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daw the minstrel chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
Great story, Tree. So carefully crafted that I felt I was there. The images of Tanglinna and Oropher snarling and snapping at one another really caught the feral, unpredictable nature of wood-elves, who were definitely not over-refined Noldor.

And charging Tanglinna with Thranduil's safety was both brilliant and cruel. You can see how it drives a wedge between the friends, but it will save Tanglinna.
Larian Elensar chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
Oh...I'm on the edge of my seat, and holding my breath...practically speechless at the emotions this brought up.

*phew*...Definitely need more...
OzVic chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
Well done! I'm used to reading more light stories from you, but this was brilliant. I've always loved Tanglinna as a character, and I'm very happy to see him being explored in a lot more detail. Knowing the history of Oropher and Thranduil, I can't wait to read the next chapter. You are such a versatile writer! Your angst is on the par with your humour, and seeing how gloriously you write that, I think that says a lot! :-)

Happy writing muses,

Dragon-of-the-north chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
Yes! It's online, it's online! :-)

I still love the beginning - "a cold and deadly sound, the ringing of metal on metal" - and then everything else... The whole first paragraph is a marvel... I simply love it, sad as it may be, but never was Tanglinna more beautifully depicted... The description is so awesome! :-)

*sniff* And it still nearly makes me cry! (This means something, you know that - I hardly ever cry over a moving story...). "I beni-galad o in cuil" - sad, sad, sad... But... perhaps there is a flicker of hope in that phrase? The light will also go when, for example, the sun sets - but then, it will return... Suicide is _not_ an option, Tanglinna! Be brave! *hugs him*

Now I've found something that makes me LOL - Bronadui seldom speaks? It's so hard to imagine that Brethil has such a taciturn father... ;-) It's good to find some charming little details like that one to make this story a little less depressing.

Once again, I am truly amazed how very well you can bring alive even minor characters in just a few sentences... I can really see and hear those elves in the camp!

The little bird Bronadui makes has so much more significance now that I know what that kind of bird will stand for later... This is also so very sad - but also cute, in a way...

"Tonight all the children of Iluvatar were united in their grief and in their need to overcome their shared foe before many more of them fell in this dread, smoke-blackened plain, their blood mingling on the tainted ground with that of their friends and foes." - I have to tell you again how much I love this sentence - it's brilliant and very touching... Heartfelt thanks again that you didn't forget to mention the foes. ;-)

Now on to Tanglinna again! It's so very typical that he tries to hide his sorrow - and yet, he cries, without even noticing it at first... He is so complex, everything between a tough warrior and a gentle, kind-hearted being... Poor Tanglinna!

Your portrayal of Oropher is great - and the sad irony of this passage nearly makes me weep again! "Yes, they would prevail" - if only you knew, Oropher... But it's better that you don't know in advance, I believe.

The way Thranduil is introduced is simply wonderful - unobstrusive, but showing all his awesome qualities - and, well, his less pleasant sides (the mention of his considering himself a younger version of Oropher tells a lot)...

I love the confrontation between Tanglinna and Oropher - and the way Tanglinna greets his king still makes me smile: "Shouldn't you be out harassing Gil-galad?" The question tells you a lot about both of them - about the one speaking as well as about the one addressed... It is just so astounding and great! You know so very well how to characterize people implicitly and yet clearly - a very rare gift!

Hmm... I'm wondering whether Oropher is thinking of own experiences when he hopes that anger could be a sort of catharsis for Tanglinna... ;-) But then, he is right, in a way - Tanglinna holds back too many feelings, even if he shows them (as he did just before), they are mainly in his eyes (I also thought this in "Jade King" when he is floored by Brethil's question concerning the picture and yet remains kind)... He might need some further provokation... But Oropher is the right elf for that, or isn't he? ;-)

I still love that Thranduil rushes to intervene! :-):-)

Thank you again that you did not describe too many details of what Tanglinna found in the talan... It's dark and sad enough like this...

"My life is ash..." - hmm... Of course, what Tanglinna says is sad, but this one sentence seems to offer a shred of hope as well. It may be an odd thing, but I just thought of Aragorn's riddle in LOTR... There is that sentence that fire can be rekindled from the ashes... So perhaps, there is still something left (or I am hopelessly optimistic)!

I still think that Oropher did the right thing - reminding Tanglinna of his wish to protect other (there even is that oath... ;-)), if in a somewhat unfriendly way, is the very best thing to keep him alive... And I hope there will be a time when he will be glad that he has not killed himself at Dagorlad.

But it's still sad and highly ironic that Tanglinna, who wants to throw his life away, will live - while Oropher is going to die...

"More death and pain" - yes... The story is going to be *very* sad and dark... but... I LOVE it! I don't know whether you've ever written a better story before... All of your stories are very good, but this one is simply incredible - and has the very best main character one could wish for! Thank you again that you allowed me to read part of it in advance... I can't wait for the rest! :-)
JastaElf chapter 1 . 4/22/2003
OMG... *staring at the screen in stunned delight*

Tree, this is just flat-out EXCELLENT. All the words I could say stand beggared. This is so tightly written, such excellent choice of words, such mature, strong, powerful prose... VERY different from your usual voice, and yet eminently cherishable.

You bring Oropher to life in a way that is like melted bittersweet chocolate: dark, flowing, powerful, just-amazing. And the younger Thranduil, a little brash but very much a leader... and we get to see Brethil's quiet father, and a younger, seriously grieving, angsted Tanglinna... oh dear Lord, what a fantastic start!

Now I understand all those questions you asked. (grin) I am DYING to see more... it is SO good to have you back, especially with an offering like this! What an opening salvo!

I bow before you...
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