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Lizard C. Queen chapter 1 . 10/17/2015
OMG ! LOVED IT ! THE BEST AND CUTTEST SIMPSONS FANFIC I EVER READ! SIMPLY A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! No seriously you must be a great writer AND YOU ARE ! Now here comes a review for the whole story and I am so sorry for not reviewing before and not supporting you when you first started writing but I am only fourteen and when you started writing this master piece I was still a little child.
Now here's what I thinkYou have FREAKING AWSOME ideas and I seriously mean it, you are gifted with a tatent which I see in the way you have been are the only one who made Lisa Simpson change her persona, I mean who would have expected that she will get rid of that goodie two shoes look and start to be more cool, and the conditions she has been living: Being without her mother who left her familya brilliant idea by the way)
and then the workaholic Homer , and finally developping a friendship between her and Tommyalso something no one ever talked about in this site).
The only thing I wasn't really surprised to hear is how Bart ended up, because everyone knows how bad can he be.I also loved how the relationship between her and her friends emproved and then changed because of the incident that happened to Tommy.I LOVED LOVED LOVED the warm relationship between Bart and Lisa SO VERY CUTED:-D:-Do_O3I really liked it when Theo stood by here and supported her while everybody neglected finally, the end: It is really confusing and disturbing but I absolutely enjoyed it. I know that I took too long to write this but really, you fic rock and so do you . Please keep on the great work . God blesses your wonderful talent . 3333
Anonymoose chapter 18 . 12/26/2014
Girl. I happened to have come across this story. Its late, i know. But if you could kindly update this, i would be very pleased. Please. Please. Please. Update
Mike Valine chapter 18 . 6/21/2009
What the hell? Come on man! In six days you'll have had three years, THREE YEARS!, to write the last chapters! Come on, even I, the most inconsistent author ever, would have forked out the last effort to finish the story after going this far! Please finish it off! Give us a happy ending, or at least say North Korea bombed them! But sum-up the story at the end! Tell us what Homer's been up to (Is he back together with Marge?), does Todd really love Lisa, and will Lisa commit suicide as she contemplated in the first few chapters? (I'd go by sleeping pills if I were her!)

If you finish the last parts before the end of September, (I don't care how crap it is!(Well, I do really)) I might be motivated enough to finally start writing consistantly. (I might start off with a fanfic, though...)

Of course, if you have a decent excuse, e.g. you'd died or been incarcerated, I'd forgive you. (My condolences to the family)

Please finish it and give the last 4 hours of my life reason!

I've enjoyed it so far! Keep going!

Desperate to read chapter 18 . 2/18/2009
Please! Please finish the story, this is the only good Simpson story in fanfiction. Theres only one chapter left, i read this story quite a while ago, and i just re-read it. I'm absolutlely dying to finish it. PLease update! Please!
Raevyan chapter 18 . 2/4/2007

I reviewed this story once way back in the day! (As in, 2003!) I had no IDEA you were still going with it, although I am definately happy to find that you are!

I'm so happy I found it again - but I must berrate you for your lack of updates. Tsk tsk. We writers have a responsibility to those who grow addicted to our stories, and you must see you have a few? I mean, hell, look at how many reviews this story's got - how many people telling you it's the best thing they've read. I can't disagree...It is definately one of the best stories on

You're a great writer, you have the potential to be an amazing writer. But you have to keep at it. I'm so pleased that your still writing :) And though I understand how life can get in the way of the things we enjoy doing, we must make time. You know what I mean?

You know what, I've rambled more than enough. How 'bout I leave it here with a whole-hearted congratulations on the awesomeness and well-deserved success of this fic, and the humble hope that you will take what I have said on board and try and finish this story sometime soon.

I really hope to see that final chapter! Rock our socks, gal. ;)

Kindest regards,

J1M808 chapter 18 . 12/13/2006
Wow... You ned to continue ASAP
0Rii chapter 18 . 10/11/2006
Okay, I'm going to be very honest-This is possibly the best fanfiction I have ever read. I am in love with it. Please continue soon, you have an amazing talent.

Line of Sight chapter 1 . 9/24/2006
What I meant is that Marge is sort of a villain in this story, not generally...because of the callousness of what she did and the huge negative impacts it had on the family. Thats whats sort of weird about it...I can never see her doing this either. She'd be fully aware of the consequences of something like that, and for her to do it anyways at the cost of her own children is just...almost inconceivable to me. I have to say that out of all the Simpsons Marge seems to be the hardest for people write about in fanfiction. She's almost always somewhat out of character even in fics where everyone else is too. I think her, Milhouse, Ralph, and at times Homer tend to be the most mishandled characters imo.

There's one story here that got Marge down pretty well...but thats kind of it. Heh, I'm trailing off now. Its fanfiction so you can't get too uppity over character consistency although even if someone is showing a "different side" of a character it helps that they're not written too fleetingly as tends to be the case with Marge and the above mentioned. Anyways though, this story I just sort of see it as an interesting what if. Please keep writing, I'd love to see what happens
teen.queen.23 chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
Your story is touching and remarkable! Keep up the good work!
Tenebres d'Eden chapter 18 . 8/24/2006
Wow. I'm late. Almost two months late. I am very, very sorry.

Anyway, don't worry: I haven't abandoned your story! I am still here, although not the most reliable reviewer... [Meek laugh.] Okay then, I shall now try to make up for it.

This chapter was great, with new conflicts and realizations that really deepened the plot. I'm glad that Lisa and Theo still have a long way before living happiy ever after (at least for now) and it really adds more depth and interest in your fanfiction when he left her, angry. Yes, I am a very cruel person. Bart's secret drug dealings also highlight how much Lisa's family is broken apart, reminding the readers that she has a lot more to deal with besides hostile school surroundings. And Constance Harm being part of the Corvid Society? That was a lovely twist, especially when she offered to help Lisa, an emphasis of the original theme: how 'superiors' can so easily manipulate society.

Wow... your story is so deep. Your talent is admirable. I really see your improvement throughout your fanfiction, and needless to say, I'm jealous.

Criticism? Not much. Once again, I truly feel as if you're improving in your details and narrative. But I do have a question about the plot: doesn't Constance Harm know that Lisa isn't so popular with the other Corvids now? Is she not up-to-date or does it not matter to her? It rather surprised me that she was so willing to help Lisa, not because she's Cosntance Harm but because Lisa always goes back to the fact that she's also an outcast in the Corvid society. Just something you might want to think about.

It's great how you can still add to your already intricate plot, all the while gradually closing your story. This chapter certainly does give me the impression that the conclusion is near (a compliment), and it amazes me how you can add twists and still so efficiently foreshadow the epilogue. Great job.

This is a fantastic fanfiction; so deep and complex, drawing on realistic problems on society that intertwines with a character's own personal obstacles beautifully.

Once again, sorry that I didn't review sooner. At least I have a lot to say now, neh?

Looking forward to the next chapter~

Don't give up


P.S.: In my last review, was I still Y * Sunshine? Yeah, this is me speaking. If you still remember me. [Waves enthusiastically.]
AppleZ3 chapter 1 . 8/10/2006
(steamed)...ok, I read your disclaimer in the first chapter so I'm gonna try to sound as constructive as I can...The main plot is wonderful...and I can see Homer leaving Lisa but MARGE SIMPSON! MARGE SIMPSON who cares more about her children then her OWN LIFE? If Marge ever did ran off with French bowler, she would TAKE her kids with her NOT just Maggie. Marge would NEVER leave Lisa. She's her Hero! And Marge would DIE to save Lisa...Why couldn't you have just killed Marge off and had Maggie with the sisters. (sniff)It would've been less tragic for me to have Marge die then to have that WONDERFUL WOMAN and CARING MOTHER replaced by that heartless b*tch with the same name in the fic.

And "Line of Sight" I don't agree about your theory of Marge at all. She is NOT a "true villain" and even if she gives up on herself, she would NEVER gives up on her children. I put my BET on it. And she would never lose her kindness.

Thankfully, altough it's seems like that in the story, Not EVERYBODY in the show has "given up" for real. Sideshow Mel for example never learned to give to up on himself(nor exactly lost his kindness if you pay close enough attention)and he's Krusty's sidekick.

I'm really sorry Sir Mocha. I really do think your main plot is terrific and Lisa's character seems good but I really don't like what you did with sweet, kind Marge.
Hey there chapter 18 . 8/6/2006
Awesome Story! Update soon Or else x.x
Evil Radioactive Cookies Rock chapter 1 . 7/14/2006
Awesome so far! I have no critisms (sp?)
Emilie chapter 18 . 7/8/2006
good story, is it finished? i think lisa should get together with tommy :)
The Volatile Genius chapter 3 . 7/8/2006
So, basically, everyone is their opposite?

Martin: Bad :(

Ralph: Smart :(

Milhouse: Lisa is attracted to him? :(

Lisa: Bad, acting "different" ;(

Homer: workaholic (right. even though he hates his job.) :(

Todd: Just, no. no. Amish? :(

Marge: Bull. (rrgh!) :(

(Milhouse's dad didn't own the cracker factory, he worked there. In fact, chances are Milhouse's dad would have been laid off, as he assumably has no skill in sewing.) :(

But, you at least have a very nice writing talent.
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