Reviews for Certain Dark Things
cowchoas chapter 137 . 5/18
wow i did not see remus being her other father...
monkeybaby chapter 137 . 5/18
Lovely chapter!
RedShirt1453 chapter 137 . 5/18
I really hope that when this revalation comes out you don't just kick Marlene to the curb. She has to mean something to Elara more then Sirius and most certainly more then Remus who is technically her step dad. Remus was never her father and she was never his daughter.
Sherry4555 chapter 136 . 5/18
I found this story a few months ago and I must say, This is one of the best fics in the hp fandom. I love how you portray each character with a little oc. Im glad I found this story. I hope you keep on updating
Shelbylynn90 chapter 136 . 5/17
I love this story. I know I’ve said this before but please please I need Sirius to have a happy ending found family with Harriet and elara. It is a great need. Please please please. Love this story.
Teral101 chapter 136 . 5/17
Eeeeeeeee! This made me so happy! We're getting to some emotional upheavals and it's going to be so everything I've been waiting for! I love elara's character so I can't wait to see how you write her interactions with everyone!
Rekage1138 chapter 136 . 5/17
I don't have anything constructive to add here, I just needed to declare the amount of excitement the latest chapter has fostered in my heart!

This story really is just such a blessing, one update after the next. Thank you!
Dark Angelx1992 chapter 136 . 5/17
OMG! You can't leave us hanging here like that! Who was that? It must be either Remus or Snape...I would guess the former cause Snape would have just AKed Sirius then and there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, loved seeing it from Sirius' point of view. And those flashbacks with Elara were so precious (I love that her first word is no).

I'm sonloolomg forward to Sirius really meeting the girl and reconciling with the fact that his daughter and goddaughter are both snakes and that his blood has already dabbled in the dark arts that despises so much. This is going to be great I just know it.
Caver Floyd chapter 136 . 5/16
Well, hopefully that is Remus or Sirius is screwed.
Nina05 chapter 136 . 5/16
what a chapter, you did really really good... awesome writer
monkeybaby chapter 136 . 5/16
You did it again! Amazing chapter!
beautiful.stranger.of.mine chapter 136 . 5/16
Update soon!
Rhapsodist chapter 136 . 5/16
Guest chapter 136 . 5/16
This is everything I've been waiting for lol Sirius seeing his daughter alive. I loved this chapter and his whole pov is just *chefs kiss* tragic. I love it. Is it Remus holding him at wandpoint or Snape? I'm so excited
BlueWater5 chapter 136 . 5/16
I missed where Hagrid hit Snape so hard that he fell unconscious. Did you previously explain how Snape lost his eye?
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