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RedRat8 chapter 20 . 4/28/2019
I feel like Yang would be in Zion where she'd learn from Joshua of just how far he fell and how much anger he holds and how much it all but controlled him for a bit and Yang learned that she can't get angry otherwise she might end up like him. And Blake might end up in the Big Empty in all honesty, I can see how the experiments would really like to know more about her "mutations" and give her a more in depth analysis. Or she could have her brain stolen as well and her brain calls her out for running away from everything and causing trouble by running away or what not instead of actually being brave enough to accept responsibility and do stuff. While also calling her out for being a perv and always being ruled by her fear. At least that's what I think.
buzzsaw935 chapter 20 . 4/28/2019
good, but this one is kinda short.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/26/2019
*in Pyrrha's mind*

"Im sooo going to make him scream my name later"
FireFox2590 chapter 3 . 4/25/2019
The Reds and Blues are here?!
Brainarius chapter 19 . 4/25/2019
The premise is interesting although it's still weird that RWBY and JNPR didn't have their weapons with them. Also, while Ruby hasn't killed anyone in Remnant in first year, and you seem to have plucked them from somewhere early in Volume 2, she is fine with and good at beating up Torchwick's hired thugs and Grimm. She should have been a lot more confident and dynamic in fighting the Powder Gangers and the animals. Also, I somewhat disagree with Pyrrha's stats, something like her strength lowered by 1 and that point given to charisma. She's a noted celebrity and popular, so she should be decently charismatic. Also, you should get a Beta for spelling and grammar checks.
Carre chapter 19 . 4/22/2019
...Carre stares irretated at Wombag for shooting his crystal ball.
Slowly Carres skin rots and decays, until he looks like a walking skeleton from the "Pirates of Carrebien movie: The Curse of the Black Pearl", Carres eyes glowing blue. Carre stayes that way for a few minutes, staring at Wombag until Carre sighs and becomes normal. He mutters something uniteligint while he brings forth a new crystal ball from his bag.
"...Thanks for the Tranq Gun." Carre says before he power up the ball.
"Hey Nora.
Nice jacket."
1. a) Weiss: Yeah, I supose so(?).
b) We have a deal.
c) Break some Grimm Legs.
"Bye, and Happy Easter/Glad Påsk." Carre shuts down the ball and turns to Wombag.
2. Thanks for answers and discusion.
3. a) Marcus (Yeah!)?! Really liked how you intrudeced him (and make him more...more then the Game did. Him and many others in Fact.)
b) As for the Chosen One?
...My only thought so far is she used trenchcoat...
4. Weiss carrying Ruby in bridestyle:... Am I the only one who hears the Wedding Bells ringing...
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!) and Happy Easter/Glad Påsk.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/21/2019
Kinda of funny how a member of the Chosen One's companions unknowingly allowed a member of the Enclave aka the genocidal human purists they fought against to save the world into Jacobstown.
Luckenhaft chapter 19 . 4/23/2019
Now back to Daddy Six babysits a bunch of Cosplayers whilst trying to murder a kook in a checkered suit. (Or in other words business as usual in the Wasteland.)

As Six, Boone, and ED-E try to get Nora to stop glomping Ren to death; Ruby, Weiss, and Jaune tale Rex to the vet. I'm presuming Rex is their babysitter.

There was also something about Ruby meeting some Zetans. Probably nothing to worry about since this isn't Fallout 3, so they should be pretty much nearly extinct thanks to Liam Neeson's kid.

What I took from that flashback: The Mojave has it out for Jaune's ass.

This is the second story where Jaune gets something up the tuchus whilst in the Mojave that requires a visit to the Followers to fix.

I'm not sure how to feel if this becomes a trend.

A Fallout 2 character shows up to make a joke that will go over the kid's heads, but not ours.

So I will respond similarly with hypothesizing how Marcus could break the 4th Wall: Is Marcus a God?

Ruby finds her Grandmother who is a big blue rage monster, which explains a lot about Yang.


She didn't hear that did she?

She didn't? Good.

I don't want to be subjected to another, "YANG SMASH!"

Wait a minute! If Ruby's never met her grandparents, then maybe Lily really is her Grandma!


It makes more sense in my head, I swear.

We could turn to Old Lady Gibson for a dog brain, OR we could borrow Zwei's brain.

Would the brain of a Canine Faunas work?

Blake: (Sighs.) Are the plight of my people a joke to you?


Blake: (Her hand travels down toward Gambol Shroud as a glare develops.) ...

SUBJECT CHANGE JUTSU! Why do you have 2 sets of ears? The human one's seem unnecessary given that I presume the cat ears probably hear better. Do you think it's possible Faunas might actually be shapeshifters?

Blake: (Blinks in confusion.) Wait, what?

SECRET JOESTAR FAMILY TECHNIQUE! (Turns and makes a retreat like a yellow bellied chicken.) RUN AWAY!

Blake: (Hisses before frowning and glaring at my retreating form.) Get back here you fiend, I do not hiss!

In other news as I run from a pissed off cat lady- (Ducks under a swipe from Gambol Shroud.)

Blake: NYA! Damn it, I do not go Nya nya nya!

Team JNPR is back together and I was not expecting the gang to find Pyrrha the chapter following when they find Nora.

I would figure they would have a few more chapters and wade through a couple hundred Legion soldiers all gunning for Cereal Girl, before they could get Pyrrha back.

This a better alternative.

Next chapter: The Boomers send Six to the Big Empty to get Blake via tieing to a rocket like he's some sort of cartoon character whilst Ruby and Weiss take a wrong turn and end up in Zion Canyon where they run into Yang waging a one-woman war of her own with Yao Guai population of the region.

Hopefully Six can get here before Blake gets me, or hopefully I get past the Radar Fence.

Blake: Face your punishment like a man, baka!

I'd rather run from it like a Boy, like I do with all the unattractive things in my life.


Okay, that time the hiss was on her.

I a
buzzsaw935 chapter 19 . 4/22/2019
dude, you wanna know what would be fucking hilarious? Phrrya finding a (mostly) intact strap on, then her trying to hide her find till "the right time comes along," I am laughing about it and I'm just thinking about it. nothing says you need to do it would be fucking funny though!
RedShirt1453 chapter 19 . 4/21/2019
You have made the grave mistake of misspelling Pyrrha's name but since many others have also made the same mistake you shall be forgiven. And aye I expect to make a cameo in CH34 then die unceremoniously as given due to the meaning of my name.
TheHatter1 chapter 19 . 4/21/2019
Curses no Christina and Veronica reveal, alas not all dreams can come true, anyway the spelling errors I mentioned were only really noticeable in Location names and in the occasional verb so the noticeability primarily came from familiarity with New Vegas. Anyway everyone's favorite Yandere (because that is exactly what she was in the show, she showed all the signs) is back and in a world were murdering the competition won't be punished if she can make it look like the Legion did it, and now for a round of wild guessing time that uses the flimsiest logic possible to predict things:

Ok, so if Nora ended up with Pearl, Pyrrha ended up with Marcus, Weiss was in the Madre, Ren was in Freeside, and Jaune was at the I-15 that would mean that Blake ended up with the Sorrows in Zion and Yang is with either Ulysses or the Think Tank in which case her hair is ruined either way.

Alternatively Blake is with the Think Tank and Dala is the only reason she hasn't been dissected (because honestly there is no way in character that Dala could resist someone who is essential a catgirl), also 0 and Borous would probably be against dissection (to annoy Klein and because of a deep psychological guilt respectively).

In that case Yang would be with Graham and Daniel playing peace keeper while getting lectures about her temper from someone who fell much farther then she ever could and someone who is a pacifist because he knew he would win at "to high a cost" (because anyone who paid attention to Daniel knows that both choices are terrible and he pushed them onto the player to remove his bias not Graham's).
RedRat8 chapter 19 . 4/21/2019
Well that was interesting to see where Pyrrha ended up, and as usual, Jaune manages to get the short end of the stick, as given thankfully. Though I do wonder if Ruby would ever bring Lily with her, I can see it for some reasons but I also can't for other reasons as well. But as usual, I expected Pyrrha to have some decent and good gear to use, and I approve of her wearing an outfit over her armor, since it could easily be seen as something that Legion might wear if they allowed women to fight.
TheHatter1 chapter 18 . 4/17/2019
The only problems I've had with the story (outside of some particularly noticeable spelling errors) is that Veronica didn't go to the Madre (and honestly that won't be much of a problem if she goes to the Big Empty) and that none of the Madre team grabbed Elijah's recording in the bunker for Veronica.
leeconnor4297 chapter 18 . 4/15/2019
I just know that Nora was with the boomers, kinda the only place that made sense.
Carre chapter 18 . 4/13/2019
(Stares at the scene wich had happened with a poker-face.
Then sighs and says to Wombag "I will talk to you in a minute" and begins rumaging his own bag, muttering under the meantime. Until he brings up a crystalball.
Carre notices Wombags qeustion face and answers "Not in the mood trying figure out how the Scrolls work, thank you very much" and begining to muttering over the ball wich begins glowing.
"Hey, its Nora there? I want to to talk to her." Silence.
"Hey its Carre.")
1. Hammer: Tors hammer Mjölner?
(Carre shrugs)...Sure, just mind you that the handle is kinda short and watch youre head when its gets back to you after throwing it.
2. Danke fur schreiben: ...Thats german/deutsh Nora, nice try though...
"Tack för du skrev", should it "sound" in swedish.
3. Not intressted in money, thanks anyway.
...And you can stop looking for the photo (how intressting its should been otherwise)...
Partly becuse... NOT having a deathwish (chance for getting the attantion of said dou AND a ceartein "Fire Sister" and what they would do to me scares me more then what you can do when they finds out, my Lady...)
Partly also becuse... you kinda solved it already (AND NOT talking about you threating me missy) but youre singing performance in this chapter.
Thats is if that was you. If not, sing "Atomic Bomb Baby" (no nuclear weapons aimed at me, please and thank you!) later and we have a deal. My final offer.
4. Thanks for the talk Nora and Break some Grimms legs.
- Carre turns off his crystalball and turns to Wombag.
5. ...Am I the only one who shouldnt be suprised if Nora, Deadpool and Sheogorath are related?
6. And like I said in review in chapter 10, not suprised Nora was among the Boomers...
7. Hope it went well on the Finals (not mine bussnies, but still) and Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!) (...before Carre goes away he gives Wombag a medickit, salutes and walk away, whistling "Sha-Boom").
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