Reviews for Certain Dark Things
pokemongoaway chapter 125 . 3/18
bro i cried
PinkFriday28 chapter 125 . 3/18
OMG, I love your captions, your manner of writing, I feel immersed in the story. I love S and H dynamic and how he keeps calling her an idiot or fool but their understanding is such that she doesn’t even react anymore. I really want it to be a pairing later on but can’t wait to see how this develops. I eagerly anticipate your next update, hope S and H will have more heart-to-heart conversations and they’re more comfortable with each other and he confides in her perhaps.
scrandle chapter 125 . 3/18
lol your end notes are the best
Dorothy from KS chapter 125 . 3/18
monkeybaby chapter 125 . 3/17
Love this chapter!
annavale23 chapter 125 . 3/16
Oooohhh, such a good chapter! I love the interactions between Severus and Harriet - especially with him thinking it'll be a simple fix and then she starts crying :( I do like the idea of it being him that teaches her the patronus incantation too. Also - author's note was on point.
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 125 . 3/16
I just love this chapter and how Harriet is shutting everyone out. I think she will regret ignoring Flamel's letters later on, but then she may not have realized that he doesn't have much time left and she is too busy with her own problems to consider it.

I had to laugh when I read Hermione's "But I didn't do anything!" And Snape using a sticking hex on Harriet to prevent her escape was brilliant.

I loved Harriet's emotional outburst and I can only imagine how uncomfortable Severus must have felt. But his advice was great and Harriet expressing her gratitude for the lesson was so sweet. I love her interactions with Snape and how she sees the good things in him. After she thanked him I had to think back to when she wishes him a good summer break after her first year.

And omg, Snape can't conjure a patronus anymore! This is bad and for some reason I think his inability to cast the charm will play a significant role later on.
I'm also curious what form Harriet's patronus will take in this universe and if and how Snape's new patronus will complement hers (given his patronus changes its form again).
Rhapsodist chapter 125 . 3/16
Oooooo this chapter is so good. I don’t always go in for angst because it often seems really forced or not rooted in the characters’ motivations. But the way you bring Harriet’s and Snape’s trauma into their daily interactions reads as so genuine.
Teral101 chapter 125 . 3/16
Another amazing chapter! I think this AN is my favorite so far because I can literally picture Dumbledore skipping down the halls with a net in his hands whistling a song while catching bits of shapes soul in the air like "lah di gotcha!" Lolol
LovinqRosiie chapter 6 . 3/15
is lucius using legilimency on her..?
Caver Floyd chapter 124 . 3/13
I like how the reason Harriet feels betrayed by Elara is not because she kept the “truth” about what happened to her parents from her but that they were actually family (sort of), something she has longed for for forever, but never mentioned it.
StickyKeys1 chapter 1 . 3/13
Wow, I really love your writing style! The way you describe stuff feels so vivid.
annavale23 chapter 124 . 3/11
oh no :( Poor Harriet. And poor Elara too - she's probably sick with worry for Harriet, and now she knows Harriet feels betrayed. This chapter was a bit of a ride: starting with the more light-hearted thoughts of Harriet goofing off in Hogsmeade with her friends to this reveal. Great chapter!
Cat Beats chapter 124 . 3/11
Obviously magic is the reason it opens on the third floor. This reveal was a long time coming, I hope Harriet is able to deal with it in a rational way. Thanks and until next time!
Nina05 chapter 124 . 3/11
OMG! I can't believe you are cutting it there. I want to know more like from all points of view lol
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