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daw the minstrel chapter 3 . 7/4/2003
This is horrible (which is a good thing). You have managed to capture the despair and horror of battle when all too often, stories concentrate on the valor. And there is valor, too, of course, but not only valor.

The back story on Tanglinna is gripping. How terrified he must have been and how tragic that he feels guilty. He is growing up in a dangerous place and it seems as if he is bound to be frightened and feel guilt. It is amazing that he managed to survive.
Planet Mads chapter 3 . 7/4/2003
Oh poor Thranduil and Tanglinna! The master archer is so brave!
erunyauve chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
Poor Tanglinna! He has come to Mordor with only the wish to join his wife in the Halls of Mandos, and instead survives, even as he loses his King. I was quite distressed to see Filigod killed, though his demise was rather foreshadowed in the last chapter. But that is the essence of making war's horrors real to the reader - to give us characters to care about, that we will mourn them in death.
Faerfaen chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
I knew I'd regret getting attached and I do! *sobs* Poor Oropher! and poor Thranduil. that would suck loosing your father and Tang is so guilt ridden.. ughh poor Tang. I love him! *hugs Tang* awesome chapter and I hope you update again SOON! O)

*~* Dy *~*
UbiquitousPitt chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
Well, here it is - And I think I may have permanently mislaid the last two printed out and reviewed chapters, so I might as well delve in here... hope this came about without too much perturbation - I know of the pains you endured just to get this one completed!

Firstly, it opens quite dramatically and doesn't seem to be quite your style. More like an excerpt from The Iliad... a little, er. Melodramatic. But I liked this part: "Hands made for the crafting and shaping of beautiful things set about this sad task of war." And then it progresses well from there. I don't know. I guess jumping into angst can't get splashy. It must be hard. How do you drop those emotions onto a person all at once? Especially considering that this person probably just got back to the computer from watching Nickelodeon while eating a plate full of beef ravioli...

Every time I read some of your heavier stuff, I am just astounded to remember that this is the same lady who wrote "In The Hall". This is powerful - the strength it took Tanglinna to raise himself up. I love this story. I wish there was an option for "SUPERIOR stories" rather than just "Favourites". This has surpassed any fanfiction I've ever read - I'd say it was your greatest work, if you hadn't forbidden me to read your older tales : )

"If your arrow hadn't missed me before, your sister would be alive." WOW. Um. I think that explains, er, almost the entire of Tanglinna's subsequent LIFE?

Tree, would it be possible for you to draw up a quick picture of Tanglinna's dark mark? I imagine the letters 'Sg' wouldn't be in Tengwar and that's the only alphabet I know.. btw, good ending.

Heledir is Tavor's father? Nice to know! Is this new or did I manage to miss this bit of information? Tavor doesn't get enough love, m'thinks.

Hullo! It was your birthday? I didn't know - Happy Belated Birthday, Tree!
Dot1 chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
This chapter is so powerful, I'm completely stunned into silence. Amazing.
Nilmandra chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
Oh, Treehugger, you must have depressed yourself writing this. How sad! Poor Tanglinna. Big, grown up Tanglinna and little Tanglinna too. I cannot imagine the horror he went through as a child-and now to lose his king and have to listen to the disdain of the Noldor. Oropher may have been foolish in his choice, and it may have led to the deaths of other elves, but such poor timing to point that out now.

I also cannot imagine what Thranduil must have thought - what terrible circumstances under which he now becomes king - for their people might have lost faith if Oropher led them unwisely into battle. He may have to regain the trust and respect of the people, as well as learn to be king while mourning the loss of his father and so many others. *sob*
None chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
Great chapter! Yesterday I laughed a lot with "Elrond's most forgettable birthday" and now I must cry. That's life or someone else's fault? Don't play innocent. I just loved Tanglinna and Oropher here. Yes, Master Tanglinna you have to comfort Thranduil and if you could foresse what fate reserves for you, you would see three adorable, confused and impossible elflings that will need you to look over them and try to "fix" all the mess that they will do. I'm sure you will say that Middle Earth is still a good place to live . Bye.
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 3 . 7/3/2003
Ah, finally! :-) *beams happily* Chapter 3!

First of all - the first sentence is a great one once again! I know that you put great thought into your first sentences, and it wonderfully shows in this one - it has exactly the right rythm for starting this sad chapter heavy with the aftermath of battle and terrible memories... A "harmony of pain", indeed - and I am awed that you are able to make such a beautiful, gripping tale out of gruesome, tragic events...

Well - on to the rest of the chapter! ;-)

Sadly enough, there is some logic in poor, young, innocent Filigod being the one who died in battle - how could the tragic stupidity of war been shown any better? Those who die are not (only) the passionate warriors or long-term mercenaries, but (also) the poor, innocent, unwilling ones... Poor little Filigod - but also poor Heledir! It is terrible enough that he has lost his young brother, but I do not envy him for the task that he will have to carry out, either - telling his mother will be terrible... But Bronadui's help and presence may be of some comfort now.

Apart from the pity I feel for those poor elven warriors, the scene is truly excellent from the storytelling perspective, as it is the ideal means to touch the subject of guilt and loss again (and very unobtrusively) - both have shaped Tanglinna, the hero of this story, so it is very good that we are reminded of them...

I must admit that I am *very* glad that Arasceleg is still alive... We once talked about liking minor characters and, wenn - I do like Arasceleg. :-) And - this paragraph really got to me... The whole beginning is wonderful, but that image of Arasceleg standing in front of the dead king's tent under a starless sky, weary and wounded, but calling out the names of the fallen warriors, was somehow just... touching. Only three little sentences - but what power of words and what grim beauty! Just brilliant!

I liked that Tanglinna's "return" to the world of the living was marked by "a flash of silver light" - it just seemed very fitting for Vanwahith aka Orolith aka the silver-haired archer. ;-)

Tanglinna's wound does not sound good at all... :-/ And when it is described, looking terrible, and his face is all covered in blood... I just could not help thinking that this wound must go right across that very special scar that adds the finishing tough to the frightening image... Wounds old and new, caused by orcish blades. Poor Tanglinna.

Although the situation is far from being funny, I had to smile when Tanglinna growled "'Tis a mere scratch" - it is just so typical of him. No, he does not need a healer - no pity and no fussing please, he is strong and will not show any weakness... "Stubborn Silvan" indeed, to quote a certain elvenking. ;-)

"It seemed that even the strongest weapons could shatter in the heat of battle" - all right, this sentence means more than it seems to mean, I believe... The strongest weapons... Singing bowstrings, for instance? A second, symbolic meaning of that kind would not surprise me.

I felt like hugging Tanglinna when he started thinking of Oropher... "nin aran, nin mellon" indeed. :-( Those two ways of thinking about him reveal quite a lot about their relationship... Touching and sad! *sniff,sniff*

Very well - the "sneering Noldor" may visit me (if he dares), and I will hand him a lovingly written "he-who-managed-to-make-otherwise-peaceful-and-more-or-less-tolerant-Maike-wish-she-could-kick-him-repeatedly"-certificate. LOL, I really do not like that one... Sneering at a mourning fellow elf is about the least friendly thing I can think of in that situation... And even taking into account that the war may weigh heavily on that Noldor warrior as well - that is no excuse for such callousness and arrogance! So my deepest understanding for Tanglinna's "wrathful Silvan gaze" - it is what that sneering Noldor deserves (or part of it - he deserves to be smacked, to say the very least!).

And here we go again - "loss" and "failure", the recurrent theme of poor Tanglinna's life - it is very skilfully done that you mention these two in the introduction paragraph before the flashback.

The characterization of Tanglinna is brilliant yet again - surrounded by loss and despair, secretly wishing for death (that would seem merciful to him), yet condemned to live and too responsible to change that... I love your tormented Master Archer! You depict his feelings so very vividly!

And then, the flashback - just wonderful and glorious, sad as it may be!

You already know that I love the beginning - the description of Tanglinna's safe little retreat, his wish to flee his dreams and the sad memories... And yet, his inability to escape all of those gruesome things... "Crushing his spirit", indeed! Well... Not crushing it in the end, we know he survived and became strong and composed - but shaping it, no doubt... and ending his childhood and innocence. :-(

I love Oropher in this flashback - so complex and just likeable! He wants to help, yet is not sure how to do it - and proves that, despite his usual somewhat arrogant demeanour, he can be a wonderful friend and very gentle and caring... It is good that this sweet and touching memory of him in the flashback is what we read about him last in this chapter - his death in battle is not the end, in memories, he lives on, and what he has done to help Tanglinna lives on as well... Beautiful! *sniff*

And yes - "the infamous Sgurush" is in it... He is a most impressive villain - just plain terrible! You turned the mere two syllables I gave you into a terrible, shocking, displeasing and therefore, in this context, just perfect character! Wow!

*shudders* And what an image now... Sgurush falling with Malhesie still in his grasp... What an image! An utter travesty of dying in someone's arms... Terrible, gruesome and... most impressive once again!

And the last paragraph... Just too touching! Again, the subject of need and responsibility... And, in this case, it is almost like paying back old debts. Oropher has protected and helped Tanglinna when he needed him and had lost someone very dear to him - so now Tanglinna is going to do the same to Thranduil! Sad - but wonderful...

Hm... Tanglinna is walking towards the dead king's tent now... Is Arasceleg still there, lamenting the dead? That would be a further reason for the mention of his presence there earlier...

This was a WONDERFUL chapter - you outdid yourself once again! :-):-):-)

And as to the e-mails - you know how much I enjoyed them!
JastaElf chapter 3 . 7/3/2003



And I thought MY orcs were bad... (shuddering at the thought of an Orcish bounty hunter who goes about marking his victims like that...) Poor Tanglinna! Please give the Silver Archer a big hug from me (Thranduil's not looking, is he?) and tell him I feel for his pain.

Not that I wouldn't do likewise to him... (grin) but still. One can write such stuff and still cringe...

And OH the plotbunnies that now infest my being! OH the ideas... (grin)

The flashback to Tanglinna's childhood was wrenching, as was the scene with the two Noldor. What nasty things to say... I think the nasty Noldor should be thumped HARD for being like that. I know he's grieving for a king too, but SHEESH!

Boy it's good to have you back. (grin) Thank you for another wonderful chapter, nin mellon!
Lirenel chapter 2 . 6/7/2003
You are making me sad before the sad part even happens! This was so well written, i felt like I was in the story. Please keep writing!
Hiro-tyre chapter 2 . 5/28/2003
You are brilliant, Tree, absolutely brilliant in the Tolkienesque range. I am absolutely stunned by the apparent ease with which you handle some very tricky conversations and relationships, whilst simultaneously painting an elaborate literary landscape, straight from the deep recesses of the Aglarond of your imagination. You are truly amazing, honoured Tree-sama.

Thranduil-hour was very good. It gives us a peek into our favorite Elf-Kings mind, which I don't think (?) you've done before. And even though young Thranduil has yet to go through some traumatic character-shaping experiances, He is still recognisable as the King he will grow up to be. His pride of the Silvan folk is not just a passing thought; it is very deep-seated ad genuine, facts which you illustrate very clearly and well.

You have certainly done your research on this piece. I happened to have the good fortune to be reading Unfinished Tales at the same time as you posted the first chapter, and so I unerstood and connected alot of the stuff you said about Amdir, and the foreshadowing of the battle on the Dagorlad. I am suprised at myself for working up the courage and nerve to question your elvish. Are you sure that Orolith and galenhuan mean what you say? Unless it's silvan, I can't make the connections. This is especially presumptious of me, since all that I know of Sindarin is what I have gleaned from your writing. Yes... I was a lurker long before I ever reviewed your work. so, if I've made some huge offence, I apologise, and would you please explain? As, as if I havn't imposed upon you enough already, I humbly make mention of the fact that my birthday is next week, (I can feel the incredulous stare that you must be leveling on your computer screen as you read the next few sentances) and I have noticed that you have occasionally written a birthday piece for someone. (AUGH! Don't lose any respect for me!) Ok, Ok, I wimp out. All that I'll ask for for my birthday is the next chapter of this fic or of "It Runs in the Family".

Pretty Please? I'm getting nothing else, and I am just a poor girl, nobody loves me! I'm just a poor girl, from a poor family! Thanks for this chappie anyway. POST SOON!
sinbin05 chapter 1 . 5/14/2003
Wow...this is most definetly the best start to a fan fiction (or any book, for that matter) that I have read recently. "It was a cold and deadly sound, the ringing of metal on metal"-your diction is perfect, imagery impeccable. You made me feel like I was there, watching the elves talk amongst themselves...

Excellent job! I can't wait for more!
Lutris chapter 2 . 5/9/2003
yes, Oropher is greatly portrayed! I like him too, very much. I loved when you show the wood elves as 'rustic' but not for that less in spirit. Needless to say, it was a wonderful chapter!
Lindon chapter 2 . 5/9/2003
I'm so glad I finally got to read this through; I've been busy with standardized tests (ugh) and haven't had a minute to spare. I decided I needed some Tanglinna time though ;)

My favorite aspect of this story is seeing familiar characters in new ways. Tanglinna as a student instead of a teacher, Thranduil as a son... It makes me see them with more depth, and I want to re-read some of your older tales now that I have seen them in a new light. Speaking of surprising new aspects of characters, Tanglinna as an elfling was quite funny. I can just picture him with a little scowl on his face, "They are just imitations. The real ones are better." What a hoot! I'm sure Legolas would get a laugh out of the fact that Tanglinna was unimpressed with Thingol's halls...

The strain between Gil-galad and Oropher is about egos clashing! I never really understood the tension between the two Elvish cultures, but your writing makes it very clear to me.

I'm so glad Tanglinna got some respite in this chapter. It's so unnatural to think that there's something Tanglinna cannot handle. Maybe it's from getting to know Tanglinna in the time when Legolas is an elfling, but I really almost view him as a superhero, you know?

Well, I enjoyed this chapter very much; as I do all your stories. It proved a nice breather :)
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