Reviews for Reluctant Ally
Mari Wollsch chapter 52 . 6/22
lovely great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
abo556 chapter 9 . 6/11
I love this story and currently on my third or fourth reread an interesting theory has popped up though… is it possible that Harry’s last bout of accidental magic may have confouded Petunia to be micet
Pointer3109 chapter 38 . 5/16
The day the deatheaters died.
chaoyue580966 chapter 1 . 5/16
哈哈哈哈 made in china ,魔法石,笑死我了,我们有好几个工厂在生产魔法石,长生不老!有人要买吗?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 41 . 4/28
I enjoyed this story up until this point, and I know nudity isn't the same thing as sex, and I am also aware that both teens and even preteens have sex... But, despite it not even being a graphic description I don't want to read about teens especially a teen that only just turned 13 having sex. And even if their bond is a factor it seems like a lot of the time Hermione was pushing Harry and not accepting or helping with his worries which also bothered me. You're a good writer but I will not be finishing this story.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 29 . 4/28
Petunia should be able to visit, she just can't show up by car or train or anything like that. The only thing holding her back would be her version to magical transportation.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 23 . 4/28
Wait, I'm confused. In just the last chapter, or maybe the one right before it, Harry was saying that he was Lord Peverell because he could pick that one up when he turned 10 but couldn't become Lord Potter until 14... But now he says he is Lord Potter because of a loophole or something and he was able to become it right after he turned 10... Uhhm, when did that happen? Is he lying? Again, very confused.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 21 . 4/28
What did Hermione's parents do during the whole visit?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 20 . 4/27
Why didn't Harry ask the goblins (or any of his house elves) where his properties were and how to get to them? He keeps thinking about Potter Manor and about how he hasn't gone there yet (though he might have as a baby) but doesn't seem to be making any effort to go there.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 17 . 4/27
I meant to ask this earlier, but: why didn't Harry or even Hermione or Petunia ask the goblins about Sirius, Peter or even who they would need/could contact to get information? They aren't dumb and the goblins have a lot of information, so even if they couldn't give them the correct information they could probably point them in the right direction.
Chalayne chapter 52 . 4/13
Another great story!
Chalayne chapter 47 . 4/13
Passive manipulation- love it!
Veronica McClure chapter 35 . 4/13
but then, whoever thought a Consummate Politician would be a good manager, steward, headmaster of a school?
vnodk chapter 10 . 4/9
The story was going so nicely, but why the need for Harry to have so many lordships, it serves no purpose in any of the stories I've read so far, authors for some reason seem to like adding this to their stories.
BlazeStryker chapter 18 . 3/14
Wrong title.

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