Reviews for Fate
zidankingdomkeeper chapter 162 . 4/22
Damn the "I want to live" hits hard. Keep up the great work!
Pk9809 chapter 162 . 4/22
Awesome chapter mate! I don't know how you do it but the latest chapter always tops last one!
keep it up man and thanks for the chapter
MollyMcDip chapter 162 . 4/22
A masterwork as always! Honestly one of my favourite chapters yet!
1shinChan chapter 162 . 4/21
What a chapter,one of the best so far... eagerly waiting for fourth year
bullshit123 chapter 162 . 4/21
Obrigado pela atualização
Phlebiac chapter 162 . 4/21
What everyone expect of this chapter: A rampant murderous Ron who will crush the untouchable and his own blood

What we got: One of the best chapters about Ron healing his tormented soul, embrasing both his personas and make everyone happier

Really this chapters is one of your best Spartan, it has everything positive, even a new power up!

and the last part man! such a beautiful way to end this perfect chapter, with wonder about the infinite universe, a new alien being and such a strong declaration as a "I want to live"

I cant wait for the next chapter!
Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal chapter 162 . 4/21
Yes it’s finally over
Time for the triwizard tournament man :) and frenchies will make a return
TimC34 chapter 162 . 4/21
Ron will soon learn a valuable lesson: Women. Weaken. Legs!
Avatar Vader chapter 162 . 4/21
You’ve done it Spartan!

After almost a hundred 20k chapters you’ve finally gotten through the slog of 3rd year! Congrats man!

Loved the chapter and i was all for Ron killing Peeves and the others, but i’m happy Dumbledore was able to shift his thinking to less….. murderousness. Its a big step.

Loved seeing how low Sebastian sunk but that he also had his wits about him. I do hope that he takes a turn and is able to prove his worth via the advice that Arthur gave him (what a chad you were this chapter Arthur)

LOVED seeing Tracey back at Hogwarts to the Cobra’s joy, loved seeing her and Theo get back together as well (at long last! Muauahahaa!) as well as Ron finally realising that the other students dont csre about hos scars and hang ups.

Cannot wait to see what the break has to say ffer, and i’m really excited for the future of the story.

Go Spartan, go Fate!
Pk930 chapter 162 . 4/21
A very satisfying experience, loved everything about it, ron finds a reason to live again
SweetXocoatl chapter 162 . 4/21
Fucking Dumblecunt.
raimondimi chapter 162 . 4/21
Thanks for the chapter!
Guest chapter 161 . 4/20
I think that might be Spartan’s point. Ron is trapped in a never ending time loop cycle, and he also can’t help but be trapped in a cycle of drama.
Guest chapter 161 . 4/18
Please update soon.
Guest chapter 161 . 4/15
I really like your story, but do you really prefer to create drama than develop the story? Honestly, what is the objective of this conflict with the twins? repeat the same story again? Ron angrily attacks his family and friends so that in the end Ron regrets and hates himself. It is repeating and repeating the same cycle
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