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a.t.m.schipperijn chapter 28 . 11/20/2020
Hello mr. Pessimal,
Glad to see the newest chapter in this story,

I found a few little details that, in my opinion, could be changed (I probably sound like a boring person with an obsession for detail but that is necessary for my work (I am an engineer and little errors can cause big problems)):
- Should "if the garden had been full of people, wings beating slowly and strongly at a height where they could have more than bowled people over" not be "wings beating slowly and strongly at a height where they could have more than bowled people over if the garden had been full of people".
- I suggest replacing "Poisons had not been her specialism. Johanna was a fighter." with "Johanna was a fighter, poisons had not been her specialism." to make clear that the line "Poisons had not been her specialism" applies to Johanna and not to Joan.
- Should "Klatchians are devious beggars" not be "Klatchians are devious buggers"?
- In the text "olga's kiddies", Olga should be written with a capital letter.

Bart Schipperijn
Freyalyn chapter 28 . 11/20/2020
Another cracking chapter - not only tying up ends neatly, but such wonderful world-building (or perhap that should be world-filling-in, as you take the solidity that TP left us and fill in all the nooks and crannies).
BenRG chapter 27 . 11/13/2020
I actually feel a little bit sorry for that guardsman whose misadjusted girdle Olga noticed. Ceremonial guards are held to the highest standards of discipline and ritual. For the uniform not to be to standard *and for a visiting dignitary to notice and mention it to the watch commander* would lead to demotion, a guaranteed and unpleasant interview with their captain followed by a lengthy appointment with their sergeant, a toothbrush and the parade ground.

And the parade ground of the Rhoxie is BIG.

The big lesson Klatch could learn from Ankh Morpork is that Vetinari has founded an empire without it ever being an Empire even on paper. He's got a dozen or more effectively vassalised states around the city including Sto, Quirm and Pseudopolis that have their own independent governments and even their own militaries that, nonetheless, defer to the Big Smelly in every meaningful division. In the end, it doesn't matter who sits in the big chair. It's who ultimately holds the levers of your economy and, for Ankh Morpork's smaller neighbours, it is the banks and financiers of the city who essentially answer to Moist von Lipwig who, in turn, knows that he must dance to Vetinari's tune.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/9/2020
Is the name "Natasha Vasilisa" correct? In the rest of this story, that person is called "Vasilisa Budonova".
rga156 chapter 26 . 10/17/2020
Oooh good, I was worrying that we would be left hanging and this is too good a story to want that to happen! Come to think of it all your stories are, but a couple of them have been sort of ... dangling? ... for quite a while. I harbour hopes you may return to them sometime.
I particularly like the way you have woven so many storyline strands into this one, as you did with Strandpiel. Thank you and may you keep writing such good stories for many years to come.
Guest chapter 25 . 10/2/2020
I found a few small errors:
- "Seventy-three" should be "Seventy-two" (because 571572).
- "denier" should be "denim".
- "Gertrudesuddenly" should "Gertrude suddenly".

I hope to read the next chapter soon and that you will keep on writing your magnificient stories (your fanfiction page is one of my most often visited bookmarks).
A.A. Pessimal chapter 25 . 10/1/2020
The Author speaking. i've taken Chapter 25 through a couple of revisions and a partial rewrite just to get it to flow better.

The strange thing is that according to the header there are forty-eight reviews. But count and recount as I do, there are only forty-seven visible. Odd. No reviews pending moderation. A mystery.

Hoping to wrap this up in one, which is sketched out.

all reviews welcome and appreciated!
Guest chapter 25 . 9/27/2020
In previous chapters the technical sergeant is named Gertrude Schilling, not Grace Schilling.
BenRG chapter 23 . 8/24/2020
An airborne-insertion commando raid. As much as Vetinari despises the use of military force, he also knows that such demonstrations can keep the more... excitable... nations calm. No big slaughter but, rather, a very firm slap on the back of the hand. Much now depends on whether the Sultan feels his people have been humiliated enough or whether he thinks they've been humiliated TOO MUCH and that revenge, no matter the cost, is the only remaining option opening to him lest he face a coup.

The way aeromagery is rapidly accelerating (driven, as always, by the needs of war), I suspect that a witch will soon be riding a heavily-modified broom (known to its makers as an Eks-One and named after her teacher, a glamorous witch named Glennis) through the Octarine Barrier.

Meanwhile, I think that Olga is going to realise why wise Witches of eras past stayed well clear of politics. The moment you're visible in that world, you get stuck in its coils and have to allow its compromises to your status.
Guest chapter 22 . 8/20/2020
I found two little typos: "ender your leg" should be "enter your leg" and "to being you" should be "to bring you".
Great story, I hope to read the end soon.
BenRG chapter 22 . 8/20/2020
Am I the only one slghtly alarmed by the ladies idea of 'bonding'? I think Olga is!
BenRG chapter 21 . 8/18/2020
"My lord?"

Sitting behind his desk, his hands steepled in front of his face, Vetinari did not open his eyes, he just raised his eyebrows.

"My lord, the codeword 'Sheep-Worrying' has been sent."

Vetinari still did not open his eyes. His brows simply knit a bit tighter and he nodded once in a distracted way. Drumnott returned to the Ops Room and the magical three-dimensional representation of the first ever Battle in the Clouds being fought out over Whilstlestop.

No matter the outcome, the sun would rise over a very, very different Disc on the morrow.
rga156 chapter 21 . 8/14/2020
You utter punster! The Aga Khuka indeed! Great story, can't wait for the next installment. Thank you.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/12/2020
Very interesting tale, I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.

A little remark: Ponder cast the cold light spell and Gertrude dissipated it? I thought that interfering with another wizard/witches magic was considered very bad manners and would usually lead to a fight.

Also, on the roof Veterinari said the Klatchians had sent 6 diplomatic protests and AM sent 5 but later (in the conversation with the ambassador) Veterinari listed 6 protests from AM and the ambassador listed 5 ( 3 new ones) protests from the Klatchians.

Finally a few grammatical suggestions: "paisd" should be "payed" and "..the Wizards, one who.." should be "..the wizard, one who..".
Freyalyn chapter 21 . 8/14/2020
What a fabulous chapter!

I was wondering if everyone was carrying a sheepdog or something similar up there, but mint sauce bombs will work too. Sad waste of a perfectly tasty condiment though.

The flying heavies are wonderful!
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