Reviews for Fate
Guest chapter 163 . 7/18
Who's Tabby? I don't remember.
Eaken chapter 163 . 7/15
He's back thank god. I love this story so much
Phlebiac chapter 163 . 7/15
Excellent chapter as always man!

Is weird reading how there is a lot of drama but Ron is in his own cloud nine afte watching the universe expand, is obvious that Ron had no love for his family anymore.

Arthur really cornered himself, no one of his family was siding with him and when he went to Dumbledore so he could had it on his side, he was dismissed easily, truly this chapter was Arthurs lowest point, for now at least.

Daphne was the MPV this chapter between being 100% on Rons side, being a excellent listener to Ginny, to his maturity about telling Ron about how they still have feelings for each other and aknowledging that they are not ready for being a couple again and most importantly how she got her resolve back in helping the centaurs, realising nothing is a waste of time, my girl really grown up.

Theo is the perfect spy, can butter up an entire audience of purebloods meanwhile he can shit talk them on his mind, hope we can see some grow up of his part between all the suffering he is going to take this summer.

Man Yaxley surely had some mixed feelings about hearing how competent Ron is in the same time he watch how subhuman is Flint in every thing he does or says lol

Lysandra is such a chaotic goblin, I love her lol
twicethejo2000 chapter 61 . 7/14
Thoughts? ;-;
bullshit123 chapter 163 . 7/8
Estava com saudades dessa fic. Capítulo maravilhoso como sempre.
ta.shrivastava chapter 163 . 7/8
In the Red Knight, It was Molly who couldn't accept Ron. Here, it is Arthur. In both cases, it was pulled off brilliantly by the authors.
Pcl chapter 163 . 7/6
What a wonderful chapter. Really enjoyed reading it. Especially Ron's POVs. Everytime Ron has a POV, It feels like he's going out on an adventure bcoz his thoughts, words & actions are whole new another level from normal persons-it's so engaging.
Guest chapter 163 . 7/6
Excellent chapter. The ending is literally awesome. Please update soon.
rolygarcor chapter 163 . 7/6
Fuck yeah! update! im so hyped to read more
Guest chapter 163 . 7/6
What a cliffhanger!
Saintzor chapter 163 . 7/6
Thanks for the chapter! It was a wonderful way to begin the weekend

I'm glad that Ron is moving forwards with his life without getting in another pointless argument with Arthur. I think it's cool that our boy is finally doing shit that he cares about (mostly) and it's pleasant to see him and Daphne starting to make amends with eachother

The ending of the chapter though... oh boy, we are getting some angst soon huh? Lord Bulstrode is in for an unpleasant ride
MollyMcDip chapter 163 . 7/6
A masterpiece as always. Your writing is absolute cinema
asbigrat chapter 163 . 7/6
another banger chapter!
alv1 chapter 163 . 7/6
nice chapter
NewAgeHero chapter 163 . 7/6
Theo arc incoming! I’m really interested in TheoMillie in Hungary with the Death Eaters, hopefully Ron doesnt order a hit on the house or something lol
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