your fetish; I won't kinkshame you. (I will because I'm a person of dubious moral fiber as Blake can attest to.)

Nora's trying to be more annoying than me. I won't stand for this. Time to off-key sing that song Huckleberry Hound loves singing that I remember one line from whilst playing a banjo and occasionally hitting someone with said banjo.

OH MAH DARLIN, OH MAY DARLIN, OH MAH DARLIN CLEMENTIIIINNNNNNNNNEEEEEEE! (I sing so terribly that glass everywhere nearby starts breaking as birds drop from the sky dead and anything with ears starts bleeding from said ears.)

Jaune who is here for the joke: Somebody make him sto- (Smacks him upside the head with my banjo sending him flying into a nearby billboard that for some reason is advertising that shitty Cereal Pyrrha is on the cover of.)

Time to change the song.

IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! IT'S A SMALL, SMALL WOOORRRRLLLDDD! (Smashes a globe with my banjo since Pyrrha is prying Jaune out of her billboard. Guess she doesn't want to share the spotlight with him.)

Instead of a shallow ditch ED-E, might I reccomend a shallow grave? Perhaps with a rose over it?

Damn you, Nora! I've never been able to make a robot believe in vengeful old testament God through annoying them. (I usually make the robot think THEY are the god and that we should worship them. For some reason no one besides me seem to take well to this ideal.)

I wouldn't call it a perfect social experiment, most of Vault-Tec's are stupid in my opinion since it doesn't seem like anything useful is learned through these experiments and typically there isn't there who can earn whatever the experiment has produced because they either aren't alive or wouldn't appreciate the lesson.

Like seriously, how the heck does sticking a guy in a vault with a bunch of puppets or trapping a couple dozen people with a panther relate to wanting to send people into space to colonize foreign planets?

Nora has a point. I kind of want to see Ren is a crumbling Vault Suit now. She's just got me curious if he's packing any muscle under there. (In a logical world I imagine someone would probably want to see her or the other RWBY girls in a Vault Suit that's falling apart, but I want to be arbitrary for the sake of being annoying, so bring on the Manservice!)

"Killing people, why does overpopulation always lead to radical and fanatical solutions?" Thanos would have loved this Vault.

Oh good! For a second I thought Ren was going to be an unwitting asshole to those people, but Nora saved them.

That was one of the decisions I made in the game that haunted me. Because I justified it at that moment with the nearby farm needing healthier non-irradiated soil that can grow crops that can feed people for generations rather than a handful of people whose value to making the Wasteland a better place was unknown.

After making the decision I considered the possibility that land wouldn't be completely unsalvageable as farming land if enough effort and time was spent fixing it.

I was really into playing the role of an aspiring ruler of the Mojave who thinks about the wellbeing of the majority over the select few.

But more importantly: The All American. My Precious!

(Snatches The Precious from Six and clutches The Precious to my chest.) I'll never let you out of my sight again... (Gives Boone a glare.) Or near Boone.

(Six and Boone share a look before advancing towards me slowly.)

Narrator from Spongebob: A few seconds later...

(Beaten up and hogtied as Six leaves with My Precious.) Nooooo...

Also there's the gun that would pretty much doom the Brotherhood. (That for some reason wasn't in Fallout 4 or had some variety of weapons that had a similar effect to Power Armor, given it would be pretty useful for the non-Brotherhood factions to have since the Brotherhood were colossal dicks in that game.)

I have to agree with ED-E, emp is dumb. Now let me borrow that Pulse Gun so I can see if it can kill Penny or not. If it does then she's just a bit, but if it doesn't...

Well who cares, I just want to use that as an excuse to use it on her. (Funny how I show my fondness for a character I like more than the main cast of her show and find more interesting than the heroine of RWBY.)

And after a questionable use of ammo on some dumb lizards to see what our new toys can do, everyone decides to go to Golf Camp.

Hopefully Six gets that's 9-Iron to bash House's brains in when Yes Man asks him to do so with Would You Kindly prefixed to the requests before Yes Man reveals he was Benny all along.

Fortunately on the appeasing Blake front, I've found out there's this old plane full of (specially sealed to stay fresh no matter what.) canned tuna at the bottom of a lake.

I just need to figure out how to get the plane out of the lake so I can get all of the canned tuna. So it's a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing.

I a
Phygmalion chapter 23 . 5/21/2019
Found your story yesterday, and just finished catching up. Fun story! It's nice to read a RWBY/Fallout crossover that has the characters from Remnant in the Wasteland. Shame about their weapons, although I guess that would have made them very OP. Weiss would've torn through the Sierra Madre if she'd had Myrtenaster with her. My guesses were right so far with everyone's locations, so I'm going to guess that Yang is in the Big Empty and Blake is in Zion. I wonder if she's replaced her White Fang issues with White Leg ones yet? It would be thematically appropriate. Anyway, excellent job and I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Say hi to JNPRRW for me! :D
Doctor Chaotic chapter 23 . 5/21/2019
When someone starts with a parody of 99 shots of beer on the wall, I know something hilarious will happen!
Thanks for clarifying the Tangled reference! I also spotted the Red Vs Blue emp Reference in this chapter! (Suck it Wash!) I also liked how you delved deeper into the lore of some of the suspicious vaults. I will be honest, when I was playing Fallout 4, I saw the pods as strange since they looked so frosted. heck, the window next to the weeping couple revealed more pods behind that door. When I researched this a little more, I found this is not the only vault doing shady shit. So Kudos on implementing this sub-plot!
leeconnor4297 chapter 23 . 5/20/2019
so we got 2 teammates (yang and Blake) still missing and still a bunch of places they could turn up. my money's on Blake being in Zion or Big MT and yang being at the Thorn.
RedRat8 chapter 23 . 5/19/2019
I suppose so, but I would rather be in Fallout than Remnant where there's an ungodly amount of Grimm and a immortal witch, because at least in Fallout, if it can bleed it can die. Also nice, we finally get a new gun for Six to use, the All-American, one of my favorite guns ever to exist. Glad Six's got that, shame he didn't pick up or find a Riot Shotgun, that thing's a beast in combat. Ah, well new weapon for Six is good, quite good. Shame about the Minigun though for him.
dekuton chapter 23 . 5/19/2019
more...PACIFICALLY?dont you mean..SPECicifically? also might wanna go back thru this more errors just like that one. good job otherwise
TheHatter1 chapter 23 . 5/18/2019
Apparently cruel and angry gods like to draw out synthetic suffering, in other news we get to see two separate unique weapons that don't actually make sense for their location, some lovely references to Vault Tec's horrific experiments, and Nora being Nora.

Anyway All American would have made sense if it was in Nellis not Vault 34, after all logically even if it originally was from the Vault the Boomers probably would have taken it, and if not then it would have been in the Nellis armory.

Now the Pulse Gun is in a completely different boat, by all logic it should have been in a different Vault, most likely one that would have benefited from it in the experiment like 108 or 118, either to deactivate the machine or to make potential murder a factor respectively.

As I mentioned earlier Vault Tec's is downright evil, so much so that one of their employees prevented the experiment because his family were in the Vault (this being Vault 81's 1st Overseer who ordered security personnel to bar Vault Tec's scientists from entering the Vault), and in one particular case of ascended fanon (the Nuka Break series that has a lot of its lore acknowledged by Bethesda) the Vault that wasn't ment to have medical personnel until a man beat the guards to death for preventing his wife, a nurse, from entering.

And finally Synthetic Suffering apparently tastes sweet to Cruel Gods thus ED-E probably isn't going to have a good time.
Carre chapter 22 . 5/16/2019
Oh, hey Ruby.
1. Thanks for answers and discusion.
2. Wanted Posters: ...Ok, WTH?!
I know The Legion did have (kinda, as shown in this chapter) good spynetwork, but...seriosly?
3. Ruby and Weiss smoking: ...I am the only one who wonders how Winter, Taiyang and Qrow (and Raven too maybe) will react to that fact alone...
For not forget mention to whatever happend/changed with Yang and Blake...
(Beside everything else I mean...)
4. Speaking of Fallout 3: (Carre shratces his head, thinking) Not asking for that Fic, but cant help to wonder how a sequel would go, in Fallout 4 setting.
The RWBY- crew gets back to Fallout-verse (after months in Remnant), but there it had gone several years and they gets in the Commonwealth-area.
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!) and hope you guys gets back to Remnant Ruby...
(Carre disapier for a moment. Finaly his shows up again, dressed in WW1 British uniform and helmet, armed with a stungun and medickit.
"Nothing to lose, nothing to gain..." Carre charges Nora with a wordless battlecry, shoting widly, while throwing Ruby the medickite.
Scene darkens, with the sounds of battle... and the shouting of "Helvetes djävla skit fan..." from Carre and crazy laughter from a ceartain female...).
Luckenhaft chapter 22 . 5/16/2019
Now back to Whiterose in the Wasteland.

Ruby and Weiss run into some old friends of Ruby's.

Yay! The Wanted poster is back for me to make dumb jokes about.

Weiss: (Stares at her Wanted poster with a scowl.) Why is my hair black, why do they think my name is Bleiss, and why am I described as a foul mouthed ruffian with a thing for dorky blondes? That's pretty much the complete opposite of who I am.

Ruby: (Shrugs.) They think your my lover, and Joj- Jaune is my bastard brother. Also apparently Ren has pink hair with a single black stripe, wears an ugly orange jumpsuit, and is fond of imitating some guy called Michael Jackson.

Weiss: Caesar should fire whoever is in charge of making these things.

Ruby: (Looking at the wanted poster of Rex which is a picture of a robot dog from some old kid's cartoon about some boy genius with swirly hair and a big head.) He did that, unfortunately the guy had a brother who is similarly untalented.

Weiss: But why would Caesar give his brother the job in the first place?

Ruby: (Crumples up Rex's Wanted poster and tosses it into a garbage can nearby.) Nepotism.

Weiss: What?

Ruby: (Gives Nora's Wanted poster a dubious look. The Nora in the picture is a bearded Australian beefcake with lovely hair and an axe that goes by Stormbreaker. Unfortunately The Mighty Nor's sex appeal is undercut by the fact he is in a frog costume.) The guy's Caesar's brother-in-law. Caesar's sister married him. The wedding was really awkward considering Caesar had the groom's brother executed a week prior.

Weiss: (Gives Ruby a dubious look.) And how do you know all this?

Ruby: Boone and I crashed the wedding in an attempt to assassinate Caesar. (Mutters the following under her breathe while pouting.) It didn't go according to Keikaku.

Weiss: (Stares at Ruby in abject horror.) You did what!?

Ruby: (Tosses away Pyrrha's wanted poster not even bothering to give it a second glance.) Next time Boone's the one who has to go into the Trojan Horsey.

Weiss: (Presses two fingers to her head feeling a migraine coming along.) Can we get back to finding Zwei so we can harvest his brain for Rex? 'When is this joke going to die?'

Ruby: (Shrugs.) Sure.

Ruby and Weiss leave the many dead Legion assassins behind to get back to snagging Zwei who fled in terror during the scuffle. The Wanted poster of Pyrrha remains discarded. Like the rest of her friends, picture, and description of the girl leaves a lot to be desired.

For one thing Pyrrha looks like a dwarf with an oversized head which is currently making an expression that the Internet would have a lot of fun using for jokes.

For another her name has been misspelled as Pyrrah.

For a third thing her Wanted poster isn't so much a Wanted poster and more a Flee On Sight poster.

And finally the description describes her as an unstoppable curbstomp queen who will kill anyone who comes onto her boyfriend Jojo.

The end! Caesar's brother in law has got some explaining to do.

Technically speaking Weiss, I think the target on your back here is smaller than the one you got on Remnant. If you go far enough East like you eventually found yourself in the Capital Wasteland or the Commonwealth or Fah Hahbah, (Provided you can get around Caesar's Legion who is immediately due east.) you should make it so only incredibly persistent Legion Assassins and Bounty Hunters would go that far to kill you.

Back in Remant the White Fang aren't contained to one small part of one of the continents.

So maybe staying in the Wasteland is better for your health in regards to people trying to assassinate you? Then again there is all those things the Wasteland has that Remnant doesn't have that is bad for your health.

Don't you just love how old people have no ideal what sharing too much mean?

Yay! Ruby and Weiss are going to arm a WMD that some random kid in Freeside is currently in posession of the means to designate what it will blast back to when the world wasn't a radioactive shithole!

Weiss doesn't know how to dumb things down for the common folk.

Nothing like flirting with your Weiss Queen whilst repurposing the control system for a satellite mounted laser canon so it can be used for more altruistic purposes.

Truly one of the hardest decisions to make in the game was deciding whether to get the power to call down a giant death beam from the heavens to smite one's enemies once a day or do the boring but morally good thing.

Or maybe it wasn't that difficult a choice to make for people who aren't as immature about it as I was.

She could have at least given them a To-go box. Sticking that Delicacy In Some Foreign Country in a paper bag is just... Unseemly.

Next chapter: I find Blake some fatty delicious tuna so she doesn't kill me.

I a
Guest chapter 22 . 5/14/2019
If a girl shows up at the Big MT with cat ears, a force field, the ability to leave shadow copies, and a transforming weapon with a mineral not found found on Earth used as ammo, I'd bet the Think Tank would want to dissect her, but may just use her to get the tech since Blake is a ninja.
Yang showing up in Zion is a bit of a stretch, but I can see her trying to help out, killing the ghost of she (Goldilocks revenge) and trying to find her sister while learning patience from Joshua and discussing their differing religous beliefs.
Others I'd like to see is Penny, possibly with the Brotherhood of Steel trying to help out with their technology and showing them Atlas tech, while getting their tech to bring home.
Sun would hide his tail by wrapping it around his waste like a belt, he may try to help the Followers of the Apocalypse by breaking into locations to get medicine, plus he's a bit of a "follower" of Blake.
If villains show up, I could see Adam helping the Legion, they may even see him as a blessing of Mars due to his horns and Ceasar would probably try to use him to make more Faunus due to the night vision perk.
Roman and Neo may even try to lead the Fiends or Powder Keggers, if they show up while Mercury and Emerald may help the Khans as professional criminals the chem dealers.
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