Reviews for Certain Dark Things
PK - SPRINGTRAP HUG MEH chapter 141 . 6/16
hehehehehehe, wonderful time turner
The Queen of All Demons chapter 141 . 6/16
Oohhhh toil and trouble indeed. At the edge of my seat lol what a cliffie
Cyclone160 chapter 141 . 6/16
CrazyLemon chapter 140 . 6/9
Oh man I wonder if Elara will figure out that the dog was her father. Unexpected but understandable misuse of powers by the ministry. Can't wait to see how all these different threads are going to untangle!

Oh also I hope Harriet becomes an animagus soon.
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 140 . 6/8
Sirius finally met Elara!
I wonder what he will do now since the ministry is causing Elara trouble because of her relation to him.
And I just loved Dumbledore's entrance; I was a little disappointed when Remis didn't protest more vehemently against the Aurors taking Elara but he did the best thing he could.

Elara's emancipation really backfired. I actually expected to see Snape in the AN since he has always hated the fact that she was emancipated.
Cyclone160 chapter 140 . 6/8
I love it and its always so nice to get updates so quickly like this! like i never expect it and am very greatful! 3
Nina05 chapter 140 . 6/7
amo esta historia, thanks you so much
RedKitsune2016 chapter 140 . 6/7
Great update
Rekage1138 chapter 140 . 6/7
Very nice development, ragarding the Minister. Quite the anxious feeling that he would use any oppertunity that presents itself to have a go at getting Harriet.

Curious if Sirius will have a change of priority when he sees the effect of him trying to go after Pettigrew himself is causing Elara to get bullied / harassed by other students.
PK - SPRINGTRAP HUG MEH chapter 140 . 6/7
hehehehehehe, her emancipation backfires!
PinkFriday28 chapter 140 . 6/7
OMG I CRIED! Sirius and Elara, how sweet, he was so concerned! I felt it. Minister after Harriet.. how interesting
Cyclone160 chapter 139 . 6/6
The Queen of All Demons chapter 139 . 6/5
DUN DUN DUUUUNNN Shit is about to hit a bigger fan. I love this story's twists and turn so frickin much.
erebea chapter 139 . 6/5
Finally after a binging for a couple of days, I caught up, great story definitely on my top favorite list along with All According to Plan series. I like how there's no bashing and yet you still managed to fix the flaws and decisions of each character, it's very rare to find that in fanfic. The main characters are not OP, there's pure blood politics but not enough that it's annoying and the girls act their age despite their circumstances and experience. 10/10
The Queen of All Demons chapter 137 . 6/4
DAYUM shit hit the fan. Great writing and storytelling! I was at the edge of my frakin seat the whole time! The drama! The betrayal! Anyway, I love this so much. Poor Elara is gonna have a heart attack at 13.
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