Reviews for A Burglary at Baker Street
Kajensen07 chapter 27 . 4/14/2019
Even when things are crazy, little Kara is such a cutie. Things are indeed looking up!
Kajensen07 chapter 26 . 4/14/2019
I love that Sherlock's response to seeing John beating up Euan is 'all well and good...' but he gets annoyed at Dean running along the floor because he can't figure out why he would do that.
Siv Nuruodo chapter 26 . 4/14/2019
Hello, there ! I'm glad you enjoyed your concert !
Haha, Sherlock caught Dean like a parent would with a runaway child. No wonder Dean didn't like it.
I hope Mark won't be re-captured by Euan, now that Anita is gone. Will he find his way to her ?
Poor Sammy, he will need time to completely feel safe in the presence of humans again.
Dean is going to have murder urges when he finds out exactly what his brother has been through ...
The journey to Baker Street will hardly be restful, with all these traumatized borrowers to look after.
At least, everyone is safe, now (except Mark). Take care of yourselves, see you next time !
Kajensen07 chapter 25 . 4/10/2019
Dean cheering John on is quite funny. "Is he insane?" Yeah, that's Dean.
Siv Nuruodo chapter 25 . 4/8/2019
Hello, there !
Of course, Euan had to be more difficult to handle than Geoff ...
I hope Sherlock will come back quickly to help John, we need him now !
At least, Mark got out of the fight relatively unharmed, if a little stunned.
He needs to answer for his actions, but he is a prisoner too, in his own way.
And Dean, why do you have to be so reckless ? Going out in the open, like that ...
If Euan uses him as a hostage against John, I'm going to ... sit tight, and eagerly keep reading.
Enjoy your concert, see you next time !
goldacharmed chapter 25 . 4/8/2019
Damn this story is so intense! What was Dean thinking, running to catch Mark with fighting giants around!
Siv Nuruodo chapter 24 . 4/8/2019
Hello there, I hope you're fine !
This rescue party is going well, for the moment.
Luckily, they will handle Euan as easily as they took care of Geoff.
If someone can convince the borrowers that some humans are good, it's John !
I wonder if Anita will come, too ... Bye, see you next time !
Kajensen07 chapter 24 . 4/3/2019
John will just about have everyone at ease, and Sherlock will come bursting in and ruin it...again. Ha! At least rescue is imminent!
Siv Nuruodo chapter 23 . 4/1/2019
Hello, there ! I hope you're doing fine.
I'm glad I was wrong, the rescue squad did find Sam ! You go, guys !
Though, it means we'll have to wait Brothers Consulted 3 to find out about Miss Chandler & co.
Unless something is about to go very wrong, and this story is going to take another left turn ...
Anyway, I hope Sam and Dean will get to meet Mrs Hudson, at the end of this ride.
I'm really excited to read this encounter. As always, thank you for this story, bye !
Kajensen07 chapter 23 . 4/1/2019
Now we are talking! Wohoo!
Siv Nuruodo chapter 22 . 3/28/2019
Hello, there ! I'm glad you're doing better, but take care of your knees and ankle ...
Why do I have the feeling that Dean, John and Sherlock are going to arrive too late to save Sam ?
Because Mina will already have bought or stolen him ? It did seem too easy ...
Anyway, this Miss Chandler is getting more and more mysterious.
Who does she work for ? How and what does she know about Sam ? Who is the Big Man ?
So many questions to be answered ! Thank you for continuing this engaging story.
Take care of yourselves, bye !
Kajensen07 chapter 22 . 3/27/2019
Slimy is a good word to describe it! This operation is so much bigger than we have previously seen! You guys have outdone yourselves on the details and I bet you haven't even revealed half of it yet!
Siv Nuruodo chapter 21 . 3/27/2019
Hello, there ! Are you feeling any better ?
Thanks for this chapter, where lots of people seem to have decided to take a little nap ...
Luckily, John is keeping vigil and Sherlock is efficiently tracking down the bad guys !
It looks like the rescue squad is finally coming for Sammy.
I'm excited to see what happens next ! I hope you get well soon. Bye !
Kajensen07 chapter 21 . 3/25/2019
Surprise, John! Glad that wasn't your finger!
Go get Sam!
Thank you for writing these stories and posting, even when you haven't had a great week. You all are the best!
goldacharmed chapter 19 . 3/13/2019
This story is getting better and better. I love how Taken is Incorporated into this. It just dials the interests up to 11. Great story!
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