Reviews for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament
TupanHD chapter 17 . 4/27
Where to you find inspiration to write this paragraphs of Slytherin teachings? They are really insightful especially this one on deception in the beginning of this chapter.
TupanHD chapter 14 . 4/27
I hope Natalia intentions are real but what are human interactions besides manipulations to get what you, money, fame, comfort, etc.
TupanHD chapter 9 . 4/27
Nice heartwarming chapter. So far your story is great. With really complex and interesting explanations of magic and a Harry that is maturing. I hope he doesn’t suffer more and everything goes alright and smooth for him but I doubt it *sigh*
TupanHD chapter 1 . 4/27
Great first chapter.
Sleepyhawk502 chapter 55 . 4/26
Great story, wonderful job. Thanks for sharing!
mercurya2000 chapter 55 . 4/25
Let me just say, this was a great story. The writing was great, the characters interesting, and I can't think of any specifically dull spots. I liked how you portrayed the world, and there were things in this that I'm sure were you calling out or messing with fanon. I love how you gave the cloak extra abilities to make it actually feel worthy of being a deathly hallow, and your interpretation of the elder wand and its impact in legendary duels was fascinating. The way you set the three greatest wizards of the modern day apart from everyone and each other was amazing too. Really, the only complaint I have is that chapters felt a little too disconnected, so I felt like I missed one every now and then. Great job, and I hope I see more out of you.
Vorlonos chapter 32 . 4/25
That, that is how you put a capstone on an emotional conversation. Bravo.
coolishable chapter 14 . 4/24
"He didn't think that he could hold it against her for using information she had on him to make their connection work better at the start"

Why the fuck not?! She blatantly falsified her entire personality to manipulate him into liking her based on clandestine information gained from being from an affluent family. Not only is that fucked up generally, that should be right down the checklist of things he hates more than anything else. Like all of a sudden Harry is acting fucking bizarrely this chapter. Like the conversation he has confronting Natalie, he literally gets nothing out of her. He doesn't even get a simple apology or a 'my bad' before he's "grinning stupidly" at her again. Like I got fucking whiplash from reading that. Was his anger fake? She literally just ran through the carriage conversation again of, "I'm used to wearing a mask and manipulating people hehe xD". With how it turned out at this point I'm not even sure why he confronted her at all. He obviously didn't actually did care at all.

You'd think after Dumbledore he'd be sensitive about people manipulating him, but NOPE. She's so pretty! This chapter physically hurt to read.

Second thing. Natalia is racist. Harry seems not to care, or just handwaves it. Why? He's been around people bullying muggleborns and is entrenched in a war that's essentially about racism with the pureblood supremacy shit. But his girlfriend is actively racist and he just laughs it off? I honestly don't even recognize the Harry Potter that was in this chapter. Not even talking about canon Harry specifically. I don't even recognize the Harry Potter from the first 13 chapters. Jesus.
Sleepyhawk502 chapter 1 . 4/22
Awesome start. I look forward to the rest!
Slytherin7Piece chapter 34 . 4/21
okay the plot on this story is really
interesting. I've seen similar Harry goes to the chamber and finds a spine stories and always enjoy a grey Hp fic. The part that I'm not really liking is the whole love triangle angle, Natalia should have been out of this story after the Yule ball, Harry stringing her along is just cruel not only to her but Fleur as well. Unless they are Mormons or something they both should drop his ass for the way he's treating the two of them (and in real life no woman would put up with it) then as if the situation wasn't ridiculous enough we got Daphne somehow trying to slip into this mess, do they have a magically "Jerry Springer" Show cause that's where this is going to end up. anyway I'm halfway through this chapter and still got a ways to go I do like the majority of the story I just find the romance angle annoying.
Lu Bright chapter 10 . 4/21
I ship it so much
Slytherin7Piece chapter 26 . 4/20
you realize Harry didn't have to bypass the wards around the lake to get the potion to the lake in GOF Myrtle mentions the toilets dump into the lake all hee would have had to do was flush the toilet to deliver the potion
Guest chapter 12 . 4/16
Why did it only take one chapter to ruin all what you've wrote? I thought maybe it was the time period thing, but then you went all incel. Girls dont fight over dudes like that. I mean sure, maybe a mean comment, but then we leave the side if the person who is allowing this to happen. Its just, that's not how girls work. Then you started to do cliques that is in every male centric piece if literature, and apply it to teenagers which is gross. I get it, dude doesnt know how to act around wemon who obviously want him, write it better. He has the emotional intelligence to understand Hermione not picking sides but still knows it was wrong, but he doesnt apply it to his own situation? That's not believable. Just because now it's about girls doesnt make it magically different. He's choosing to ignore how other girls are acting towards him, in front of the girl he's been kissing and practically dating. That is just rude. Then you do the whole clique of "Oh it's just etiquette". This is the same line used countless times by dudes in literature who are building up to intimacy later with the person. Like, eww dude. You started strong, but all in one chapter you made the mc out to be an incel. Oh, and as a fellow female lover my self, attraction doesnt work that way. I've never just immediately considered attraction of peoole. It just so happens that every kind of pretty girl that shows up likes him?

Ahhhhhh, incel, you wrote a great fic then ruined it with your weirdness. You probably do believe hymens work that way. My gosh, read an anatomy text book.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/16
Your fic is awesome and I'm enjoying it. I never usually comment this early, but as someone who has medical background I tend to leave messages on anatomically incorrect information in stories. Hymes dont break. A hymen is a piece of skin that exist to prevent fecal mater from entering a female infant. It's not usually a covering either, its usual shape is that of a circle around the vulva, but not over. The skin does not break away when having intercourse. It may slightly tear if the other party isnt careful, but everyday activities, especially things requiring stretching like ballet, can cause a tear.

I know you probably wrote it in the manner that you did due to the time period having such misconceptions so this may be redundant.

I'm going back to reading your awesome story now.
teruin42 chapter 12 . 4/17
I like the intrigue introduced in this chapter, it gives a taste of Cold War spy thrillers, making you wonder who the hero can trust.
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