Reviews for A New Home
Megatyrant chapter 20 . 11/5
You know, you'd have to let your story gather dust for quite a while before it would be considered dead, considering that a story I'm reading on another site got an update recently, after it having been over 5 years since it had last been touched. Talk about a necro-post...
Going by my own MO, unless an author proclaims their story dead or abandoned, I will not be considering it to be so.

With that out of the way, I think Jiraiya is in hot water at the moment... and not in a pleasant way.
AcidESP chapter 20 . 10/12
story is very good, I hope you continue soon, see you
Guest chapter 20 . 9/28
Espero q puedas actualizar pronto
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21
follow the story for me you are the best creating fanfics XD
IllusionBreaker chapter 20 . 9/22
Can't wait for the next chapter
The.Last.Prophet.123 chapter 20 . 8/25
more! this is a good story man!
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 15 . 8/20
Eh, this is interesting? I really don’t care about konoha11 or others. Nice chapter.
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 13 . 8/20
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 5 . 8/19
Technically, Naruto can transform in anything with transformation jutsu (henge) or sexy jutsu, doesn’t he? But another way to become a fox is nice.
Nice chapter.
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 4 . 8/19
Did Naruto forgot to told Yasaka about reverse summoned? Probably in next chapter then.
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 3 . 8/19
Just a nice, easygoing bedtime story. Awesome.
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 2 . 8/19
Marvelous Pathetic chapter 1 . 8/19
Landon Turoski chapter 20 . 7/29
Please update soon
bloodbrother 18 chapter 20 . 6/27
Exciting chapter can't wait for more post soon
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