Reviews for Certain Dark Things
Tewifying chapter 191 . 8/10
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 179 . 8/9
Gotta love this chapter as well...ok who am I kidding? I love all your chapters! But! There are always some highlights that I especially enjoy!
Elara spelling potion ingredients into Neville's face and the fact that Snape's proximity isn't making her uncomfortable anymore! I'm about to cry, Elara is healing!
I don't like Slytherin...but I'm glad he somehow saved(?) Harriet from Riddle. If only because he wants her for himself. Of course it would have been better for all present if Slytherin and Riddle both murdered each other but let's be grateful for even small mercies.

Am I a bad person for wanting the Goblet to spit out Harriet's name just to see Slytherin go ballistic?
Teral101 chapter 191 . 8/8
Ooo I was looking forward to this chapter and it was everything! *chefs kiss* thank you!
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 178 . 8/7
I honestly did not expect Hermione and Elara to join the competition! Proves that Slytherins are the truest of friends.

I also love that you had the visiting school's professors come to teach their students. It never made any sense that they would lose a whole academic year especially in their final years
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 177 . 8/7
I have started reading again after taking a long break and I loved this chapter.
Snape and Moody's confrontations in your fics are a lot of fun to read.
I really felt sorry for Snape after Dumbledore's spell, he is thrown around like a ragdoll by his puppet masters even if in Dumbledore's case it may not have been entirely intentional (if I'm to believe him).
Ravenclaw Nyoka chapter 190 . 8/2
Can't wait! So excited!
Lessons with Slytherin sounds scary...
& Yule ball will be fantastic haha ooooh plus
Elara's ️tension️
Yesje chapter 190 . 7/26
I will give this story 5/5. Keep up the good work and dont you dare abandon this story ;)
Guest chapter 190 . 7/24
Cute chapter :)
mercurya2000 chapter 190 . 7/24
There's our confirmation. Poor girl.
CrazyLemon chapter 190 . 7/24
Cute chapter!
Lord Anubis Judge of the dead chapter 189 . 7/18
Good story. I like the concept on the horrorcruxes and the nuances of all them in competition. It is really well done how your following along the books while making it different enough that it isn't a simple reread with a few minor changes. Very good work.
Teral101 chapter 189 . 7/18
Even though I absolutely knew it was not going to happen, I still wanted Harriet to bring up victor in Dumbledore's office, just for the hilariousness of it...then I saw your an- absolutely made my day!
Every update brings me joy! Thanks!
maximusrexmundi chapter 189 . 7/14
Very VERY excited to see where the Harrium... Krumriet? pairing goes!
maximusrexmundi chapter 188 . 7/11
Sounds like they just invented magical recursion lol
Guest chapter 187 . 7/4
It is magnificent, most detailed and thougtful work one has ever done on this fandom, I think.
Thank you so much for it, for outstanding quality, deep insites into the characters - they are very much alive!
I dearly hope that you will be able to complete it.
It's amasing!
Best wishes :)
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