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the evil witch queen chapter 2 . 5/8/2003
ok, i haven't read all of this chap. but i will, it's just i have to go to bed soon so i'll review before i do. good chapter, poor tanglinna. oropher is really stubborn, isn't he? sounds like me. are you going to make tanglinna or thranduil get hurt? maybe both.

thanks for the reviews to my little legolas fic, the third chaps up by the way.

well, very good story, as always.
PuterPatty chapter 2 . 5/6/2003
TreeHugger! This is such a beautifully crafted story! Oy, you never cease to amaze me. The narrative voice you are using here is so wonderfully rich. I feel as if I'm really there as one of the young warrior elves watching Oropher and Tanglinna and Thranduil. You have completely transported me to this time and place. Amazing writing, truly it is.

How you protray Thranduil here is just heartbreaking; he reminds me so much of Legolas here in his youth, before he comes to his kingship, and that brings me sadness because I know he'll soon go through some very tough experiences that in dealing with will harden him. But yet we still love the Good and Wise King, for truly he is!

This friendship between Oropher and Tanglinna is so complex and so very touching. I would hate to be in Oropher's boots right now. He walks a thin line with his friend, trying to be supportive yet knowing the only way to ensure his survival is to *order* him to watch after his Thranduil. And of course, Thranduil, being the prideful elf that he is, is none too pleased with this. And Tanglinna-well, he is not happy at all. What a troubled past and such deep pain he has experience! :( Oy! I just want to hug all your characters-both canon and original! Even the young warriors-Brondaui and the others, you offer just little tidbits of who they are that really draws me to them. Oh, why does this have to take place during the Battle of Dagorland. I know the outcome! I'm dreading the outcome! I mean, at least I know that Tanglinna and Thranduil and Brondaui will live, but I know Oropher's fate, and I fear for the fate of the other's who I already feel affection for. Oy, this tale should not be read by elf-lusters like me! Alas, this is war, isn't it? Still, it makes me sad! Such angst, and the battle hasn't even begun yet.

Okay, final comment-the fleshing out of M-e history you are doing here is grand! So riched, so detailed, so real. The description of the swords and armour is terrific. I can sense the reverence held for those who made them, for those who use them. It truly brings this tale to life.

I am so glad you decided to write this piece of Tanglinna's life, Tree, and that you are laying it out here to share with us, his fans and your fans. This is truly a wonderful tale about a truly wonderful character!
Elena chapter 2 . 5/4/2003
Oh dear... no one's happy. And wait a minute... Last! This is where Oropher dies, isn't it? Or am I comepletely delusional?

I like this story a lot. I don't know how else to say it. Your characters are so complicated that they seem like real people. I mean REALLY real. Some authors have good characterization, but their characters seem a little forced sometimes. But your people are very believeable.

I also like how you can be writing an extremely sad part, and then make me laugh with some dryly sarcastic comment. It breaks the tension a little, if the tension before a battle can be broken. But even so, the part when Tanglinna finds his dead family made me cry, and it was only a few sentences long.

Please update (any of your stories) soon! It would make all of us very, very happy.
Karina chapter 2 . 5/3/2003
Nicely done! I’ll glad that Oropher made ammends with Thranduil and Tanglinna. It’s a very very good thing, in a sad way :( It’s funny, it’s almost like he knew what was coming and didn’t want to die with ill feelings, not good. :(

Yeah I can just imagine how difficult it must have been to write about Celair’s death, I had a hard time when I wrote Ghost of a Memory, that was pretty bad too. Still makes me sad, especially when you actually *know* someone who lost a child around the same age.

The Silvan Elves really aren’t used to Battles I guess if there armour is very poor. I fear that not’s something that will help them.

Now I think it’s time to brace myself and get ready for all the ugly battle stuff to come and stick it’s vile head out. It’s a question of don’t get attached to anyone, they most likely will die, except the obvious ones of course! How many of Oropher’s Elves died? Two thirds about? I know he lost many, more than any other realm. It’s funny how your description of their armour (again I know) through Thranduil’s thoughts, is almost a foreshadowing of the outcome of Dargorland and the return to Greenwood.

If I knew about Oropher I am sure I would be able to say that he is very well depicted here, but I’ll say it anyway. You did a great job creating a profil for Oropher with what little information available. I would guess, judging by his mistake, he is impatient and impulsive, but I’m sure that is only one tiny aspect of a very vast personality I am certain Tolkien would have wanted him to have. Speaking of Tolkien, I’m sure he would agree with you! :)
Venyatuima chapter 2 . 5/2/2003
Oh yay! A new TreeHugger Story! :D But its so sad! Poor Tanglinna ... I knew he'd lost his wife and child, but I never really thought about it. :(

Great writing as usual ;) very moving and touching. Keep going!
Faerfaen chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
so what your saying is that we need to have a freshly opened box of kleenex for next chapter huh? I teared up in this chapter so next chapter is going to be water works city. heheh great chapter I love all of them and I tried not to get attached to Oropher since I know what happens but I did! Now I'm really going to regret it... ugh.. well update again soon!

**~ Dy *~*
Gwilwileth of Imladris chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
lol playing poker in class? Bad Tree .. I liked this chapter. I was blown away to find out that Tanaglian (sp? ugh! I should know how to spell this by now!) had a elvish woman he loved. I'm kinda tired just got back from my VICA trip and i didn't place any medals at state. -_-...oh well at least I didn't kill them on the trip or torment them with LOTRs (the other kids on the trip are all LOTRs haters..) Keep up the good work and write more.


Kal the Magnificent chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
*sniffles* and then he dies, doesn't he? Oropher, I mean... since Tanglinna dies in another story *starts sobbing* and Thranduil doesn't die cuz he hasn't had Legolas yet. *sobs* and after they just made up!
JastaElf chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
Oh wow... I could actually feel the tension between Oropher and Tanglinna. I am VERY relieved they managed to resolve that tension without getting angry with one another... and those were healing tears for the Master Archer. I know there's gonna be bad stuff in the next chapter... (sob!) But who better to help Thranduil through the pain, than Tanglinna-who has been there and dealt with it more than any Elf should have to do...

And may I say, I LOVE your depiction of the Silvan Elves - and the way you describe the reactions of others TO them. (smile) Saeros, Tuilinal and Aikalerion completely agree, and say they would MUCH rather be rustics than clanking about in all that armour crap... of course, *I* know all three of them are out there somewhere among those Silvan Elves, present and accounted for, ready to kick butt and take names.

I both dread and heartily anticipate the next chapter...
Hildestohgl chapter 2 . 5/1/2003
Great Chapter. I always have this powerful feeling when I read one of your more intense stories. I love yuor work and check for updates every time I'm able _

Love ya,


PS: I'm an artist too! _ Tanglinna is one of my favorites for this being one of the reasons!
erunyauve chapter 2 . 4/30/2003
Bronadui is certainly his son's father, distracted by what he loves even in the midst of war. You can certainly understand how Brethil came to be such a gentle and kind soul.

I very much like your Oropher - for him to come out of the west and be taken as King by the Silvan Elves, he must have had both a powerful presence and the sort of magnetic presence that inpires love and devotion from a people.
Angaloth chapter 2 . 4/30/2003
Of course I read Dragon_of_the_north's tale...actually, I read it several times. Very well done, and quite funny. : )

It's so nice to see the close relationship that Oropher and Thranduil have.

I especially love Oropher's little speech to Tanglinna and this quote: 'My son is the most important thing to me in this world, and all I do I do for him; for you, and for my people, our people.' Almost made me cry because it was beautifully written. It's just so full of emotion, and then he says " I want you to live." Oh its just beyond words! : )

It's also nice to get a better look at what Tanglinna's life was like when he was younger. There was just so much we didn't know about him, and now that we do, it adds so much more depth to his character. Thranduil's too. I mean, I loved them when I read " In the Hall..." and " Elrond's most forgettable Birthday" etc, and now I can't help but love them even more!

It's also nice to know that he * didn't* die, like we all thought he had. : ) : ) And Brethil as well... OOh, I just love them ALL! Including your non-original characters, Legolas, Thranduil, etc.

I look forward to next chapter...thought I'll need to make sure I have a tissue box handy. I can just tell there will be needing them.

Reading " We shall indeed show them" makes my eyes watery!
Hel chapter 2 . 4/30/2003
Good that Oropher and Tanglinna have sorted out their problems. And Im glad that the king could talk some sense into him. The scene when Tanglinna mentally speaks again with his sister and his wife are wonderful.

I also love your descriptions of Tanglinnas youth. It helps to understand why he is how he is and why he act in this way.

To come to the topic of armoury. I think this was one of the main reasons why so much of the Lorien and Greenwood elves died. Becouse they had less weapons and armoury than the Noldor and of a poorer quality ("klinking" can be usefull and safe life, at least in a battle). Another is their stubborn independence. As much as I appreciate it, in this case Oropher should have listen more to Gil-Galad and work together with him instead of acting alone.

But I can understand why the Greenwood elves love their king this much and follow him whereever he leads them. He is a good king and with his taking care for the life and wellbeing of every inhabitant of his realm he shows that he deserves their love and trust.

And Tanglinnas promise to take care of Thranduil get a deeper meaning when you know that Oropher will die in the battle. He had made shure that his son has trustworthy friend, advisor and guard without even knowing it. Also Oropher embracing his son gets a double meaning when you know what happens and it seems as he feels some kind of foreboding and needs to show his son his love.

I hope you up-date soon.

PS: You are very, very lucky that Dragon-of-the-north has find a way to keep Tanglinna and Brethil alive. Very lucky.
None chapter 2 . 4/30/2003
It was such a touching chapter! I cried when I read it. My mother saw me and asked me why I was crying and I said her that it was because I have read something beautiful and sad. Her answer was : "Thanks God, for this.". Please, don't forger "Elrond's most forgettable birthday". Bye.
Jay of Lasgalen chapter 2 . 4/30/2003
Tree, this is great! Didn't I review the first part? So sorry about that! I love this, I like the portrayal of your three primary characters - Thranduil (of course! ;) ), Oropher - very few fics feature him - and your Tanglinna, so sad and resentful of the charge given to him.

The foreshadowing is sad too, as we know what happens at the battle, and also what is to come, much later, in your other stories.

I like Oropher's majesty, and his son's awe at his appearance. This is very good, and I hope you keep updating (but don't forget Elrond's birthday, or the Jade King!)

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