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Crimson Weresloth chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
Sennia Khan, had to say. But also, if you want to make that story, go ahead, I couldn't work on that story anymore because I lost focus on it.
Zealot24 chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
Six:Ruby... i am your father!
Ruby: nooooooooooo! (cries in a corner)
Me: oouch! hey Ruby you learned a new secret! now where is the rest of the gang...

now if my memory is not wrong i think i heard team rwby&jnpr going back to Remanent? i wonder how time works in this case (NOT time travel [like 1 earth day is 2 remanent days or something]) and seeing how 8 young adults are... for the lack of better words "more adult/mature" and trying to fit back into society after their trials.

if my memory still okay at least six stoped House from bombing their home among other things, at least that... back into the grey Area not light or dark yet...

and for the healing... they got their BRAINS removed right? RIGHT? (just W,Y,S not R) whats the big deal poking fingers in your wounds by all means they should be "dead" without their brains... and i dont think anyone have the stomach to heal like that Jaune would probly faint or vomit if he saw someone removing a small piece of metal out of his kneecap lol well i would find that hilarious.

and since is 2020... happy 2020! beeep! (T)/
thewittywhy chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
Well done. Now I get the feeling that Ruby is going to either scream at Six, ball her eyes out, or tear him a new butt hole. Possibly all of the above, and definitely in that order.
Imperial warlord chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
Awesome chapter.
Combine117 chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
*A pale man who looked like he gotten into surgery like ten times wearing a janitor's outfit that seemed to be combat capable enters the room*

{Hello, this is Uno. Leader of Combine's Janitor Branch. And before you ask, don't take 'Janitor' as a simple term. We make the messes and clean it up if possible.}

{Speaking of mess, you were quite the rascal with your shenanigans Wombag, did you realize how much work we had to deal with?}

*He smiles* {And the amount of money we got? Not just from you, no. After your last shenanigan with busting out of a prison, the mayor of the town gave us a hefty amount to clean up the place. Also, the amount was doubled due to you going a bit too far with the bomb.}

{I mean, we gotta pay those volunteers and compensation bills.}

{Anyw-} *A loud crash and explosion interrupted him*

(I'm sorry!)

[Please refrain from doing that.]

{Anyways, responding time.}

{You jumped off a four story building? I remembered the last time something like that happened. Poor guy, didn't make the dumpster. Not to save his fall, but to make my job easier. He wasn't going to survive after the hole in his head anyway.}

*AvIe appears*

[I'll have to make a request that you Wombag tell me what Penny thought of it.]

{AvIe! The girl.}

[She'll be fine.]

*Uno sighs* {Anyway, moving on.}

[Murder and betrayal? Probably. Also didn't it happen this chapter and probably the next one? Vicious and hungry Ex-wife? Combine complained of something similar, without the hungry part. He said that a woman vigorously shook him, demanding that to kill a 'Wombat' or something. She was put down by Celeste after that.]

{Do you want arrange an assassination contract? You got a free discount for being Combine's favorite.}

*AvIe continues*

[I'll be around, me and Uno are in charge of babysitting anyway.]

{I don't want to stay near Six if he ever goes nuclear, I don't want to get back on that Chem suit D:}

[Ah, FEV Grim wrote something like that? I guess Combine didn't know that, I'll notify him.]

{Looks like Ruby got one answer, Six isn't a Legionary Spy. Buuut she got more answers, he created the Divide and lied about the amnesia.}


{Now, what shall Ruby do? As she knows now the rather dark truth that has been revealed to her.}

[She'll probably cry, then listen to Six as he tells the full story.]


[Oh, right. The girl.]

*Uno sighs*

{Farewell and good luck in your writing life.}
RedRat8 chapter 52 . 1/5/2020
Well that's a lot to unpack here and there, and I must say now that we know Six hasn't lost his memories, it makes me curious as to how many layers there is to Six. But more importantly who the heck is Faun here?
Guest chapter 51 . 1/4/2020
Welp, Ruby is about to learn what her "Dad" did to a town by delivering a package. I take it she doesn't know much about the Enclave unless Arcade had told her, but seeing that Mr's Arc ;) has all the Enclave toys she got that lore drop. Speaking of which what are the chances that some of the waste landers will start to refer to her as a "Silver Eyed Warrior", not in the sense that she can dust grimm with just a look but literally a warrior with silver eyes. Just like a little nod to the series without spoiling it for them. I also doubt ANY of these girls can become Maidens (Bow chicka bow wow). Great chapter. Hope to see more.
Carre chapter 51 . 12/23/2019
1. Thanks for answers Ruby (and Wombag).
2. a) Bringing (maybe) Victor and Yes Man back to Remnant: Said it before and say it again (...or commentet): Would be intressting to see their reaction to them.
Escpecily Penny.
b) The Bioshock crossover: If I may ask, what did you plan to write?
Speaking of wich, have you heard they are going to make Bioshock 4. Sure, its still a few years before we are going to get to see the product (if we are lucky...)at all, but still.
3. The Divide: Said it before and said it again: Wonder how other parts of the World and its natives looks like...
4. ...Rubys savior... not sure if thats is Six...
5. Well, Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!, sorry no mistletoes OR rocket socks...) and God Jul och Gott Nytt År!
Combine117 chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
[Sir Wombag seems to have difficulties, should I call the SWAT team?]

[Your sister is quite powerful.]

[I am...sort of related to your android friend. We both are artificial intelligences, so I guess that counts?]

[Anyways, I-]

*Combine opens the door to the room before AvIe could continue, looking a bit tired.*

[Combine, you're here.]

I'm back my little AI friend. Thanks for reviewing this for me.

AvIe bows. [My pleasure. Also, it's AvIe now.]

Alright. I'll keep that in mind. Anyhow, I'm going to be going out soon again. I'm caught up in some big ass plot I'm going to finish, so I'll be back in two chapters.

[Speaking of the big plot you mentioned, there is an unidentified, female, immature life sign with Celeste. What is that about?]

People want to kill the girl with Celeste, and I'm hiding her here because no one will ever find this place.

[So, I'll be babysitting?]

You'll have help. Also, she's almost the same age as Ruby. I don't think that's a 'baby'.

*AvIe disappears to speak with Celeste.*

Sorry about that I got a bit carried away, on to the review.

Hmm, I don't know if this is Six or the one that saved Cristine. I'll find out next year though. Well, at least she's okay. Sixxy will be pretty mad if she died.

I wonder how different they'll be when they return to Remnant.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D
Crimson Weresloth chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
Happy Holidays. Also I don't think that figure was Six, its to soon. And I bet well find out who this figure is next chapter so here's my bets. Summer, Emerald and Glynda are the more likely do to the following Summer do to the fact we don't know her fate in cannon, Emerald do to her easily following anyone's idols if she saved by her (She met have a saviors competes), and Glynda do to the fact Ruby is one of her students. Then the less likely Cinder and Raven, Cinder do to the fact she selfish but she was spotted in the special chapter, Raven because of her believe that the strong rules and all that. But hey, can't wait to read who it is in the next chapter. Anyways happy holidays and see you next year.
Imperial warlord chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
Awesome chapter.
RedRat8 chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
Happy Holidays man, and I look forward to seeing how will the Divide change Ruby.
thewittywhy chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
Nicely handled. Though Weiss is gonna need more than a friendship hug. She's gonna put that cola bottle to use. Big time.
Zealot24 chapter 51 . 12/21/2019
okay let me check this...
the fic will end in 9chps -/? check!
Ruby made a poor decision? check!
and all her friends are probly spinning in circles worried asking where is she...(grabs popcorn and a large soda)
and she has a piece of metal on her body...
hey Ruby! watch FarCry2 healing animation make sure to see the one with over 40 different healing you can learn something!
(like to how heal from bullet wounds,broken bones,set on fire,removing foreign objects and malaria)

well time to read this fic again from the start!
salutations and good luck! (T)/
Carre chapter 50 . 12/15/2019
1. Thanks for answers.
2. Victor survived?
...Have always had unsure feelings about him (trust him/untrust him...)
THAT said: Nice.
3. House is dead (blows a horn).
(He did remind me of Andrew Ryan, so perehps thats why they put the "9-iron kill" as both in-game archivment, extra exp, as well as easter egg?)
4. Six names: ...Okej (laughs at some, Austin Power for exemple. Did he act like him too...)...?
5. Lonesome Roads begins...
This is gonna be intressting.
6. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
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