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Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 27 . 5/17
Enjoying the story thanks
Darknessdawns chapter 27 . 5/12
This was a wonderful story. It had a very sad beginning but lead to beautiful and happy things. I absolutely loved that Amelia Bones stepped in and became the mother Harry never had. Her support really changed things. It was wonderful to see him grow past the terrors of his past even though things really did move quickly within the timeline. It's hard to believe this entire story took less than two months from beginning to end. With all the character development it really should have been longer. However things flowed spectacularly and it didn't really feel rushed. it's only after it's over that you realize how little time it took. Personally I would have liked to see this drawn out more so we could really appreciate the character growth and the relationships, both romantic and familial. The family group/clan that sprung up around Harry was a sight to see and I really wish we could have seen it develop more, especially with all the different roles the adults could fill and the insights they could provide. After all there were Magicals of all kinds and muggles. The amount of world building this had potential for is staggering. Tis a pity little came from it. At any rate this was very action packed with several political twists. Dumbledore was definitely a Dark Lord that needed defeating. Compared to him Tom Riddle was an amateur. You did an amazing job with that by the way. The ending of both Riddle and Dumbledore were well written and everything they deserved. Good job having Draco take out the Dark Wanker. That was a very redeeming moment for him. The same for Snape and taking out Dumbledore. I'm actually rather surprised he got the Aurors to actually show when they needed to. However I was left very curious about what happened to the Fudge administration after all that. I'm also still curious about what Harry and his Clan decided to do with their lives. It was hinted at but never actually established. Also whatever happened to Lupin? At any rate, I really did enjoy the story. You did a great job with it. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this.
FotoDi chapter 10 . 5/7
Sorry but Harry is basically either bribing Ron into being his friend again so he won’t get jealous about the wealth. Ron hasn’t done anything to deserve 5-10 million pounds. Neither has Ginny. In fact, recent History shows that Ron will find something else about which to to be jealous.

By my count, the victims/combatants are:

Gold to Fawkes — or his designated charity.
Gold to Mr. Filch — b/c Mrs. Norris was petrified.
Gold to Moaning Myrtle’s Family — first mortality.
Gold to Dennis Creevey.
Gold to Justin Finch-Fletchley.
Gold to Nearly Headless Nick’s descendants or
designated recipient/charity. (Arguable.)
Gold to Hermione Granger.
Gold to Penelope Clearwater.

I can argue For/Against Gold to Ginevra Weasley.
I refuse to think either Ron or Lockhart deserves a cut.

Ginevra Weasley is a pureblood witch, youngest of seven children, raised in the magical world. She is the daughter of the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office and the Head of the Office of Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects. Ginny should have turned the obviously strange diary over to her parents. Ginny did not buy it. She did not see anyone buy it for her. She should have asked if it was a surprise gift. For pity’s sake, the blank leather-bound Diary was imprinted with someone else’s name! Moreover, the Diary was interactive, which means that it was at the very minimum probably a very expensive item.
Ginny was being very selfish. She was acting like a spoiled brat — she wanted a Diary to take to Hogwarts. Her parents didn’t have enough gold to waste on such a frivolous luxury while also trying to equip, clothe, and pay five Hogwarts tuitions in 1992.
So when Ginny found the black leather book and kept silent about her (malicious & suspicious) windfall, she can’t legitimately claim ignorance later. Nor can she justify her actions once the jig is up by saying that she thought the diary was a surprise gift. If she believed it to be a surprise gift, why didn’t she ever tried to thank her Mother, Father or siblings? Me thinks something stinks. Ginny knew no one bought the book for her. The poor little cosseted pureblood Princess just greedily kept it — and kept its existence a secret.
Like all her siblings, Ginny has been taught not to trust anything Magical for which you can’t see its brain. “Tom” is an intelligent yet invisible entity that writes back to her and even teaches her new spells in this very magical diary. No …. Nothing suspicious about this Diary at all. She had four brothers living alongside her in the Gryffindor Dorm at Hogwarts. She never asked for help or expressed any doubts/concerns. The innocent little girl act is just that — an act. Ginny is a stubborn, hot-headed Weasley. She may have been magically compelled by the Horcrux over time and ended up partially possessed. But that doesn’t explain why she never questioned mysteriously receiving the Diary at the outset.

Ron is a bullying fool. He practically forced Harry to try to save Ginny. Once Harry pushed the issue of securing adult assistance, Ron dragged Harry to Professor Lockhart — arguably the biggest fraud to ever set foot in Hogwarts. Good contribution, Ron.
After the cave-in, Ron moved just enough rocks and rubble for Harry & Ginny to squirm back through to the ante-chamber with Fawkes. Why didn’t Ron leave Lockhart once he had cleared a hole and go try to help Harry in the Chamber? Talk about a lame brother. Yes, Ron’s wand had been ruined further after Professor Lockhart stole it and caused the cave-in. But, Ron just fell back into the role of the passive sidekick leaving the onus on Harry. He deserves $1-2 million galleons?!
Help, no.
Incantations7 chapter 19 . 4/26
I love the prank on Dumbles!
Bronze chapter 8 . 4/22
Seems Susan now is the Master of the Elder Wand. And Good Ole Fumblemort is gonna be so embarrassed that he got disarmed, stunned and bound by three of his students. Granted, he was distracted by first arguing with two Aurors and the head of the DMLE. But it does say something about his situational awareness. Moody would be all over him if he were a rookie Aurora and did anything like that. Anywho, Good Ole Fumblemort isn't gonna be a very happy camper waking up in a holding cell. I wonder if Fudge will let him walk like he does the Death Eaters who are captured? Of course, the Death Eaters have gold to bribe their way out. I don't know if Good Ole Fumblemort has his own gold or does he depend on other peoples? Yes, I do believe that if he's stealing from Harry then it isn't the first time he's done something similar to other orphans. What better way to gain money then to place a orphan in an abusive home and claim their inheritance with a phony Will naming himself as the only beneficiary. I know I read at least one where he got caught doing it after trying it with Harry.
Just William chapter 27 . 4/23
A very good story with lots of decent sub-plots Should you need a beta in future, please let me know
Bronze chapter 7 . 4/17
In regard to the Potions, you can bet anything you want that Good Ole Fumblemort DIDN'T brew any of them himself! No, he'd want a scapegoat, a fall guy to throw to the wolves to protect himself. He sees himself as being too valuable to the magical world. A God above it all directing the actions of all the lesser being below himself. So, most likely he had plans in place that should he ever need to he could throw Severus Snape to the DMLE and/or Wizengamot to take the blame for whatever it was. Though, I think he truly underestimates Snape greatly. My reading on the man is he covers his own ass when it comes to something like this. In other words, he kept notes and anything else needed to make sure he didn't take the fall for anything potions related.
Bronze chapter 6 . 4/17
Having read most of this story before I somehow forgot all about Luna's article in the Quibbler and the shit storm it set off. Good Ole Fumblemort will be damage control as soon as he reads it. That is of course if he gets to read it. I do remember that around this point in time he makes an attempt to force his way into Harry's room and gets his ass handed to him by two soon to be fifth years.
Bronze chapter 5 . 4/17
Damn! I always knew he was a thief! Not to mention a betrayer of anyone he deems to be in his way.
Bronze chapter 4 . 4/17
Well, if there is any money owed for Harry's treatment, they should bill Good Ole Fumblemort. But also have an audit done on every and all Potter vaults. Follow that by an inheritence test to see if Harry might have others that Good Ole Fumblemort could have looted. It would also bring to light if anybody else had been stealing form them as well. I'm sure Madam Bones would have quite a bit to say to Molloy walking through Kings Cross Station breaking the Statute of Secercy in '91. Which I KNOW she was put up to doing by Good Ole Fumblemort personally.
Bronze chapter 3 . 4/17
The one thing that comes to mind right now is from the Bill Cosby movie spoof Lenard Part VI. The line " Kill 'em! Kill 'em all! " in regards to Good Ole Fumblemort. The man's so damn Dark He makes Vulturewurst look like the living embodiment of Light Magic itself! I find myself asking again and again how many members of the Disorder of the Flaming Hemorrhoid as well as the general public would still be alive if Good Ole Fumblemort wasn't InCharge of so much of the magical world? Both magical and mundane. There's just something extremely wrong with someone who is more concerned with saving the lives of Murders, Rapists and Arsonists then the people they attack. But that's exactly what Good Ole Fumblemort is concerned with. That and Hamstringing any investigation into anything he has his dirty little fingers into of course.
Bronze chapter 2 . 4/17
Isn't it amazing just how ignorant even after four years at Hogwash Harry still is about the magical world? It's almost as if someone decided he didn't need to know anything about it. Now who could that possibly be do you think? My money would be on Good Ole Fumblemort. He is after all a meddling controlling old fraud who thinks he knows what's best for everybody in the world. Hell! His own hubris is leading the so-called greatest school in the world to an ever lower and lower level on education. Too bad the staff is too blinded by his so-called greatness to see it.
BCLinguist chapter 1 . 4/17
If someone with the list of injuries Harry possesses wandered into the ER, my first question would be why, in so many years, didn't neither Harry nor his guardians seek treatment. Why did no one else who had administered first aid to Harry ever noticed these injuries and maladaptations? The only conclusion is that someone doesn't want Harry treated, and it would be wise to figure out who that someone is before stepping on their toes.
Bronze chapter 1 . 4/13
Ya, that's a nice thought but Good Ole Fumblemort will never allow Harry to be fully treated. It matters not to him who inflicted these injuries upon Harry, he'll be returned to the Dursleys. Even if it should be proven that Vernon and Dudley Dursley were the ones to do this to him. To Good Ole Fumblemort, it's the safest place for him.
Djinn24jr chapter 9 . 4/12
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