Reviews for Super Smash Bros Ultimate: World of Light
Sethelephant chapter 44 . 7/25
Characters still captured (for anyone that is keeping track):
Sheik (known)
Dark Samus
Dark Pit
Wii Fit Trainer (known)
Mii Bralwer/Cain
snake screamer chapter 44 . 5/3
I always imagine illuminary so honestly this works.

Nice fight scenes!

Marx (inexplicably alive) Okay, I am pissed!
CRAZYSMP chapter 44 . 4/13
Damn, you really want and said screw Marx, huh? Well, probably. And Pyramid Head, and RO-X too, but they got enough screentime. Besides, Sephiroth is badass and slaughter-happy enough to do that messy stuff.
Also interesting how the Koopalings are simply spirits despite being at the cliff at the beginning. I guess it's to keep alt characters separate, which is fine. Nice to see even more spirits make appearances since they appear rather infrequently.
Also having Erik as Eleven's boyfriend is very cute and nice to see. Just some nice and simple representation I enjoy seeing.
Oh, and I see Dharkon getting through Matthew more and more is interesting, and seeing Sephiroth slightly spooked is funny. And also there being no data on him in the Smash database is kinda funny too. Dunno why, but there being absolutely nothing is great.
RisingSonic17 chapter 44 . 4/13
I know I'm just not getting into your story, so I'm gonna be confused about A LOT of things besides some of the things you have informed me of. Overall I think this was a pretty good chapter. The way you've been building up Sephiroth is closer to how he is in the Original FF7. You made good use of Sephiroth's magic capabilities from the Dissidia games during the fight scene and it well established how strong Sephiroth is when compared to a lot of other characters.

I think Cloud's reaction of initially being closed off about talking about Sephiroth was the appropriate reaction since Sephiroth was thought to be dead. Although, I did kinda wish you had Cloud give a brief summary about his connection with Sephiroth. Didn't hsve to be long but have it be a discussion off screen was kinda ehh, especially when Sephiroth is an important character to the plot.

Besides that though, overall a good chapter. You got your groups established too. I know its gonna be a hassle working with all those characters but I guess that's the fun in a project like this.
Guest chapter 43 . 2/19
Love the Gigas and the Dracula boss fight! I didn't expect Steve and Alex to make an entrance and distracted Dracula.
Guest chapter 43 . 2/15
When will Chapter 44 be released?
Guest chapter 43 . 2/5
Amazing hard work! What's in the next chapter?
Guest chapter 43 . 1/28
Nice work! What's next? And when will Sephiroth join in?
jaden chapter 43 . 1/13
hey umm, i just wanna ask, when is chapter 44 gonna come? i know your currently going through rough situations and all, and im sure your working hard on the fanfic especially how after sephiroth's inclusion changed alot of things bout' the story, but if you are able to give some progress update or some sort, thats more than enough for me..

Thank you for reading.
jaden chapter 43 . 1/5
im just wondering, how do you think the story wouldve changed in sans was in it?

(lol i really wanna know tho)
jaden chapter 43 . 1/3
bro i love this! can't wait for the next chapter... especially since i wanna see steve and alex interacting with the other characters lol!
Guest chapter 43 . 1/3
Nicely done! What's next?
iron maker2 chapter 43 . 12/21/2020
Good story thus far (And considering Sephiroth will appear next)

For Steve and Alex, have Steve easily stab dracula monster form with a diamond sword while Alex uses potion of healing on Luigi party.

Luigi: Wait aren't you petrified! That dude turn into a freakish devil like monster!

Alex: It shocking, but once you seen both an Ender Dragon and a Wither, eldritch things kinda lose there fear factor.

Steve: Except Creepers! Both hate and fear those things!
Rie Sonomura chapter 43 . 12/10/2020
Ness and Luigi's interactions are the most blessed and wholesome thing ever and I am here for it
God of the Nobodies chapter 43 . 12/10/2020
Would you consider adding more characters to the story like Sora from kingdom hearts, Dante from devil may cry, or Sol Badguy from guilty gear?
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