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ForOldTimesSake chapter 3 . 8/5/2003
I can't keep my normal short pen name... *cries*

If you are in doubt, I'm your biggest fan and thinks Brethil is the worlds coolest elf! And before it was just 'Laura'

I love this story too! Great as your other work! Of course there was a big Brethil lack...

But since you have made some birthday request... *big puppy eyes* My birthday is the 10th of August... *very sweet begging eyes* Could we get a Brethil story? A very short one? Just a little little little chapter? It would make me very happy! Please! There are too little Brethil!
TigerLily713 chapter 1 . 7/29/2003
That was very powerful. So much despair. ~Lily
Nadra chapter 3 . 7/25/2003
Oh Tree, too much of this and I will despair as well for the dear Silvan Master Archer! *looks at computer screen and then back to the keyboard*

I think I'm gonna cry...(must not cry...must resist...cannot cry...writing perky story about Tanglinna...ARGH! *breaks out into frustrated tears*) No seriously, I cried through the middle and end of chapter two and then had remained reserved to sniffles for the duration of the third chapter.

I had been meanin gto read this, but perhaps I chose the wrong time to read it. (Probably didn't help that its a very dismal night here in Arizona, with the monsoons raging and such...Not to mention that the Oroduin vaguely reminded me of here in Tucson while our mountain was burning down some two weeks ago...)

Must perk up...must think of Earendil the's not working.

Tired and sad,

Hiro-tyre chapter 3 . 7/21/2003

*Weeping with combined guilt and anguish*

That was absoloutly worth the wait, Tree! Thank you so much! I, um, apologise for neglecting to review this for so long, my excuses for doing so having run out a while ago... I do thank you very, very much for this birthday present.

I want to compliment you on your desicion to not include any actual battle scenes from the Dagorlad. I've no doubt that you could write a battle description with the flair of a master, but this way makes the event so much more dramatic. Having the death of Oropher looked on in hindsight slaps us in the face with the emotions of loss without going through exactly what the characters did. It's a kind of shock that is rarely employed as a weapon. Also, it prevents us having to go through Tanglinna's stage of Denial, as the shrinks would say, a stage that I've never really liked described.

Speaking of which, I love how Tanglinna just gets up and keeps going. That's what he's like. Even though he's being ripped apart inside with all of the death that he's seen, he still remembers his promises and duties. He's such a great guy.

What I love most of all about this story, though, is the memories from Tanglinna and Oropher's days in Doriath. You are the MASTER(Mistress) of the young elf child. Little Tanglinna makes me just want to hug him and make all his hurts go away... but he probably wouldn't appreciate that. But still, showing us the origins of Oropher and Tanglinna's relationship adds so much depth to their story on the Dagorlad. I know that this has been said so many times it must sound like an echo on the review boards, but Poor Tanglinna! The only brght spot of hope in his life is that he does find happiness later... but I wish it could be now!
ember chapter 3 . 7/14/2003
well, i'm glad to find out that my brain ISN'T making things up, and sad that it isn't. this is one of the best chapters i've seen you write - and that's saying something! i loved the way you made that noldor so hostile - that must be how gil-galad's forces felt about the silvans! i just wish we had some way of knowing why oropher rushed into battle! will we end up seeing tanglinna or thranduil telling the "tricksy trio" about their fathers/grandfathers? ... have legolas, brethil, and/or tavor been born yet?
aurora chapter 3 . 7/14/2003


the evil witch queen chapter 3 . 7/10/2003
oh, that was too sad. i nearly cryed! poor tanglinna, i've often wondered about his sister from mentions in another story, but that must have been awful. this story is really good though, even through the misery. can't wait for the next chapter.

just one more thing, the next chap of my little legolas fic is up if you're still interested in that story. stupid me forgot to put my excuse for not posting for so long in it. ah well, excellent story.(i mean yours!)
Kal the Magnificent chapter 3 . 7/9/2003
*sniffles* that's so sad! About Tanglinna, I mean. Poor guy... note to self: find new phrase! Poor [insert name here] is getting rather old! Right then... after that tangent... what did the orc use to brand his victims? Sounds fascinating... Although, Tanglinna _might_ not be marked for life, since (unless I have deduced incorrectly) Sgurush inflicted all of his other markings post-mortem, or close to the time of the victim's death, so nobody really knows how it would heal, since dead people don't heal.

I feel sorry for Thranduil... (hah! it wasn't Poor [insert name here]! Especially since his father didn't exactly die in the most honorable way (the whole charging into battle prematurely thing).

*sigh* Perhaps Tanglinna should have taken their aid... even if they were Noldor... *shakes head* stubborn elvsies...

*g* yeah... if it were me (which, luckily, it is not!), I wouldn't have any of the elves die... Valinor would be overpopulated...

Hugs and Cookies )

And, once again, thank you for the use of Tanglinna's name!
Lindon chapter 3 . 7/8/2003
*Hugs* That was really tough to read, so I'm guessing it was even harder to write :(

It was sweet and poignant at the beginning where you describe the elves singing to those beyond the healers help. It brought tears to my eyes. My Grandma and Grandpa both died early this June, and I had the chance to be with my Grandpa while he died. I did sing to him and comb his hair and that part brought me right back to the hospital room. It does feel nice to offer beloved ones dying any little bit of comfort like that (actually I'm sure it was more of a comfort to me than him). Have you had to go through loss recently (I hope not)? You write about it awfully well, but than you do seem to be a very empathetic person.

You described Tanglinna's injuries and the horror of the battle well, almost too well... There really aren’t adequate words to convey something as dreadful as war but I think you accomplished the desired effect.

It was very upsetting when that Noldo was mean to Tanglinna! I was surprised how protective I felt towards the Master Archer :)

The story of Malhesie’s death and Tanglinna’s scarring was heartbreaking. I really don’t know what more I can say about that part… I just sat there with my mouth open muttering, “That’s horrible! Poor Malhesie! Poor Tanglinna!” over and over. You are truly inventive to be able to write both joyful comedic stories and tragedies so well.

You were right, Tanglinna as an elfling was certainly not fun or funny this chapter. His relationship with Oropher is very moving though. I liked how even though Oropher “wasn't quite certain how to handle crying children” he held him, listened to him, and offered what comfort he could. There is no magic combination of words that can amend a loss such as that, but Oropher’s honest compassion was just what was needed. I can see why they are best friends. It also helps me appreciate the support that Tanglinna will provide to Thranduil while he is mourning his father and later Brenillass.

Although “Tanglinna time” is becoming a rather dismal time, I’m still enthralled and eagerly awaiting your next update. Oh yes, I hold to my conviction that Tanglinna is a superhero! And flaws? What flaws? (Perhaps he needs to be flattered just a tad after this chapter…)
Karina chapter 3 . 7/7/2003
Wow, as well as you write comedy or romance, I still think angst is your strongest point. So very well done and poignant. I'm at a loss for words really, call it a moment of silence for all the loss of life on the battlefield.

Now it's all up to Thranduil, sadly not the most pleasant way to gain kingship over a land. I love how you blended the flashback of Tanglinna's past so very well.

And well those Noldorin, they are not perfect either, we all make mistakes at one time or another, I guess there are some mistakes that come with a higher price to pay.

Well this certainly was a very good chapter, despite the fact that it is very tragic. And I have to say the lyrics to that Evanescence song were very appropriate. Actually so is the name of that band.

It is a very good thing that we know that the Elves of Greenwood shall overcome this tragedy, despite the harshness that they are living through.
Lirenel chapter 3 . 7/6/2003
Poor poor Tanglinna. I can't believe how attached I've gotten to an original character. Please update soon!
ArWen of sMirkwood chapter 3 . 7/5/2003
Very vivid it was very clever to include the little back-story between Oropher and Tanglinna, and link it to Thranduil at the end of the chapter
amlugwen chapter 3 . 7/5/2003
*sniffle* this is a very sad story...

nevertheless i love it - and hope for the next part of this chapter soon...

i don't think that elves would be so cruel (i mean the sneering noldo, wanted to hit him with frying-pan) but on the other hand... some elves are rather cruel and not only with words...

so is Tanglinna now sindar or noldo? i don't know how much you and dragon_of_the_north have him be the same -
Hel chapter 3 . 7/4/2003
So we get another sad piece of the mosaic that is Tanglinnas life. You have told before in your stories about Tanglinnas losses of family members and loved ones but not how it all started. Not only that he suffered from the loss of his sister he also felt guilty because of the non-mortal arrow (thanks to Dragon of the North we know why the orc wanted to kill them).

It is great how Oropher cares for him and tells him that he hopes his son would be as courageous as him. And I think that it is at least partly due to Tanglinna that Thranduil is the grat person he is.

I admire Tanglinna for his sense of duty and his friendship and sympathy that let him go back and not lay down to die in despair. This Noldor elf should go and find a dark hole to hide in and fell ashamed.

It is sad that in war the youngest and those who are most full of the joy of life die first, like here Filigod (I mean young for elven standards). It must be dreadfull to search stones in Mordorto build graves and try to protect the dead bodies from disgrace by orcs or other vile creatures (But somehow is Mordor well suited as a graveyard. A dead country for dead people. Its no place for living beings like Tolkien said in "the Lord of the Ring").

I wonder what happens to the graves in the centuries after the war. If they were left untouched or not.

The second part of the chapter comes hopefully soon.
Venyatuima chapter 3 . 7/4/2003
Poor Tanglinna! Poor Thranduil, too, and all the other elves of Mirkwood. Sad story :( but very well-written. I really liked that bit about Tanglinna's childhood. Poor guy :(

Well, I'm enjoying this very much, so keep writing! :D

p.s Send Tanglinna hugs from me ;)
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