Reviews for Along Came A Caterpillar
Jazmin3 Firewing chapter 1 . 6/13/2004
HA! Funny! This may be several light-years away from canon, but it sure was funny! Very nice.
Lutris chapter 1 . 2/10/2004
ROTFLOL! this is SO hilarious! wonderful story!
A Rivendell Commoner chapter 1 . 5/4/2003
Aw a love-struck caterpillar! _ LOL The story was really cute, Bill!

Hellga chapter 1 . 4/27/2003
Great story! Even though I hate caterpillars (scary!) and respect Celeborn, I have to admit I love it!

You have a typo, it should be "bears the Ring of Adamant" you have "bares" :)
kellen chapter 1 . 4/26/2003
Now, you know all three of my email addys :) Valar save me! :)

Oh, Bill...

"It's green"

LOL...I love the obvious.

You have a sense of humor just as warped as mine. I loved it. One of the more hilarious things I've read. I think I need to work of that waiter thing. You've inspired me...

Cheers, Kellen
Mari chapter 1 . 4/23/2003

This is brilliant! The summary itself was hilarious-although the alternate meaning of PWP caused some extremely disturbing mental imagry when I first read it. Eugh. But I'm so, so glad I risked it anyway, because this is awesome!

Wow, that was just brilliantly, wonderfully, perfectly absurdly great-everything just comes together and it all works hilariously. The dry tone, often offset with overblown elvish syntax, just contrasts brilliantly with the fact that it's a caterpillar-a caterpillar, people!

Celeborn and Rumil are fantastic in the opening section-it's especially fun to see Celeborn so completely out of countenance, because really, how often does that happen? Rumil's noble and strenuous attempt to maintain some kind of veneer of elvish aplomb, and Celeborn's contemptuous dismissal of "the pleasantries of Elvish speech" is a joy to behold. Even better, though, is his terrified reaction to Galadriel's name...

Galadriel is perfectly brilliant in this story, and shows up all the better against Celeborn's extravagant melodramatics-although my very favorite part of the entire passage may be the caterpillar's reactions. I never expected to see the line "the caterpillar looked affronted" ever, ever in my life, but it's simply pure genius. And then Galadriel's really magnificent manner of dealing with the situation-she routed everyone there, hand, foot, and artillary, with nary a hair out of place. Nicely done, Galadriel.

Hilarious, brilliant vignette! Please post more of your works as soon as you can!
Kaeera chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
*chortles* That was priceless! Alone the idea of Celebor and Galadries...ah! *wipes tears of laughter away* He was SQUEALING! *giggles* Man, that was really good...hey, I'm grinning here like mad...
JastaElf chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
*Jasta picks herself up off the floor whence she had fallen while laughing herself sick...*

Oh my ERU, Bill, this is absolutely sick, twisted, and therefore WONDERFUL! I about died laughing, and my co-workers are now convinced I am insane... kudos to Skyfire for dropping this plot bunny onto your ankle!

It is so wonderfully non-canonical and AU, and yet so close to what might happen on an off-day in fair Lorien... (grin) of COURSE the caterpillar fell in love with Galadriel, everyone does!

And SO many good lines...

"A tall Elf – though there hardly is any other type – of strong bearing, dashed into view." (snicker) Oh yeah...

"Do you always finish…"

"…Other’s sentences? You’re quite intuitive today Rúmil."

LOL! Just grand and wonderful. THANK YOU for this delightful giggle first thing in my day!
xsilicax chapter 1 . 4/22/2003

I loved it, beautifully written and hilarious!

I completely sympathise with Celeborn's initial reaction, but wow how you milked it!

*Pets the caterpillar and slinks off to work on her overdue caterpillar fic*

Great way to start the morning. Thank You!